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@queenarchitect I must've missed it. They look so goofy

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That's where they were literally talking about the jewish media

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"are these the guys giving you a hard time?"

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"Yeah, that's them"

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"When reality hits you hard"

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He's been a mess for years. The internet just pushed him over the edge

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@RiskyMcdanger u know how to spot the Ananzi eyes ?

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can u nig kikes hear me ???

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@here git up n dat chat

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2017-07-08 19:39:14 UTC this guy was a pretty talented orator

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How long have we had a #whitepower Handshake?

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@D'Marcus Liebowitz betuatful man ..

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@DrDude PhD white power hand shake LOL omg im dying where did this come from

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First cousin marriage is legal in Maine so long as the couple undergoes genetic counseling to ensure that – should the couple wish to have children - there is little-to-no risk of serious health defect], and Texas (2005) have also banned cousin marriage.

2017-07-08 20:53:45 UTC  

Children of first-cousin marriages may have an increased risk of genetic disorders, particularly if their parents both carry a harmful recessive mutation, but this can only be estimated empirically, and those estimates are likely to be specific to particular populations in specific environments. Children of more distantly related cousins have less risk of harmful genetic mutations. In fact, a study of Icelandic records indicated that marriages between third or fourth cousins (people with common great-great- or great-great-great-grandparents) may be optimal, at least from the perspective of producing the most children and grandchildren.

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