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2017-04-20 15:13:11 UTC  

I'm annoyed that people don't call them out on it immediately

2017-04-20 15:13:46 UTC  

Mike had some good moments . He immediately called them out .

2017-04-20 15:14:00 UTC  

Its because the argument is so mind-bogglingly retarded that no one bothers to memorize a rebuttal to it

2017-04-20 15:14:05 UTC  

That mulatto at some point basically said "if you whites are so great, what about your heroin abuse, huh?" not the literal words but that was the point

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2017-04-20 15:15:28 UTC  

I forget the wording but Spencer was like I'm not saying we're better I'm saying we're unique .

2017-04-20 15:15:39 UTC  

Because this somehow makes niggers look good in comparison

2017-04-20 15:15:56 UTC  

Ebin argument xdddddd

2017-04-20 15:16:28 UTC  

It's not a contest tho, it's just better for us if we're not forced to coexist in the same countries

2017-04-20 15:17:22 UTC  

Yeah Spencer is good to go for the emotional arguments. Facts are great but people really respond to emotional arguments.

2017-04-20 15:17:33 UTC  

Asians technically have higher IQs and commit less crime but I wouldn't want a bunch of them in my country either

2017-04-20 15:17:55 UTC  

You having to deal with niggers/mudslimes and we with gypsies just makes it that much worse

2017-04-20 15:18:09 UTC  

We're unique and we have a right to have a space where we can be ourselves.

2017-04-20 15:18:26 UTC  

It's not complicated.

2017-04-20 15:18:50 UTC  

But whites have no culture, remember :^)

2017-04-20 15:18:59 UTC  

If we're not willing to say this space is ours and for us we'll be pushed aside.

2017-04-20 15:19:26 UTC  

But you also need to remove all these dead white men from everything

2017-04-20 15:19:29 UTC  

I stole that from the Jared Taylor talk with Jorge Ramos.

2017-04-20 15:21:43 UTC  

Taylor is great, it's understandable why he avoids the JQ but I'm sure he knows what's going on

2017-04-20 15:22:45 UTC  

Minorities insofar as they can be useful in the culture war should be made aware of the JQ and sic against the jew

2017-04-20 15:31:25 UTC  

People may disagree but I think for young guys coming up hiding power levels can be very prudent. Especially people looking to get into politics or law.

2017-04-20 15:33:01 UTC  

> I'm aristo guys I swear

2017-04-20 15:33:10 UTC  

> doesn't have long nose with which to look down on plebs

2017-04-20 15:33:13 UTC  

Nice try Sven

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2017-04-20 15:33:59 UTC  

@OrwellHuxley anybody under 16 should be balls to the fucking walls red pulling their friends

2017-04-20 15:34:01 UTC  

No excuses

2017-04-20 15:34:18 UTC  

Say they chanted their mind when it comes time to lay low

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2017-04-20 15:34:24 UTC  

Totally agree on that

2017-04-20 15:38:23 UTC  

To be 16 now in this environment would be wild.

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2017-04-20 15:38:55 UTC  

my 17 year old brother is failing history class for defending the kkk in an essay

2017-04-20 15:39:19 UTC  

from what i know his friend circle isnt much different

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