Message from Markus Anthony in Vibrant Diversity #general

2017-04-21 19:16:20 UTC  

you don't live on some crazy english country lane

2017-04-21 19:17:02 UTC  

I do :^)

2017-04-21 19:17:13 UTC  

anglos get out ree

2017-04-21 19:17:14 UTC  

well it's Welsh :^)

2017-04-21 19:17:21 UTC  


2017-04-21 19:17:23 UTC  

I'm Celtic

2017-04-21 19:17:33 UTC  

you're cool then

2017-04-21 19:17:47 UTC  

Ay o

2017-04-21 19:17:48 UTC  

this chat is a safe space for nonwhites of all flavors

2017-04-21 19:17:53 UTC  


2017-04-21 19:19:08 UTC  

the negro ups driver around here is actually the best one

2017-04-21 19:19:42 UTC  

hes one of dem older negroes tho

2017-04-21 19:20:10 UTC  

I've never seen any of the drivers I just pick up my shit in front of the garage after work you neets

2017-04-21 19:21:52 UTC

2017-04-21 19:24:20 UTC

2017-04-21 19:26:11 UTC

2017-04-21 19:26:51 UTC

2017-04-21 19:40:46 UTC  

I'm so fully torqued right now

2017-04-21 19:41:03 UTC  


2017-04-21 19:41:07 UTC  

I rarely yell or raise my voice and I was yelling at a groid calling her lazy in the office.

2017-04-21 19:44:24 UTC  

@Eli Mosley was that fashy frog guy the guy giving out screen shots?

2017-04-21 19:44:40 UTC  

Hes in the anti com server where we are planning some stuff for ann coulter

2017-04-21 19:44:49 UTC  

just want to make sure its not him

2017-04-21 19:49:18 UTC  

lol WaPo would send one of their jewesses to fuck Spencer just so they could put out an article entitled "Richard Spencer is Boring in Bed"

2017-04-21 19:53:23 UTC  

Like, how dare Richard Spencer live and breathe, right? What has he done to hurt anybody, exactly?

2017-04-21 20:03:27 UTC  

@FylnnGardian I'm here I'm on the phone

2017-04-21 20:05:55 UTC  

@Markus Anthony dm me a pciture of the profile of the person you are talking about

2017-04-21 20:07:23 UTC  

They won't even let Dicky Spencer have his coffee without kvetching

2017-04-21 20:11:27 UTC  

The first time they try something and find out what the goys following him are there for is going to be hilarious

2017-04-21 20:14:42 UTC  

I'm praying it's that (((Alex rubenstein))) guy

2017-04-21 20:15:14 UTC  

Spencer's got his own SA.

2017-04-21 20:16:00 UTC  

BTW. does this explain why there are Abbos? lol


2017-04-21 20:18:48 UTC  

Looking at that vid, all of a sudden I want some pancakes

2017-04-21 20:29:24 UTC  


2017-04-21 20:41:38 UTC