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2019-11-25 01:44:39 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

2019-11-25 01:45:44 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

Thank you @KARmA KATส‘

2019-11-25 01:48:18 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  
2019-11-25 01:50:13 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

Thank you @Searcher

2019-11-25 02:23:09 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

Enter into hosts file

2019-11-25 02:23:11 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only] jthnx5wyvjvzsxtu.onion media.jthnx5wyvjvzsxtu.onion sys.jthnx5wyvjvzsxtu.onion nerv.jthnx5wyvjvzsxtu.onion softserv.jthnx5wyvjvzsxtu.onion

2019-11-25 20:57:46 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

@1K L C Q ๐Ÿ•‡ ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ I am locked out of No idea why. Never posted, nothing significant in my profile. No naughty pictures. Just disabled my login and don't return emails.

2019-11-25 21:02:25 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

Yes I did. I sent out a few "friend" requests to people in the various servers I'm in and one day my login was disabled.

2019-11-25 21:03:34 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

That's an easy fix.

2019-12-02 20:32:42 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]

2019-12-03 02:55:53 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

@Searcher Thanks for good input today.

2019-12-04 15:52:38 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

Saturday December 7th there will be a parade before the lighting the town's Christmas Tree in Georgetown Texas ("near Round Rock" as stated in the HDS ad for actors). The only public event I found in the Round Rock area. If anyone is in the area to be among the Citizen Journalists, please do show up mid day before the parade. This is the best guess where the False Flag will be on the 7th.

2019-12-04 22:47:09 UTC [In2theLight #q-clock]  



my iPhone captures in JPG

2019-12-06 16:59:21 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

Hmmm Norwich & District Society of Model Engineers - I doubt this is it.

2019-12-07 01:45:18 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

Today is General Michael Flynn's brother, Jack Flynn's, birthday. @GoJackFlynn

2019-12-07 01:53:10 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

Sudden power outage. Now on phone currently

2019-12-07 02:38:35 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

Command R to refresh a Mac

2019-12-07 23:42:51 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

Never Click "Add Helper" Opera hides this in the browser start up. You can block that on a Mac with Little Snitch. Not sure how to do it on a PC

2019-12-08 00:02:46 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

Little Snitch

2019-12-08 00:03:41 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]

2019-12-08 00:05:35 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  


2019-12-08 00:16:56 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

8Kun Opera

2019-12-08 03:30:42 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

@Dina Thanks for the NSA post. The 2019 Ronald Reagan National Defense Forum is outstanding. I will be listening to it in its entirety.

2019-12-08 23:12:50 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  
2019-12-08 23:16:44 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

@ScarlettStorm I am well, and you?

2019-12-08 23:18:48 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

@ScarlettStorm Indeed it is!


2019-12-09 03:35:33 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  


2019-12-09 03:50:14 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

Thank you

2019-12-09 05:01:12 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

I can hear everyone except Lmbd, odd

2019-12-09 19:21:22 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  


2019-12-10 04:14:40 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

What are the 17 typos


no somos de derecha ni de izquierda sino todo lo contrario = we are not from right or left but everything contrary

2019-12-12 22:53:27 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

@1K L C Q ๐Ÿ•‡ ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ Keep your eyes on FL. There is loads more coming trafficking arrests to come from there and New Mexico.

2019-12-14 03:25:30 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

My latest show on John B Wells' Caravan To Midnight goes live in five minutes.

2019-12-14 03:26:34 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

Sssshhhh. You're in my club

2019-12-15 02:53:10 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

I hope so

2019-12-15 03:48:40 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

Picture filename = 2400 = the occult eat children to gain satanic powers

2019-12-15 03:54:32 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

I got indirect Q'd!

2019-12-15 03:55:02 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

The other half

2019-12-15 04:53:13 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

Filename for Q Drop 3676 = 1738 = relentless pursuit of truth

2019-12-15 18:05:04 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]

2019-12-15 18:06:00 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

No it's just a girl with a flag.

2019-12-16 01:49:59 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

Hi @Ann how are you

2019-12-16 01:58:06 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  


2019-12-16 18:40:01 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]

2019-12-17 01:25:09 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

Operation FULSOME

2019-12-17 01:29:04 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

@platinumbubble I saw it in early 2018. It's date 17 November 2017. So that is totally possible, but unfounded at this time.

2019-12-17 02:04:57 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

@Aavelle I do disagree with the Hannigan cover story. So much wrong was going on I believe the reverse was more likely. He was a fixer.

2019-12-17 18:45:30 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

Just as I was about to logout of Discord -> Q says hello!

2019-12-18 00:36:51 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

17 Q Drops on the 17th!

2019-12-18 02:04:14 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]

I may be late for the start.

2019-12-19 00:46:21 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  


2019-12-19 01:44:11 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

Alfred E. Newman!

2019-12-19 03:03:18 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

@LexiCon1775 Does anyone have a copy of the Barr Interview?

2019-12-19 03:04:49 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

That was nice of them.

2019-12-19 05:16:52 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

If you add all three categories together (nationally and by state) Texas has almost 30% of all indictments.

2019-12-19 20:33:19 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]

2019-12-20 16:00:55 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

Good morning

2019-12-20 17:03:01 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

@everyone Please Tweet to @realDonaldTrump to Veto the Omnibus bill. Its full of toxic programs inconstant with our society.

2019-12-20 17:09:05 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

@everyone including funding Planned Parenthood!

2019-12-22 16:28:55 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

I need Admin help in my little baby server. Someone hiJacked my server

2019-12-22 16:29:01 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]

2019-12-22 16:29:13 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

Stole the crown on my server

2019-12-22 16:36:55 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

@KARmA KATส‘ She's denying that she did anything

2019-12-22 16:38:16 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

I have people from QArmyJapan coming into my server while I help them build their board in 8Kun.

2019-12-23 00:49:36 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

Hi @Ann !

2019-12-23 00:50:15 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

"Are you ready to be part of history." ~Q Mac users can see this via Little Snitch

2019-12-23 00:50:41 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

It appears we are being archived!

2019-12-23 00:51:12 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only] = TheLibrary of Congress

2019-12-23 00:56:29 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

@KARmA KATส‘ We identified the imposter ID# 560855251125796906

2019-12-24 05:26:28 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

Bette is Big?

2019-12-25 01:17:09 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

Merry Christmas @LonghornRancher

2019-12-25 01:17:39 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

Merry Christmas to @everyone at In2theLight

2019-12-25 16:53:06 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

Hello @JohnFrank455 Good to see you here!

2019-12-27 07:00:36 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

Good night all!

2019-12-28 06:33:45 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

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