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I don't know, I never got the sense these guys think this is our vanguard. I think they see these as our niggers, people to look after instead of blacks.

2017-05-01 11:42:52 UTC  

Well it's not a universal feeling, but enough prominant people seem to think they are for whatever reason.

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They have a good image that's easy to exploit and establish some sense of kinship between the lower orders and middle to upper class whites

2017-05-01 11:45:57 UTC  

While it's undeniable that they are white, they have lost any and all connections to any sort of identity or nationalistic ideals, and will activly stay seperated from them, since it would require some effort beyond injecting themselves with 20 kinds of pain meds.

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@Azzmador Did you ever hear about the guy the character is based on?

2017-05-01 12:18:07 UTC  

The guy Croc Dundee was based on died in a police shoot out talking about Freemasons.

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"You're going to school with those coloured kids and you'll like it."

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"It wasen't forced."

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@Azzmador Good shit!

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Thanks lad! The profile picture is an Accipiter Gentilis (Northern Goshawk)

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I like birds of prey... That's my autistic quirk if we must have one.

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You're the first one to realize what it was without me telling someone mind.

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They're both equal and exactly the same

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Ben Dover

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2017-05-01 13:47:19 UTC hey happy monday faggots shove this black pill down your throat

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Jewish concern trolls out in force almost immediately

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nice white pill but urge to kill chuck jewmore rising

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been sick asf the past day or 2, sacrificiing to my toilet repeatedly. it looks like the world still exists?