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what's his @?

😉 thanks

I tried sending him a message saying I loved the site, and he blocked me

I only saw clips. I spent the day at the office.

Everyone end up being ok?

Good, good. Glad to hear. I saw some alledged AntiFa trying to punch an alleged TWP and falling over. That was funny.

Yeha it was twitter so I assumed it was all some bullshit

Ah can't really mistake a wheelcross for anything else

Well, I'm glad it ended up being ok. I saw cops making antifa take off their masks, the huff and puff about it was pretty cute

Well, it ain't Berkeley. The commies had to have expected that.

Oh geez

See I remember several years ago people saying "This is the end to political discourse!" because everyone yelled on TV. Now we're just like 'Fuck it, sticks"

And it's on a Thursday...Nobody has jobs, I swear


The Canadians haven't even conquered most of Canada

Bunch of useless snow and moose and shit.

Honestly the Muslims can just fucking have Canada, I don't care

Just wall it off

No more Tim Hortons? Oh, gosh, oh well.

Take the maple syrup and wall it off

What are you going to save? Those French speaking commies? Why?

We'll just grab Lauren Southern and the rest can just go to waste

Is thatr eally what they're going with? I read that as an insult

"Fuck Hawaii" - Jeff Sessions

I'm in Los Angeles bro...I sometimes forget what normal white people are even like

Hey thanks

Richard Spencer put an end to a long lasting debate declaring "traps aren't gay"


lolol, I am so confused by that tweet

It's just funny

There's a few follow up tweets where he says that but the initial tweet is just funny as fuck

I assume he'll get some flack for that tweet. I look forward to the jokes.. He's just sitting around thinking about tranny souls lol

"Dude, I gotta tweet this"

>depressed because my insurance sucks. uh oh!

Hey! Want to save Europa?

Grandpa, why did you spend your time on discord instead of saving us from the fat black squirrels?


She will be chained to my stove

Y'all see any Jews?

How's your sex junk?

oh god

Did you hear Trump was going to get us into ZOG wars?

He's going to kill us all he's a kike shill

Hmm...mine isn't as funny

The firewall is a metaphor

Ah, is that today?

delet this

Hitler was misunderstood

He was an amazing man, I never wanted to believe it

But he was VERY flawed

He tried. Give him a gold star

He did

Poor bastard


ye, cuz we aint scared a no pig

Da police always keepin' da short man down

I like the first one Yankee

but not the AR

I like that better




No memes


believe me I know

I'm just going to visit family

WHy does that tier have a hair cut?


No idea, got it off

they all says ARC_1.mpg etc

use shazaam

On this episode of: I Love The Alt-Right. Nat-Soc vs Fascism....which is less gay than AnCap?

Holy shit I am going to eat some captain crunch

Crunchwrap or grilled stuft?


bumble is all blacks

come on my show faggot




That's not fucking real is it?

I've got 4 more beers to kill



"The dingos"

I swear every time I am in a chat with alt-right people and it's just retarded bantz all I can think is 'This is what they're scared of?"

"Mr Enoch"

And you can't make that man look's just impossible.

They used a fucking boomer selfie because they don't have a picture of him doing a roman salute

Ah, yeah, I forget that kikes name but he's funny. Ari something


Anytime I have interacted with the media I just roman salute

^ nailed it. they blurred out my face though

0:58 seconds

that fuck in the thumbnail is this stupid spic jew I hate named Hareem

this was the buzzfeed live stream

We then chased her around playing shadilay and one dude got hentai in her stream. It was a fun night I was shit house drunk

A bit earlier in the video you can hear me yelling "Hey hot girl from buzzfeed, are you gonna give me your number or what?"

I picked on her all fucking night I made her interview me and then dragged her around the entire building just chewing gum and being a total dick. It was a fun night. Then that faggot hareem did a facebook live stream saying I worked for Soros. It was beautiful

oh god

Nigga I'm still trying to figure out how to get out of LA. I spent most of the day delivering food for $5 a pop

What pisses me off is these people are paid so fucking well

This dog deserves a pay raise vs what they put out

Slight improvement

Do you like banjo?

I used to play, I miss it

I've always been more into the punk and psychedelic shit though a little metal so while I love bluegrass it's amazing what can be done with a banjo

The most classic banjo in my opinion:

John Denver is good

I grew up in Poca, WV lol

I was born in Mississippi bro

I wasn't alwasy an urbanite and I intend to quit being one.

I may the only one who doesn't care what that nigger professor said

It wasn't anything to get upset about. He has some incorrect points but I can't say he's 100% wrong if I was thinking from a black preservationist standpoint

What we need to remember is to not get all up in arms and triggered over useless shit like this, protect the monuments and who gives a fuck? That's the job for the alt-lite

And to say the alt-lite isn't useful is being dumb

@Hand Banana good call

Nobody gives niggers credit for banjo

Use that as examples to desegregate schools

I mean ultimately do we want to make fun of niggers or actually do something?


No. banjos are loud, annoying and most people don't like them. key word most

As opposed to all.


No fucking way

Dude, VC? I want to write this up I have questions

Do you have screen shots?

Yeah I saved it, fine if I use it?

I am just going to need to a bit more, that's....impossibl

Yup yup

Anita when I can get a confirmation on that I'd like to do something in-depth. That sounds too fucking good to be true but it'll be out tomorrow

My instinct says to run it tomorrow and get a petition campaign going to apple

I watched the first 7 minutes....I tried and then they did the race mixing for like way too long and it was too much

They took a stab at the "free speech movement" I saw too, annoying

Unpopular opinion but I value the alt-lite

Yeah dude I'm ot in the busienss of doxing anyone besies Liam Tulbett

I can even DM you my personal info as a safety measure if you want but it's pretty useless. I am childless and very public

If you really want. I am pretty scared of don't mail me a box of snakes

I actually once mailed my buddy 1000 lady bugs for his birthday. You can just buy them on amazon

2 days

Are they hot?

Or just sing-good lesbians like Justin Beiber?

Either way is fine

Somebody has to be low pole on the haram

Gotta have those real big gals to move the furniture and eat all the ranch dressing that's about to expire

ok no

I can deal with a based individuals but not in my haram

LOL I figured

She's /ourguy/ now.

I'll use your fake name and block out all info I promise

I figured I'd just not even use a name and say some CNN shit like "my source"

One thing I learned in my time as a journo was watching people fuck their sources and never getting stories again

If youw ant I can include your fake name

Oh I get it. I'm an adult

Just remain calm and ask questions

And as far as digging that's different

Oh yeah dude

that's a lot of just meeting people and then them telling you shit

You have to just let people tell you what they want to tell you and then report it

@Anita Bieverlekker absolutely will do

uh oh

you ran away

get me a plate

i love death grips

I started singing that pretty loudly and realized my window is open....I live next to some nogs.

And Jewish


I wasn't always poor....

And I'll have you know I was fired from my job in finance the last time I got fired I deliver food to jews....

Still not clear on that one. I ahd a spic boss who always ran around drinking monster energy drinks and shit, he roid raged out in a meeting and fired me

It was pretty awkward and then I ahd to drive 2 hours home...I had JUST driven 2 hours to work to sit there for 90 minutes and then get fired

Dude I am fucking delivering food for pennies now, just saving money to get out of LA at the end of the month

It's pretty brutal


I heard about that on the radio today

They were both hookers, they found the chef in a fucking industrial agrbage can

People were paying like $370 a fucking hour

Yeah apaprently he had a history of mental health issues, imagine my shock

I think we should just put CNN and RT in an arena and make them fight

I have Anderson Cooper 360 panelists on right now and it's just russia russia russia russia. It's crazy how much they harp on this.

Tucker has gotten kinda meh lately. I may have to watch Hannity again but he's a Trump cheerleader too much for my taste thes days. I am not ever driving with Rush is on

NowThis is like the fucking onion

The first time I saw a NowThis video I thought it was satire

It does nothing but just anger me every fucking time.

Good question

My parents got a divorce when I was 16. My mom fucked an Elvis impersonator. they're married now.

nancy Pelosi is doing a town hall tonight....this is going to be infuriating.

I miss snapchat sometimes

Dog filter is the best filter

Mr. Bond agrees with you

Remember though, the best way to save the white race is on twitter.

oh shit

God damn it I wish every news site would update their shit chrome has killed flash

Was that aftert they removed the bernie people?


The DNC was such a fucking wreck last year that was a good day


Well, last day was best day

THey ahd that cripple roll on stage, that was the best

I'm watching Pelosi right now on CNN, there is so much make up on this old bitch

Uh oh


"I know nothing about politics" the sign.

I think if more of the bernie people knew they were just mad at jews they'd come around.

Miss him? Dude he never left....he's always around

Another reason I am not going to miss California

I just watched Pelosi have a brain fart

She's fucking 77.....that's fucking old.

She still manages to be more coherant than Maxine Waters

My buddy Omar Navarro is running against Waters

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