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2019-02-12 17:07:47 UTC [In2theLight #๐ŸŽ™-announcements]  

@here We will be doing a Q recap tonight, starting a 7p.m. Central. Due to last nights recap being postponed due to Trump Rally, we will be covering those posts as well. See ya there

2019-07-10 23:48:55 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

@Sari think Benghazi

2019-07-10 23:49:19 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

It will tie back

2019-11-07 18:46:48 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

@LonghornRancher I came across these on Pence

2019-11-07 18:52:57 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  


2019-11-09 02:37:50 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  


2019-11-10 17:05:42 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

I was thinking.... we know that there was an interview with Virginia Roberts Giuffre and Amy Robach. I wonder if we could make a push for ABC to broadcast the interview in its entirety. ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”โ˜๏ธ

2019-11-10 17:17:33 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

@SirW00f there was a news station that was interviewing people in SF about the mural. One of the comments was now everyone can see Gretas face as theyโ€™re standing in feces

2019-11-11 15:58:38 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  
2019-11-11 16:57:52 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

Yesterday at Lambeau Field

2019-11-13 00:35:37 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]

2019-11-13 15:06:28 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]

2019-11-13 15:12:55 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

Itโ€™s the Zaid tweet about the coup @Sari

2019-11-13 15:13:46 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

Braveheart is all over it

2019-11-13 15:50:48 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]

2019-11-13 16:06:39 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

@SirW00f well she has been on ice for a while.

2019-11-13 16:07:04 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

And according to her ssn sheโ€™s dead but..., maybe now publicly

2019-11-13 18:37:09 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]

2019-11-13 19:19:39 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

Noteโ€”in Wisconsin you can register to vote even on Election Day. You just need a utility bill with address and government photo id. This is awesome

2019-11-13 19:34:22 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]

2019-11-13 19:34:52 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

Right?!?! @Aavelle

2019-11-13 20:09:13 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

Did Jordan just call out Pence in assisting Dems????

2019-11-14 01:06:16 UTC [In2theLight #โœ-q-review-text]  
2019-11-14 14:36:07 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

Has anyone here heard of Lawrence Sosna?

2019-11-15 00:43:31 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

Sent from my QDrops app!

11-14-2019 18:39:27 CST

AUS, IT, UK co-op DOJ (Barr, Durham, CLAS 1-4)
Non_FVEY official chan [US senior person(s) req given sensitive nature of 'target' re: presidential nominee(s) - POTUS + Cruz [CLAS 1-4]]
Who gave the order(s)?
Who signed?
Papered per normal NATSEC?
Comms to/from F + Domestic?
F2F 1-4 US person(s) initiate scope memo.
US AMB 1 & 2 NSA unmask req.
NSA > US AMB 1 & 2 > AUS, IT, UK
[special order per DIR [CLAS 1-9] AUTH unmask per US AMB]
C_A domestic assist w/ rogue FBI to avoid US law [non_op domestic]?
C_A HUMINT domestic placement > T campaign [1-3 jumps primary target], T WH spy_insertion NATSEC C, personal advisor(s), cabinet?
C_A organized under DNI?
2010 - 2017 [Clapper] [bulk]
2017 - 2019 [Coats] [sleeper/prevent [black op] release of incriminating docs]

2019-11-15 02:24:10 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]

2019-11-15 12:47:42 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

Good morning spectrum down

2019-11-15 12:47:50 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]

2019-11-15 12:58:31 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

I have internet no tv @awake777

2019-11-15 12:58:49 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

There are massive outages

2019-11-15 12:59:01 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]

2019-11-15 14:01:56 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

Cspan link to hearing โ˜๏ธโ˜๏ธโ˜๏ธ

2019-11-15 18:42:54 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]

2019-11-15 18:43:08 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

New Q

2019-11-15 22:20:17 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  
2019-11-15 22:35:01 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

I highly suggest turning Barr link on!!!! He is laying out what is going on ๐Ÿ’ฅ๐Ÿ’ฅ๐Ÿ’ฅ

2019-11-15 23:07:53 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

If they are caught by military!!! Let the tribunals begin

2019-11-15 23:18:17 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  


2019-11-15 23:20:20 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]

2019-11-15 23:22:30 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

@MistyLynn hey there

2019-11-15 23:23:42 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

@MistyLynn Iโ€™m doing good. Kinda bouncing all over lately.

2019-11-15 23:28:46 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]

2019-11-15 23:32:15 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  


2019-11-16 18:33:03 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

Clintonโ€™s Bushs

2019-11-18 14:21:25 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

@2pulo ๐Ÿฏ Iโ€™m optimistic about Kanye but something seems off. Especially after seeing him at Olsteens mega church. I did a dig into the Netflix show The Family. Iโ€™m hoping for Kanyeโ€™s sake this is not that

2019-11-19 22:49:40 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

New Q

2019-11-19 22:49:43 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  


2019-11-19 23:55:48 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]

2019-11-20 00:02:03 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]

2019-11-20 14:38:49 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]

2019-11-21 00:18:17 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

@MistyLynn foreign and domestic

2019-11-28 23:25:52 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

Happy Thanksgiving to all

2019-11-30 17:27:52 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]

2019-12-04 03:16:02 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]

2019-12-04 15:31:19 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

โ€œThe storm in which we find ourselves In today was orchestrated by Donald Trump himselfโ€โ€”Nadler

2019-12-05 01:06:42 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

@land_of_the_free โ˜๏ธโ˜๏ธ

2019-12-05 13:09:55 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]

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