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2019-03-06 23:13:58 UTC  

Just change the board name. Fuck wit all dem ju bots and break a bunch of hyperlinks.

Or don't and let the board url trickle down into the normie's information sources.

Pros and cons to both imo.

2019-03-06 23:53:40 UTC  

#2984 references this post

2019-03-06 23:53:42 UTC

2019-03-06 23:59:25 UTC  

Any theories why Q leaves out the I?

2019-03-06 23:59:27 UTC

2019-03-07 00:17:50 UTC  

I've always heard the missing "I" symbolizes "lack of intelligence".

2019-03-07 00:22:00 UTC  

next time Q moves, it will be to a .gov or .mil server

2019-03-07 00:34:08 UTC  

Perhaps it was originally to circumvent an alarm that alerts a mention. Google's got a site sniffer like that so I wouldn't be surprised if the CIA has it for infinity chan

2019-03-07 00:35:06 UTC  

Yeah I think you are both correct

2019-03-07 00:35:16 UTC  

From what I understand 1337 speak wasn't initially just a meme. Some of those sniffers weren't made to pick up on variation like that. Then they caught on and patched it. At least that's what i understand.

2019-03-07 00:35:16 UTC  

2019-03-07 00:39:10 UTC  

nice few pickup 8 chan is infinity!

2019-03-07 00:44:32 UTC  

We all know the C_A is there reading every 8chan comment, so whatever its original intent, watching Q troll them never stops being hilarious!

2019-03-07 01:18:47 UTC  

Remove the _ and you get CA, which contains silicon valley, which uses the central algo, another CA.
Pointless observation, but amusing.

2019-03-07 01:19:54 UTC  

Yeah, I wouldn't discount that angle either.

2019-03-07 01:20:59 UTC  

for proofs: #2986

2019-03-07 01:22:45 UTC  

also note the filename `IMG_45EXE.png`

2019-03-07 01:27:16 UTC  
2019-03-07 01:40:28 UTC  

the article is actually breddy gud

2019-03-07 02:05:11 UTC  

i especially like

2019-03-07 02:39:46 UTC  

Why TF does any media reporting on Qanon not look at the content, rather on the person. Forking should wake anybody

2019-03-07 02:42:33 UTC  

going from cnn to fox news is enough of a wake up call before u even learn how to find real news online

2019-03-07 02:46:18 UTC  

I hate sayin IKR, but yeah

2019-03-07 02:52:16 UTC  

This could go badly

2019-03-07 02:52:48 UTC  


2019-03-07 02:53:33 UTC  

need an ebook copy shared to see what's in it

2019-03-07 02:54:08 UTC  

Yep. My guess tho....reddit boomer nonsense

2019-03-07 02:54:41 UTC  

could be a "Q for normies" or could be a "anti-Q" book for all we know

2019-03-07 02:56:04 UTC  

Don't think it's anti, but SB2 contributed.. buy muh coins jewmantria babble

2019-03-07 02:57:38 UTC  

A. It could fade away quietly or
B. They could go down in flames

2019-03-07 03:00:28 UTC  

I say let them think we are all in the Scooby Van, with maps and magnifier glasses.

2019-03-07 03:00:47 UTC  

Ok raggy

2019-03-07 03:00:52 UTC  


2019-03-07 03:11:46 UTC  

I wont condone profiteering from Q and followers, they been getting hefty donations for a long time, now a bestseller. Q already called out soapbox for profiteering, corsi proven to be a shill - what more do you need? its not even their own work, its the work of the whole Q community they are trying to profit off.

2019-03-07 03:14:01 UTC  

Was Jason driving the Bus?

2019-03-07 03:20:23 UTC  

That's what breads are for, all archived, all for free.

2019-03-07 03:27:37 UTC  

the thing is u need a Q manual, a Q for normies, an anon bible and language translation for every language so everybody doesn't feel 'triggered'

2019-03-07 03:28:20 UTC  

and a Q-Anon for dummies for those that can't get the rest