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Thank you for the invite. Have to head out to work, looking forward to traverse around in here.

Having to adjust my body clock to fit in Dr Corsi live, days are turn out to be long being south of the equator, looking forward to hanging out here

Can I drop photos, cartoons fro NZ media papers?

#1159 The WHY? sculpture has much meaning with missing aspects, uploaded photo with description from YT 24/7 soapbox are not the same sculpture, proportions are there anyone who knows where the photo with description came from?. Q post 1159 has much in it visually....very curious with uploaded description origin

2018-04-20 15:49:20 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #help-desk]  

Very new to all this,and not tech original verification code has expired for further security, how do i get another code?

I see things a little different than others sometimes. The Nunes video seems to have many hidden aspects to it, my focus is on the 5 eyes....was this a message to the deep state?, that their spy agencies are now back in the side of GOOD?....[this has been the deep states tool for so long] just my spin on it.

As I head down yet another rabbit hole, are there any vets out there who understand why a government leader would be wearing this head wear in Afganistan?.

Seems to be some sort of traditional head wear. Red and black in colour

Date stamps in 8chan...use them for story line make an interesting view on Q posts[ only relavent for day as date changes daily ref]

Notable. Power Pyramid. It all goes up to the Bank of International Settlements in their sovereign cities untouchable by any country's lawsโ€ฆthen goes down through other various organizations. They always control the $.

Gold water story linking Canadian van attack to online 4chn member.....Is this the new narrative unfolding?

Who invested billions in NK while under sanctions?, 3-5 star resorts have been built, ready. Who was willing to come and stay in a country under sanctions?.....who really invested???. Purely speculation, but if SHE had won, was this a haven in the making for the deep state(with its own nuke defense system).....just speculation in a time of coincidences........... NK/ SK summit is a game changer globally. Nobel prizes are coming.

An evening with HRC, coming to New Zealand and Australia this week , Interesting video to view at web page [1.49 long] knowing what we know thank to Q, what are they really communicating in this video???

Promotional quote for an evening with HRC coming up in New Zealand "In the past, for reasons I try to explain, Iโ€™ve often felt I had to be careful in public, like I was up on a wire without a net.
Now Iโ€™m letting my guard down."

Hillary Rodham Clinton

HRC video from New Zealand monday evening(nzt)

Moving to New Zealand?

The week HRC shows up in New Zealand this image was printed in a weekly magazine.....coincidence?

New Zealand spy chief smiling amungst legal stand down over video data

Notice no ankle bracelet while in NZ

Wait for # 1326, #1327, #1328 they will be important with may flowers......when was the last time we heard "MAKE IT RAIN"

Total so far $37,000,000

Did HRC convince NZ treasury super fund to invest in Rubicon Global??, that is 1.2 billion investments made this week.

@foilhat , you may be right with#1337, but #1338 has more importance than you can see right now, hang i there as the snow ball gathers momentum.

@foilhat Images with Q are the hardest to explain and decode.... conformation bias limits perceptions altering presented cues. futures proofs past, I guess this one,#1337 will come up later as a visual prompt to confirm a future post/s.

@Sara shes on the wrong side

@foilhat I agree with the metal, but actions far out weigh words

@foilhat when you consider the impact of online time( to much dopimine release, and age) coupled with air travel sounds more like neuron disfunction

@foilhat This tech we play with has way more impact than we could ever comprehend

@foilhat also air travel has become extremely serious since Fukushima

@foilhat this is a long haul to view but explains all the complications with metal and effects on humans

EnterDid all New Zealanders just give all there data over?, like the cambridge analitica story?

Former presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton last year. As a general rule, Americans want dignity and statesmanship from their past presidents.

Q#791 "For I know the plans I have for you,โ€ declares the Lord, โ€œplans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Undoing this legacy will be the comes the pain

America's first political refuge.....Harmon Wilfred's story , what is the New Zealand connection???, start at 1.10

Things maybe changing.

The Gary Davis story The Gary Davis story, why is this important, the founder of the universal declaration for human rights. Who currently is the USA's only political refugee?? Hermon Wilfried.

@Luchadora blessings for that prayer

Logo of the Second International Congress of Eugenics, 1921

@Deleted User It's really interesting seeing how politics plays out in your country. Do you think these idiots know that you can't impeach a sitting POTUS.

@Deleted User Mid term desperation I quess, exciting times in the US up until the 11.11.2018, Q/POTUS and the team have some busy times ahead.

Thanks for the clarification @Evilanne , my mistake

Major issues here in NZ

Lastest POTUS tweet vidoe Laurel=an emblem of victory or distinction.honor won, as for achievement in a field or honor with marks of distinction.glory,fame, renown,praise.look to one's laurels
rest on one's laurels Yanny(i) God is glorious

Check out who the inventor is??,

@Deleted User I have not felt any today, it would make sense that they are happening in the south island there has been some chatter lately of a alpine fault snap due to activity depth.

@Deleted User yes there is a lot of water between us, most north of the equator don't get that, it is a paradise here still run by rats and I suspect Q will let the world know more of our major involvement in all this evil.

There is a big story around this guy....I suspect he and JA are connected to megaupload, like a backup for all the wiki data, he is still here

Did the cencus in NZ just data mine its population? Incapsula was the company,

@Deleted User It's a mess here if you lift the veil pilling with so much abnesia is a tough thing

US is at the coal face and that is gratifying to know that the flow of all that will end up here soon .D5 is coming

@Deleted User Q mentions WW many times, sometimes I think those in the US forget the bigger globe and how we have been affected by all this evil. Trusting the plan down under

@Deleted User yes peace is the prize #PEACEISTHEPRIZE for all WW

@Deleted User I get Q's plan, so much has happened here since BHO's visit their final plan is a end game mentality. When you have embraced the evil like they have .they have nothing to lose. I trust Q is a few steps ahead that why 11.11 has importance to the plan.

All good here, thanks for taking the time.....lets talk soon, I need to play with all those settings, I'm always in the future time. blessings and prayers been shared work.

Just thinking out of the box, something happened at 1403 Q drop. What that was?, is not in my wheel house, but to be honest, 18.5.2018 would be one of the strangest days all Q. #1400 states it clear......What is the common theme when bad news is about to break (against them)?
Stay vigilant.
Q We are being Europe?.

Can anyone remember the model agency in New York involved with promoting children, also connected NIXVM??

What was/is wonderland?, if it is Syria, what did they lose this year. Maybe wonderland was underground.....when the world fell to all that evil plan their only place to hide, maybe could have been out of sight.

@Luchadora This harvesting and all other things evil still seem like the tip of the iceberg.

@Q_What wait for 1434,1435,1436.....What does it take to make snow? more freeze coming.

@LadyTigrrr busy man these days

@LadyTigrrr I saw that....clearly signalling

Sunny, autumn blue skys with no chem trials for weeks now

@Deleted User winter is just around the corner, warm days chilly evenings

@Deleted User Worst news today here is that the PM just announced bi-lateral agreement with the EU, may take some time for paradise to get woke

@Missykb37 the 23rd would make sense, the 11th hour sound interesting, Qdrops 1434=11?, 1435 and 1436 will be interesting if my numbers understanding plays out

@Missykb37 may flowers, we only have a week left, what a month so far

@Qalico (CAN) Thats sad news , this whole story and web of evil seems to not shock me anymore...prayers for the little ones.

- Perfect Storm Gathering Over America In The 21st Century....The lie of silent assertion?......

@rfun interact here, keep dropping some sauce and you will get noticed....

@silowetr A true wolf in sheep's clothing

@PK-Ninja the missing G? if it relates, the G is always on display in the lodges.

Kim.coms latest thoughts....silicon valley and elites heading in droves to NZ.

@MrT something big is coming, I've felt this for sometime, 6 more days of may flowers....then the games begin

@wackybigd Q want post's meetings will need to filter down to the rats concerned

@Badgergirl Speculation is problematic

Kim Dotcom reveals NZ resort that's becoming millionaires' doomsday hide out Is New Zealand the safe place for the elites?.

FBI briefed on allegations against Missouri governor

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