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joined twitter ironically around same time "Q" showed up on reddit

i hopped on twitter because i got tired of all the bs from msm. also i've known since aug/sept 2017 the mueller investigation was a smokescreen for msm

i bounced up and down the spectrum to see if anybody even fox sees the truth.

msm is only good for entertainment, but not for news unless it's weather or sports.

been monitoring crap with the latest flu deaths

when they already have a name for it in cdc speak, they already developed it prior to releasing it to general public

i stopped taking flu shots about 20yrs ago, 15yrs ago i stopped getting the flu

q drops are normally pm est

i also have a twitter acc under same nick, if u look at q drops for same date as mine some sync up, others either before or after q drops. but we're not affilated.

if q was really a hot girl, tell her i'll go down on her til she screams or i die.

earlier today saw 4 grey copters moving north bound in 2 by 2 formation thru my city. they weren't army/navy/af/marine ones but they sounded like them

they looked like civilian copters like the ones local police and news uses. but they sounded military

btw, those copters, had no numbers on them. just grey all around.

i'm ex-navy, 2 of my bro's are ex-army, 1 of my bro's used to repair military copters

i got coms if anybody wants to actually talk instead of typing

i tried to get in that, but they were too bitchy at the time

and army was way too eager to get me plus i hated my bros at the time

last thing i wanted to be was a spec-op sniper for army. i hated running.

ocean isn't the problem, it's the fear of not staying afloat long enough to get rescued

on my gaming acc here on discord

bob, i got some nicotene gum if u want it

i'm finding tons hidden on yt

the trick is on yt, to use firefox for yt, then flush cookies and cache every time u want to refresh the coding of yt auto sorting

don't u mean too much liberal over sponsering while killing the gop sponsering

fahim, it's easy.

but the hard part fahim, is to know the make and model of the pc u want to hack

u can sneak in over a system or bios update while shadowing an update source

but i'm not going to teach u how, theres pleany of white/black hats out there for that.

hometube if u want to bypass yt censoring

mk ultra - deep state creating manchuan canidates.

look back at jfk's death and who "officially" caused it according to msm

that guy was a patsy or prepgrammed bot

jfk was killed prior to his official report on the deap state to the nation. he made the mistake of telling the world he was going to report on it before he even said who was involved by a few days

fahim, are u on discord app or web browser?

never browse web with an active mic/camera

drp, q already dedicated his posts to jfk

even q knows the deep state is monitoring his posts

dems keep blaming russia for hacking when thos e of us in around that see the real truth know it's silicon valley using proxies

oh and besure to avoid most american made anti-virus and malware apps like norton and a few others, even the russian one is suspect.

isreal has a good one.

when the ussr existed, the dems were pro russia, but when they collapsed, they switched to anti-russia

anybody born after 1980 is one

no, i'm a mad scientist

no, just plain mad one

i even got the tall hair standing up

well milenials are good for some things...mostly as sex toys

dustin, thought u went to bed

what was the quote from "revenge of the nerds" jocks only think of sports, nerds think of sex

dog is a pain, i know i got a cuddle pup here

late 90's and early 2000's they started a program of spare the rod spoil the child in some townships and cities. and from this we got snowflake liberals

jeff, sounds like me. my bros used to beat me up alot, now they call me muscles

awake in bed waiting for the nect q drop? or what the deep state will do next, jess?

well i was born in the 60's, i once had morals and restrained myself in school from chasing hotties. but now i wish i didn't do that.

also my balls didn't drop til i hit 40, so sue me

actually, it was dad that did the smacking with a back hand and a belt

showed my dad up, i out lived him

so, non...hows the midlife crisis going?

jess, i spent my last 2k on this pc about 5yrs ago. i'm basically unemployed with no benifits, and not even on welfare

but it's a pc i built

it's working fine, no reason to fix it

back in 97, my first isp said unlimited internet, so i explored to see how unlimited it was, i shortly found the scene(where most of u get torrents from)

ya about 88 to 2006 was the best time to visit europe, then it went down hill after that

i did ngs, then ftp, then top sites, then after few yrs on anon ftp went to torrents.

friend gave me invite to an invite only hidden torrent site, been there ever since.

well friend gave me 2 site invites, i chose one, yrs later the other one got raided so i'm still happy with the one i chose

they just do legal stuff on it, no crap like pedo

avoid tor at all costs

freenet is barely secure..good for some searching stuff

theres a few dark web sources on it for information, or finding ways to access it. but i'd avoid it unless u got dozens of procies to bounce thru

i use it to collect my tv shows mostly

general note - when something is free, it means they have free access to u when ever they want to.

future i'll hit the lottery and finally get laid after 10yrs of avoiding women

freedom is earned

well i did offer it to a few friends i have here on discord, dustin. but they went to sleep

well i can do sarcastic truth mom raised me on it.

how many dems does it take to screw in a light bulb?

none, they hire a migrant to do it

actually, there was a survey a while back about milenials and it turned out that 6 of 10 of them could not replace a light bulb

note to ppl here in the future, if u walk softly, don't walk up to a few cops after a gun related event and ask them something, u might surprise them and get shot

oh right, canada, the country north of most of us that wants to invite in isis and legalize sharia law

and the liberals are ok with it up there too

right now, i wouldn't go to eu unless i had the legal right to carry a gun for self defense

jess, a few non libs asked me few weeks back about this topic and i said, get green card to usa, sell everything after u get it, move to texas and don't stop anywhere

with all the stuff happing lately with libs gone wild, it reminds me of the "escape fron ny/la" movies

last i checked the hrc's real parents were coal miners

i think the twiiter is a relay account for q, but its not q on it

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