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House Rules - As we have been growing a bunch lately, we need folks to please be a bit more aware of one another's space. A little bit of self awareness will go a long way. When there are like ten or fifteen or more folks in a room, there needs to be less pontification and/or mic hogging. Keep it to a sentence or two and let up on the button, so other folks can also have a chance to participate. - i.e.
Respect one another & the ebb & flow of the conversation - Listen First - Talk Briefly - Lurk Moar
Let's remember that no one really knows Jack Shit at the end of the day and if you THINK you do.... take it to I AM AN EXPERT AT EVERYTHING room

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this movie is infuriating and becoming Laborious to the souls of all.... evil must be put to the sword by the hand of angels and beasts of the field in the presents of all 🙏

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**Enjoy the Show**

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**Trust the Plan**

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**These People are Stupid**

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@FrozenFish I started that email account while you were still in diapers so yeah sorta like having an AOL account..... <a:laff:607642120937013249>

2019-12-04 15:23:02 UTC Jim Watkins reads the story "King Cyrus"

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“The storm in which we find ourselves In today was orchestrated by Donald Trump himself”—Nadler

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Saturday December 7th there will be a parade before the lighting the town's Christmas Tree in Georgetown Texas ("near Round Rock" as stated in the HDS ad for actors). The only public event I found in the Round Rock area. If anyone is in the area to be among the Citizen Journalists, please do show up mid day before the parade. This is the best guess where the False Flag will be on the 7th.

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So 2nd lady is very emphatic... almost yelling that Pr Trump is threatening fair elections? Yell louder so it must be true??

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Prof. Pamela Karlan is an angry feminist. She yells because she hates white males in position of power. <:rofl:508683941406965764>

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I don’t like the sound or effect of either witnesses’ voices so far... they grate on me.

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I can't believe people are watching it

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This is not equal representation!

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This gal is speaking opinions.

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Not in the least so far.

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Has the Dais been shown be hind the GOP? Looking for display of numbers.

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I am listening not watching.

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@KbsStyle No, because the poster boards were used by GOP when Schifty Schitt was running the 'show' in House intelligence Committee forum, today is Gerry Nadler. Different committee I think.

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is BIBLICAL, being 66 NIMROD? @Kiwi61Karma and @2pulo 🍯 ?

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Could be

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and @General Peaches mentioned the longitudes/latitudes which is 33.3 x2

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@KARmA KATʑ yes true. I’m watching for them.

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33.3 x 2 =66 where the watchers descended

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There’s a huge amount of support for it…People are angry about the arrogance and overreach of California Democrats.”

2 petitions to recall #California Governor @GavinNewsom have been gaining traction in recent weeks.

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Mount Hermon is a mountain cluster constituting the southern end of the Anti-Lebanon ... Coordinates · 33°24′58″N 35°51′27″E / 33.41611°N 35.85750°E / 33.41611; 35.85750Coordinates: 33°24′58″N 35°51′27″E / 33.41611°N

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Professor Turley seems to be the same one who said Huber was better than appointing a second counsel that Q quoted