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2019-03-07 03:29:31 UTC  

then why would you not release it for free?#

2019-03-07 03:29:41 UTC  

no clue

2019-03-07 03:30:04 UTC  

you do, you are just denying it and fall for namefags

2019-03-07 03:34:07 UTC

2019-03-07 03:35:34 UTC  

this was before corsi was outed

2019-03-07 03:41:06 UTC  

Cause released for free = no shekels

2019-03-07 03:43:24 UTC  

Paytroits get the rope

2019-03-07 08:10:33 UTC  

That's some creepy shit right there

2019-03-07 08:11:01 UTC  

I know for sure I won't head on over to Denver any time soon.

2019-03-07 09:52:30 UTC  

Yeah, late night Q bringing the heat

2019-03-07 23:52:31 UTC  


2019-03-07 23:52:35 UTC

2019-03-08 02:50:46 UTC  


2019-03-08 03:52:21 UTC  

> remove text
> widen youtube icon
> superimpose template using face detection algo
> AI that detects Clowns In Action
> ???
> profit

2019-03-08 22:04:32 UTC  

Q finally posted on denver lol

2019-03-08 22:04:34 UTC  


2019-03-08 23:32:31 UTC  

Haha, we've dug on that long ago. Evil place

2019-03-08 23:35:56 UTC  

Re: Q book will look for it on tor when I get home.

2019-03-09 00:05:14 UTC  

Paytroits get the rope fren

2019-03-09 03:17:35 UTC  

You know I think JRE is part of the plan tbh. He's had a handler for a long time now and has gotten pretty popular having all sorts of high level guests from Musk and Jack Dorsey. Jack and Musk are both targets for Q. They know Elon was building rockets for NoKo and satellites for Soros. And one of twitter's biggest investors was Alwaleed who was already arrested. When Q mentioned the whole Thailand thing and Elon tried to send in custom scuba gear to rescue the boys, then called one of the divers a pedo, I was convinced Elon is being blackmailed at this point. Now that Joe's put together Tim Pool to call out the Twitter censorship, I am even more sure of it.

2019-03-09 04:45:13 UTC  

is bernie going to be sent to gitmo?

2019-03-09 05:24:30 UTC  

i think he'll be exposed fully first

2019-03-09 08:07:54 UTC  

Maybe to a Gulag. Would be appropriate lol

2019-03-10 00:54:58 UTC  

>1.5 years behind Anons.
Which post is that referencing, out of curiosity?

2019-03-10 01:09:02 UTC  

No I meant the year and a half old one

2019-03-10 01:09:10 UTC  

Since we've known for that long

2019-03-10 01:30:36 UTC  

anons been digging long before Q came along

2019-03-10 01:31:03 UTC  

and they'll keep digging long after Q is gone

2019-03-10 01:31:30 UTC  

its not just in one post but series of Q's first posts - just goto click sort (so you start at 1)

2019-03-10 01:43:20 UTC  

It's already been a year and a half? Damn

2019-03-10 01:52:12 UTC  


2019-03-10 01:52:24 UTC  

over 3k posts by Q

2019-03-10 01:59:12 UTC  

That isn't even counting MegaAnon that I think was the prequel to Q. My theory is that the "arguments" between them was purposely to draw more attention to the movement.

2019-03-10 05:04:59 UTC  

MegaAnon was a pile of bunk

2019-03-10 05:10:33 UTC  


2019-03-10 15:39:31 UTC  
2019-03-10 15:40:06 UTC  

Glow niggers book

2019-03-10 17:41:48 UTC  

FBI ANON layed down the precursor

2019-03-10 17:44:22 UTC  

I followed him loosely. I didn't get totally sucked in until the MEGA/Q squabbles though.