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Just started watching a couple of weeks ago

I am new to board . Accidentally pushed โ€œreportโ€, on my phone. I am not sure what that reports to๐Ÿ˜”. I was also thinking of kingman movie. Frequencies can heal or disrupt. There was research done by Nazis that 440 hz was disruptive/ made people more easily agitated. Music industry is based on 440hz.

Also,not sure if this is relevant, had 2 searches done on my linked in account by aUS leadership council and US acctg firm. I am in Canada and not qualified for either field.

KPMG is acctng firm and Koppelman Student leadership group.

My main background is sales and merchandising

I have been watching Q anon for last two or 3 weeks . Signed up for Seething frog and this chat 2 days ago. Have had occasional searches related to my field, but other two odd searches were done this past week.

How do you join livestream? I am tech challenged.

Ok. Thx, not as tech challenged as I thought- catch it on my tv but it was mostly fox . Canโ€™t really live search my tv you tube.

Can you share tinnititus info if you have it?

I have been following deception bytes too. She lays things out in a way that is easy to follow-has great insight and research I havenโ€™t seen elsewhere

There is a lot of links posted throughout the chats and they would take a lot of time to go back thru past chats. Is there a way to have one chat dedicated to links only? Is that what you are hoping to do?

Hmm.. possibly specifically directed frequency, tinnititus, Alzheimerโ€™s -all related?

Re: Nat. gas If I recall correctly, One of the Cnd pipeline lobbies gave 500k to Clinton foundation before the election. I donโ€™t remember where I read it; deceptionbytes, Justin... or another one.

Absolute power corrupts and power corrupts absolutely. It it easy at any level of authority to feel like you have rights and privileges above others.

I think that a lot of us are new to this. I signed up for the app after signing up for Dustinโ€™s channel(?)

... subscribing ... discord app

Yes, seems to be a lot arriving. Invitation may have come from Dustin by subscribing

Squarecircle: No clue, I am a tech newbie, I think you can create your own group on this, maybe similar to whatโ€™s app but more tools?

lol I am learning from the younger people I hang out with... but basically just push buttons.

If you go back through chat, you will find a lot of links and suggested topics to look up. I think the boards/chat topics are still getting settled. They seem to be getting more coherent and topical.

... cohesive....

Lol I am in my 50โ€™s so imagine me trying to learn this. ๐Ÿ™„ but I think I am red pilled more than my kids.

... and I havenโ€™t even seen the matrix haha

Yes, Iโ€™ve seen that. If there is a certain type of swearing in it, I try to avoid.

I did read synopsis of the cave, probably on one of the q anon you tube channels. Yes Crystal, I liked your computer analogy. I agree , we all bring different experiences and strengths to the forum and can all add our piece to the puzzle

.. and Canadians eh? Good night Squarecircle.

I am very much a norm is in most areas , but prefer alternative/ natural medicine, believe in healing frequencies, and dislike so many vaccines being given. I do not like the way FB seems to have access to my email subscriptions and can place ads based on what comes to my inbox.

Yes, there is so much more than what we are told.

Yes, Our belief and the stories we have told ourselves limit us. I am willing to look at and explore many things, but not to compromise or jeopardize my faith.

Yes, every small decision leads to a bigger one.

I am learning to be brave. That happens one small decision at a time.

I think people were ready for q. I watch a lot of Christian programs and many talked about your last election, how swing states needed to use paper ballots instead of electronic etc. All sides wanting reform are coming together.

Not judging, just giving my worldview. There is definitely a lot of hypocrisy in Christianity. I have found peace with Jesus, not the institutional religion. I believe they are different. I hear you, my 15 yr old after hearing all of the Q updates I have been listening to said... โ€œas long as you donโ€™t believe in a flat earthโ€. My older kids would be even less open.

Biggest eye opener for me was love your neighbour as yourself. Once I could really love and appreciate who I was, who I could be , I was free to truly love others without a selfish agenda, without expecting a payback.

I havenโ€™t really looked at flat earth... yet. Lol

Yep, I was raised Catholic, but do not agree with much of their history or teaching. Want of Power came into the mix and changed everything.

Religion is different than faith. RC is religion man made rules. I have seen different beginnings and links to practices and observances Millenium in the past.

I donโ€™t think we are going to solve it here, but I am glad to be part of a community where we can all agree to challenge the evil that is going on around us no matter what our viewpoint.

Info is all over the place Malik

So does deception bytes

Yes, I really like when I can read Q posts along with the host. She has a lot of good analysis too.

Not knowledgeable enough to offer an opinion.

And the ability to communicate more easily

Why? I donโ€™t know much about him.

How do I save off my phone? I canโ€™t copy/pic

Thx. I may have been able to send it to myself once I pulled up the larger pic.

Ears have been ringing for past few years but def. more intense recently. No shots, meds for a few years. I minimize that as much as possible I wonder if there is a way to tell what the pitch/frequency is at... and if the same for everyone.

I donโ€™t use headphones either.

Have some of the faces been added to the picture? ... posture seems off especially for girl with long dark hair.

Dustin, Eureka, Check the picture carefully for photoshop before using. I am no expert, it just looks slightly off.

@Malikstotle#0377 I am new to bitcoin although I wanted to learn how to mine it when it was below$100. Lol Not tech savvy. Where can I get get a good primer to read about it? I am in Canada if that makes a difference.

What if Obamaโ€™s and UN were the ones waiting with โ€œopen armsโ€? Q post 811. He is still trusted by many I think?

@lobomom, I havenโ€™t been there, but could it be a donation link?

@Tedsax there is a thread on here with q posts. Qanon docs

Is that what you are looking for?

@SRVN, What about doing e-transfers for a funding option?

It is a way to transfer money from bank account to another by email. Maybe not set up in banks in the US?

Yes, you def. do that well. I will check it out for the US and let you know. If you happen to be in contact with Dustin, could you ask him if it is a possibility? If he would like to ask me questions at some point that is fine.

I think PayPal is not an option anymore.

I am sure there are a lot more nasty secrets hiding there.

Iโ€™ll start looking at cryptos for pmt too -just thought something quick might be helpful.

@narrow_arrow , hit search, type deep dream into the search bar. You should see a link under research thread. Has a famous painting as the graphic.

Not as pretty as original post, hopefully the links work.

I donโ€™t think there are any funding links here on discord. Perhaps Dustin can come up with an interim option for the crypto-challenged(myself included.)

Many are still waiting for steem accts. Apparently here is a huge backlog.

Anything that is said about victims cannot be seen as attacks, and needs verified proof.

There really hasnโ€™t been any direction/info in here yet regarding investing. I think everyone is still new to it. I have looked at some cliff high on Ytube and arcane bear website, but I donโ€™t know enough to buy yet.

Yep, me too. From what I have learned cryptos as they are right now are difficult to tie to economic systems and canโ€™t be controlled by global banking entities. However, they are working on their own cryptos. Bitcoin is expensive to use and slow compared to some of the newer ones, but thatโ€™s all I know.

What is KEK, PEPE?

Thx. It was Used above, not by me. Will research both.

@Deleted User.... dudette. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Lol. No worries, I have made wrong assumptions as well, so tend to wait until I know for sure. ๐Ÿ‘

@thedoug11 Iโ€™ve seen Guardian, Tina and panama online. @ them and they will respond.

@thedoug11 , type Apache in the search bar. There are A few references by @LemonyFresh about it being an open source server.

Good morning. G.

Trying to connect thedoug with some others, but people are popping in and out. Lol

@HOPE New people are arriving.

@HOPE There is info tying Broward County to funding and also sandy hook. If you type keyword in search, it will come up with links.

๐Ÿ˜ŠJust lots of chats so questions get lost. I donโ€™t know much, but will help you if I can.

There are funding irregularities tied to both.

What kind of info are you looking for?

@Goladygo Iโ€™ve only ever done text.

@HOPE check the research channel. If you have ideas, guardian, Panama, lemonyfresh seem to be some of the ones to approach.

@HOPE you mean searching for things in here?

Lol all good , we are all learning as we go. If you have a keyword, click on the magnifying glass to search. It saves a lot of time instead of scrolling back thru every thread like I was doing. Does that help?

Is there a way to pin a brief tutorial to this thread?

@Goladygo You will@learn a lot on here.

Hope: whichever board/thread you are interested in. Best place to start might be the research board. Type schools/ funding in magnifying glass/search and that will help to reduce your initial search. Pm me if I can help.

@Dustin Nemos your original posting is under General on 02/17/18. I cannot figure our how to bring it here. I searched: dustin, has:video. I hope that helps.

It is a yt link so it didnโ€™t load when I tried it.

Hi lizziedripping, you are here. Lots of chats, so new posts get missed.

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