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I wonder if 4chan already has the video

DEFCON 4 still

>She sent the Auburn auditorium into a frenzy and left him speechless
IRL people told her to put on some fucking pants and Richard couldn't quite understand her negro jive speak

black women being obnoxious at WN/AR university talks is something of a tradition at this point

I've seen Jared Taylor heckled by sheboons a lot

Which reminds me Jared did some debate on diversity against some mulato professor at some university, and the mulato always tried to steer things in the direction of white supremacy and deconstructing white identity

These people need to be called out every time they try going down that path

Diversity being bad for everyone doesn't hinge on white people being the best at anything

It's a complete non-sequitor, but if you manage to frame the other guy as a white supremicist you've won, because there's nothing worse than being a white supremicist

I'm annoyed that people don't call them out on it immediately

That mulatto at some point basically said "if you whites are so great, what about your heroin abuse, huh?" not the literal words but that was the point

It's not a contest tho, it's just better for us if we're not forced to coexist in the same countries

Asians technically have higher IQs and commit less crime but I wouldn't want a bunch of them in my country either

You having to deal with niggers/mudslimes and we with gypsies just makes it that much worse

But whites have no culture, remember :^)

But you also need to remove all these dead white men from everything

Taylor is great, it's understandable why he avoids the JQ but I'm sure he knows what's going on

Minorities insofar as they can be useful in the culture war should be made aware of the JQ and sic against the jew


boomer memes

post some triggering comments if you feel like it

I'm always russled

Anyone else feeling the urge to become a monk?


Did you goys see the Bill Nye videos?

Hey now don't insult eastern euro internet

it's the one thing we've got going for us

Honestly the worst things I've seen on the internet in quite a while

move the router somewhere else or get an AP repeater

>Connect chink phone to Windows 7 PC, set it to use MTP
>It doesn't work even though MTP is Microsoft's protocol
>I'll have to connect it to my Linux laptop to transfer some photos

Oy vey, stop having childern goym, you're destroying the environment

the Nigerian schwartzes with their 7 nigglets aren't the problem, you are!

burning shit is good for the environment, you are the problem whitey


I'm a rational sceptic (tm) and all the science perfectly coincides with my extremely progressive views :^)

t. rational wiki editor

Weve learned more since then goym

Science moves on in tandem with our extremely progressive beliefs


This has to be a declaration of war

Dogs may be smarter than the average african🤔

We posting 80s music ?

If you look at the comments a lot of girls had fantasies about male teachers lmao

wew lad

sorry for the combo breaker, but this was too insane not to post here

somewhere in Austria the next Hitler is watching this

Anyone else keep getting disappointed with supposedly racist people? They always end up not being racist...




West Germany?

>hot weather
>back to back happenings

oh man thanks to global warming we'll soon have overlapping happenings

the modern "education" system



65% it's a huge margin

Democracy dies in darkness indeed

Where is proofs?

I'm on antibiotics bcasue of a sinus infection <:carl:283519419437678592> @Koba


I've got a chronic infection in the sinus, I'm like a smoker in the morning, it sucks

I overexerted myself last Monday and got sick, I was preparing for a 120km cycling tour that'll be on the 14th

was feeling fine before that, and then a couple of hours after coming back I was sick, thought it would work itself out but it didn't

I hope I'll be fine by then because I really want to go, there'll be around 500 people, should be fun

French women are a lost cause

5 more years

hopefully at least some of them will be dead


just odd?

it's probably the second worst thing I've seen after Bill Nye's new show

nobody thankfully

literally nobody, it's got 1.2k views

everybody does

thank goodness they are this inept

they can be pretty good sometimes

RIP in peace Chris



At what point will whites stop giving a shit about racism

fucking hell man, everyone is telling you you are evil for existing

there has to be a tipping point


it's from the /pol/ thread might be from somewhere else idk, could be fake news

those are Melbourne police though

as if there's any doubt

do people in the UK even know what gunshots sound like 🤔

the amberlamps are coming

honestly I'm surprised mudslimes took so long to figure out stadiums make the best targets

even if you don't kill many people in the explosion the resulting panic and stampede will be horrible

agreeing with muslims for the wrong reason?


it's happening goys

there are reports of injuries though it could be people getting trampled and pushed in the panic after the "explosions"

the sky news panel are just fanning their balls and actually know nothing more than us


Imaging the last thing you do was going to some shitty pop stars' concert

yep confirmed explosion

you can see the flash

the first interviews will be scared muslims

it's going to be some brown teenager in a hidjab crying how scary it was

meant to show you that muslims are just like us with the same hobbies, and they're innocent victims too


post in the /pol/ sticky

Kek has confirmed it wasn't one of /ourguy-s

you can't stop progress goy

god I hate these people so much

the retard thinks helium is explosive

he's confusing helium and hydrogen

anything and everything to bury our hands in the sand as long as possible, before the inevitable truth that it was muslims doing muslim shit comes out

the first images also suggested shrapnel

virtue signalling that he's not jumping to the obvious conclusion

so people don't accuse him of blaming it on islam before all the facts are known

A completely unrelated question, a broken toe wouldn't move so if I can move it it should be fine, right? 🤔

thought so, but it's swollen to twice its size so I got a bit worried

🤡 🔪

Why aren't muslims driving trucks into the vigils?

mudslimes are so ineffective in their terror attacks its embarrassing

>a fucking axe

they could probably plough trough the crowd with a truck or stolen construction equipment, but they won't think of it

even if there is heavy police presence during the vigil sooner or later the people will start going home and there's still going to be a high density of pedestrians walking

they need some high IQ jews to tell them how to do terror

I wish I could punch people over the internet

>but muh ebil white christians!

He's going to run right?

"the "woman" who "defeated" gamergate"

I'm running out of quotemarks

I hope it gets elected sure

it'll be hilarious

Michael really let himself go, damn

it doesn't work?

does it need a US IP?

she's probably went through a ton of body doubles

having outlived them

@☇Unlimited Power☇ Britcucks will want a new dynasty probably

Some niggers from a formal colony or something

oh wow this changes everything

me irl

so Trump managed to get it up then

don't know if it's fake news, it's /pol/ after all but something might be going down in Gibraltar

that's potentially life ruining

Is he a good choice 🤔

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