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2018-09-30 17:31:16 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Lol on the Iran footage of them chasing an aircraft carrier. Carriers never travel alone as there are destroyers and subs at minimum accompanying them at all times. If they wanted to engage that would have been the end of them.

2018-09-30 18:09:46 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Not sure if this has been shared yet, but interesting commentary.

2018-10-01 13:40:19 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Now that the Dems realize Kavanaugh is going to be cleared of all allegations they are beginning to shift their narrative in claiming he had a drinking problem. Fake media is all over this right now.

2018-10-01 19:21:36 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

@Mr. Sofaking Fluffykins nope lol! But I will take down my post.

2018-10-01 19:23:01 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Flake is a dipshit who I can’t wait for him to get his! Check out @Mr. Sofaking Fluffykins article from zero hedge in <#489840835924328458>

2018-10-02 00:30:29 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Pretty good War Drummer drop. He usually narrates SB2 but this is one of his own. His correlation into the JFK assassination and the masons. Need to listen again to take it all in but pretty solid.

2018-10-02 00:54:08 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Lmao! In @Mr. Sofaking Fluffykins post the women are asking McConnell if he believes survivors. Then after after he shakes hands with the guy, another lady says “why would you speak to this man and not to the women who are talking to you about their surviving stories.” I lost a lot of hearing in the Marine Corps, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t here any one of these women talk about themselves lol.

2018-10-02 00:55:22 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

@Rivendell enhanced vetting is active. Jk, I don’t know what that means.

2018-10-02 01:45:25 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

@Deleted User nothing here in ATX in the local news. He’s still shilling.

2018-10-02 01:54:16 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Speaking of here in ATX, holy moly. Seems like every house has a Beto sign. He had a rally on Saturday night at this spot called Auditorium Shores with Willie Nelson playing a concert and it was more filled than I have ever seen it. Slightly worried he has a real chance in winning but counting on everyone outside of metro areas voting for him. Also went down to San Antonio yesterday and in my parent’s neighborhood there was only one house who had a sign. So hoping this is just an Austin thing. I registered as a dem in our primaries as we are an open state and my state rep is a fucktard and wanted to vote them out. Now I get texts every week asking if they can count on me voting for Beto. I tell them if he changes his stance on banning all guns I’ll listen, otherwise I’m voting for Cruz. Moot point, I’m voting for Cruz. And the republican in my district running for state senate. He’s gonna lose unfortunately but I’ll still give him my vote lol.

2018-10-02 01:58:15 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

All the metro areas vote dem here in TX. Fortunately TX is wildly populated everywhere throughout so there are a lot of people who will vote red who are the silent majority. Also counting on a lot of my liberal friends who talk a lot and don’t vote to be some of those sign holders and fail to enact their civic duty.

2018-10-02 02:00:14 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Yeah @Deleted User waiting for POTUS to come to TX. Don’t know what city he will go to, but it will be big. Maybe Dallas or Outskirts of Houston.

2018-10-02 02:00:59 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

I could see him going to College Station as that is in between Houston and Dallas

2018-10-02 02:02:52 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Yeah @TaCktiX I think with Beto backing out of the debate with Cruz on Sunday plays in the GOP favor. Especially after his donation scandals from overseas monies.

2018-10-02 02:04:46 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

I call him asshole. One of my lib friends who I talk politics and Q with asked me my thoughts on him. I told her I’m not a communist so I don’t like him.

2018-10-02 02:09:56 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Oh! Also started red pilling another friend when she asked about why I don’t like his stance on guns. Told her every country that has banned guns has been taken over. My wife chimes in to help too. She didn’t have a comeback and started thinking about our position. Educated her on all guns sans musket loaders are semi automatic. And where I don’t want to be shot, I would prefer to be shot by an AR over a shotgun as a slug will take my arm off if shot. She didn’t have much to say after that other than “I didn’t know that.”

2018-10-02 02:31:12 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

I haven’t seen how he has been @Doom1776 but I’ll take it!

2018-10-02 02:33:50 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]

2018-10-02 02:33:57 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

That was his rally

2018-10-02 02:34:46 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

And agreed, how many people where there to see Willie and put up with bullshit.

2018-10-02 02:36:05 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Hey, native Texan here, I know. We are more than just Austin and the other metro areas around the state.

2018-10-02 02:38:30 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

And to put it I don’t see, I am inundated with local media preaching his name. I know there is real talk outside the city. Good to hear commentary outside of this echo chamber.

2018-10-02 02:39:40 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

@Bellalu what is it like up in north Texas?

2018-10-02 02:41:03 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Hey, I love ATX! Just have to deal with all the man bun hipsters lol. And fortunately we don’t have needles all over the place like San Francisco

2018-10-02 02:42:01 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

There are a lot of people like me here too trying to keep civility in the ranks.

2018-10-02 02:43:39 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

@Doom1776 please tell me you are not a sooner or an Aggie lol!

2018-10-02 02:43:56 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  


2018-10-02 02:44:13 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Fair enough

2018-10-02 02:47:37 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Outside of the Longhorns neither do I. But that’s all I pay attention to. I get the Roman Colosseum distraction of the people and that is mine, but if they lose I don’t give a fuck.

2018-10-02 02:48:06 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

I thought you were from Texas @Bellalu! We can’t all be perfect. 🤣

2018-10-02 02:48:34 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Then you are perfect.

2018-10-02 12:50:11 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Morning all! And I hope they would lock her up and let her rot in prison. Suiciding out is the easy way considering all of her atrocities. But at the end of the day as long as justice is served I’m cool with anything. ☠️

2018-10-02 17:29:22 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

@Bellalu you watch this one yet?

2018-10-02 17:32:04 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

This is him rolling solo

2018-10-02 17:34:11 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Yessir @Mr. Sofaking Fluffykins War Drummer narrates SB2 for a lot of his vids.

2018-10-02 20:09:14 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

@RocketManNK kill Maddog?

2018-10-02 20:13:37 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Fucking commies. Posting in my marine group as I have seen this yet. About to light a lot of fires.

2018-10-02 20:26:01 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

No kidding. These people are effing crazy. They call us crazy lunatics because we love our guns. How often do you find one of us in the news for inciting riots or destroying and looting blocks of a town because we are upset, or shooting up a (pick your venue).

2018-10-03 00:10:09 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Everyone I figured it out. I know why there are no Cruz signs in Austin. They are all getting stolen. There was this big Cruz sign on the side of the road on the way home from work yesterday and today it’s gone. I know I am preaching to the choir here. A lot of these people believe they are the protectors of the weak and voiceless and think they are justified in there actions, but really they are nothing but selfish bullies and criminals. I laugh every time I try to change lanes and a lot of the times the person who speeds up to not let me in low and behold has a Beto sticker on the back of their car. A lot of them are assholes. Speaking of which, when was the last time capital police was called for republicans storming and yelling in the office of a dem representative?

2018-10-03 00:14:08 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

I stand corrected lol. We can be assholes too.

2018-10-03 00:45:41 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

I’ve read previously they post ads on Craigslist to recruit people in their “pay” protests.

2018-10-03 00:45:51 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Seems like an initial way in...

2018-10-03 12:29:22 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Morning y’all!

2018-10-03 12:37:23 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Heyo! @Mr. Sofaking Fluffykins has anyone shared the breaking Avenatti news yet?

2018-10-03 18:12:43 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Nice link @belliferous! Got me thinking, with all of the people crying for the additional FBI checks, how is it they didn’t find anything in the first place. Here is an example of what they dig into...

2018-10-03 19:05:56 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

When normies’ talking point about how Kavanaugh is being shady by not releasing documents from his days as a staff attorney with Bush, remind them he has released over 1 million documents (Justice Gorsuch released 180k and Justice Kagan released 170k) and this marks the most ever by any nominee. Ever. Additionally, it is not up to him to release presidential documents, it’s up to the president and of the docs not a part of the 42k released docs during the Bush admin, the rest are deemed confidential. Good article to provide context -

2018-10-04 00:46:17 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

MSM is all over Trump family tax returns as reported by NYT. On the way home that is all they talked about on nation propaganda radio. They were literally repeating themselves over and over.

2018-10-04 22:39:16 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Ok, 2 things. Someone posted yesterday that some Anons pointed out the presidential alert which occurred at 2:18 was gematria for WWG1WGA. I threw it into the calculator and came up with 85. But went back and when you spell it out in its entirety. 2:18 = Where We Go One, We Go All = 218

2018-10-04 22:41:44 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

2 - I’m starting to think SerialBrain2 is a part of Q team and provides commentary as an outsider but their insight is far greater than anyone else out there. I think they are a part of Q so they can help a lot of us to find the answer to some of Q’s riddles and show the connection. Just a thought, but I don’t think I’m reaching much...

2018-10-04 22:45:36 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

@VOL that is what winning the interview looks like. I’m saving this one LMAO!!!!

2018-10-04 22:46:03 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

@SirW00f I haven’t seen them yet. I’ll check it out ASAP.

2018-10-04 22:48:06 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

@Daisy Rey I’ve thought that too. Some of the stuff SB2 breaks down is leaps and bounds what I am able to decipher. I’m not saying I am a super sluth, but hot damn, some of their gematria stuff that seems so out there makes too much sense. I question it like we all should but at the end of the day it makes sense when you really dig in and validate for yourself.

2018-10-04 22:52:18 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

@SirW00f not yet, checking it out now.

2018-10-04 22:59:58 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

@SirW00f that was interesting

2018-10-04 23:06:45 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

[Feinstein] - Q

2018-10-05 03:26:19 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

I don’t know about y’all, but I can stop watching [feinstein] cry.

2018-10-05 17:43:41 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

What if some dude came out and said Blumenthal tried to diddle him 30 years ago. Would any of these protesters care?

2018-10-05 17:44:29 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Kind of rhetorical question, but it would be interesting to see their excuses.

2018-10-05 18:53:34 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Interesting view point here on reading [feinstein] body language. Also, the narrator presents a plausible theory as it pertains to why she was not allowed to view the entire FBI dock as she is now under investigation and part of the doc holds confidential information that is related to her case.

2018-10-05 19:19:20 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Well that’s a new approach for field trips. Bet these kids thought their trip to the Capital building was going to be boring, now they to protest!

2018-10-06 02:46:54 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

“Not only was the sign an attack on Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s daughter, it made a mockery of sexual assault which is NO laughing matter,” This from a republican!!! Dems are using sexual assault as their platform for madness but it’s ok when they use it in an attack on the GOP. Flipping crazies.

2018-10-06 04:41:39 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

So with these sworn affidavits from the three accusers under sworn testimony under penalty of felony - will the doj go after them to vet and ultimately be tried for a felony?

2018-10-06 04:43:54 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Here is the chance to put her head on a pike...

2018-10-06 04:55:26 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Fun fact - Ford co-authored study for self-hypnosis to retrieve lost memories. If you tell yourself a lie enough times, you’ll believe it...

2018-10-06 21:56:02 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Fuck yeah everyone! Great day!

2018-10-07 03:46:45 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

So Lady Jane Spencer-Churchill slumming it with the witch. My question, was Churchill a bad dude or just his offspring’s wife?

2018-10-07 03:47:58 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Good question @Blonde_Finn time to do some digging.

2018-10-07 03:57:42 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

@Blonde_Finn holy moly... lot more digging needed, but found this in a Time’s article about Princess Diana.... She has more English royal blood in her veins than does Prince Charles, her 16th cousin once removed. All of it flowing from illegitimate unions. Four of her ancestors were mistresses to English Kings. Three dallied with Charles II (1630-85), a compulsive philanderer whose amorous activities produced more than a quarter of the 26 dukedoms in Great Britain and Ireland. The fourth royal paramour, Arabella, daughter of the first Sir Winston Churchill, was a favorite of James II (1633-1701) and bore him a daughter. In short, while Diana's blood may run blue, even purple, scarlet women and black sheep have added to its color...Others of Diana's kinsmen made their mark in worldly affairs, many as great statesmen. George Washington is an eighth cousin seven times removed, and through the wife of an eccentric American great-great-grandfather, Diana is related to Presidents John Adams, John Quincy Adams, Calvin Coolidge, Millard Fillmore, Rutherford B. Hayes, Grover Cleveland and Franklin D. Roosevelt. Sir Winston Churchill (middle name: Spencer) is a cousin, as is former Prime Minister Sir Alec Douglas-Home. Scholarly limbs include Historian Henry Adams, Philosopher Bertrand Russell and Lexicographer Noah Webster. Theatrical boughs: Humphrey Bogart and Lillian Gish.

2018-10-07 03:58:11 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

@RocketManNK that meme is golden!

2018-10-07 04:06:44 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

@Blonde_Finn I’m gonna need to dig a little more here, but hoping Churchill was the “black sheep” of the family. Ah-la Sirius Black style.

2018-10-07 04:08:02 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

@RocketManNK no doubt! I did like her vid on calling this confirmation process a sham though. So I’ll give her that respect. Otherwise it’s time for her to find her hole to die in.

2018-10-07 04:11:40 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Oh for sure! I don’t know if she was off her meds when she vouched for a bi-partisan process, but again, I share that with all of my liberal friends as it’s good on Kavanaugh.

2018-10-07 05:05:08 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Dem senator from W. VA who voted for Kavanaugh.

2018-10-07 05:06:39 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  
2018-10-07 05:08:07 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Read an article earlier that Manchin is up for re-election this Nov and POTUS won by a land slide there so he has that to think about...

2018-10-07 05:10:57 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

No - no votes from GOP.

2018-10-07 05:12:08 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Fuck yeah!!! This is huge!

2018-10-07 05:13:35 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Good luck on Brexit @ᶜʳᶦᵗᵗᶻ

2018-10-07 05:24:25 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

@Blonde_Finn that is the absolute best compilation of the wrap-up smear! Looking forward to sharing wide and far!

2018-10-08 04:29:46 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Left wing, right wing... same bird. Glad we got POTUS in office with the generals to clip some feathers.

2018-10-08 12:10:30 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

@👑 King Futurama yep. Same agenda as the dems. We may be even seeing Trump Democrats now too!

2018-10-08 12:25:59 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

@RocketManNK solid quote! NPR was interviewing some Chinese diplomat late last week who was whining about Trump canceling a deal they had established and were dumbfounded as to why. NPR was setting them up to be the good guy of course and I was even shocked NPR was playing to the sympathy of the communists. Well, kind of shocked, it was basically a story to make Trump look bad while propping up the Chinese and give libtards talking points. This is a fun time to follow trade talks! I use this as a counterpunch whenever debating the left as they have no clue what is going on and when you start to drop the monetary impact of what Trump has been able to accomplish it leaves them speechless.

2018-10-08 14:22:01 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #q-general]  

I don’t think [RR] will be handling any more investigations any time soon. We’re just waiting for the hangman to finish braiding the rope. He’s done.

2018-10-09 23:48:46 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Re: [HRC] wait, is that imply they have been civil to date? Kek

2018-10-09 23:50:54 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Re: Comey tweet, I knew they were keeping him on a short leash, but to drag him to Iowa is a bit much lol!

2018-10-16 21:03:52 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Hola all! Here is a good follow up article to the Project Veritas report on McCaskill @Mr. Sofaking Fluffykins posted yesterday. I’m sure y’all know this, but every rifle is technically semi-automatic.

2018-10-16 22:02:16 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

@RocketManNK yeah! Hopefully Hawley can leverage the Veritas video and her Kavenaugh lynching and vote against him.

2018-10-17 00:32:48 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Nice! @RocketManNK that was some great reading right there. Seems the only people who were supporting are her true libtard supporters who want her dangerous left agenda.

2018-10-17 12:20:49 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Isn’t that also the definition of bullying when they threaten that one user to stop posting about a restaurant or they’ll report them. 🕵️‍♂️

2018-10-17 12:27:19 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Just reported three of their tweets. Hate speech, harassment and threatening...

2018-10-17 14:03:05 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

@Bellalu is that interview with the former spook who declined the job for OKC?

2018-10-17 21:58:12 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

@Bellalu that is a good interview!

2018-10-24 02:48:27 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]

2018-10-24 02:48:38 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

I don’t think this one is going to make it...

2018-10-25 16:30:34 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

I’m really surprised at how all of these bombs were intercepted so efficiently. Where was this level of precision when the Austin bomber was sending packages to people earlier this year?

2018-10-25 20:49:33 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

That would make all of us presumably African under the argument “we’re all immigrants.” How far back do they get to choose to whether or not they are immigrants? My favorite facetious question to ask someone when they tell me that is “What boat did you come here legally on?”

2018-10-25 21:01:39 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

And I get you, I enjoy sharing my ancestry story, but the point is I was born here. I’m not an immigrant.

2018-10-25 21:05:48 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Technically we’re all African Americans. I will mark this on my next census request

2018-10-25 21:06:24 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Hahahaha! I was thinking the same.

2018-10-25 21:09:42 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

My last job we had a kid who moved over to the states from South Africa 4 years back and attained his citizenship after a couple years. White fellow. After HR sent out a company wide email celebrating his citizenship, I replied back to them saying he is now a legit African American. Young girl who just started said he isn’t cause he’s not black. Oh does she have a lot to learn if she continues in the HR world lol.

2018-10-25 21:11:18 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

I thought you were gonna say Obama

2018-10-25 21:12:00 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Nice on Elon!

2018-10-25 23:39:52 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]

2018-10-25 23:40:03 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

May the power of Q compel you.

2018-10-26 00:25:05 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Does anyone know of or have a good link on the official Trump stance on LBGTQ? All I’m finding in the searches is his apparent hatred for them.

2018-10-26 00:46:15 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Thanks @dustyhalo!

2018-11-07 03:07:08 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

So we all know MSM is fake news. I think with their broadcasting the blue wave, that may be good in our favor to help dems stay home out west and drive more red to go and vote. Just a thought.

2018-11-07 03:11:00 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Optimistic thinking...

2018-11-07 03:51:22 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  


2018-11-07 05:07:52 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

In other news. Looks like McCaskill is out in MO! Thank you project v for exposing this fraud! No thanks fo MSM of course...

2018-11-08 00:31:06 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

I’m just waiting to see the drops of how many illegal votes there were with all of those voting machines going down.

2018-11-08 00:31:30 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

And to your point @Lucifer Inlustris recounts

2018-11-08 01:45:36 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

They already started on NPR @Bellalu

2018-11-08 01:45:56 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

So good call!

2018-11-08 15:02:33 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Oldie but goody... hopefully she’s dead by the end of the year.

2018-11-13 13:47:02 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

So how are these proposed common sense gun laws enacting universal background checks any different from universal background checks already in place? I mean if this is just posturing on behalf of the dems because all of the people yelling about gun laws don’t necessarily know the first thing about gun laws, I’ll take it.

2018-11-13 13:52:27 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

@Douglas Castle might be able to see the air traffic history. That is to say the plane had their transponder on in the first place. I’ve been monitoring chemtrails tracking with one of the websites he recommended and half of the time there is no plane in the area even though I see it flying above.

2018-11-13 14:54:09 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Re: election results for AZ, Texas was somewhat similar is the disparity for Cruz and Beto for Senator vs Abbott and Valdez for Governor. Where Cruz won, the votes where in favor of Cruz with a narrow margin ~220k votes ahead of Beto vs Abbot winning with a commanding 1.1M votes over his Dem challenger Valdez. Not saying there is not something rotten in AZ, but just playing devil’s advocate.

2018-11-13 15:17:37 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Now the Gov winning Maricopa County by 325k to the Dem senator winning by 32k doesn’t add up. Sans Ft. Worth, not one major metropolitan area where Beto won had Abbot winning too as the majority votes went to Valdez. Ft. Worth is the only major city where we saw the opposite. Beto won by 4K votes over Cruz where Abbot won by 66k over Valdez.


@V77 it’s just due to inactivity in posting. Same thing happened to me.

2018-12-05 18:25:07 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

I don’t think this lady knows exactly what “dystopian” means...

2018-12-05 18:35:16 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

@Bellalu Perhaps the dystopian future as designed by the Rockefeller’s and team and agenda 21 is being threatened and the US should continue to be backers to a world economy that does not benefit us at this time. With regards to going it alone and the haves and have nots gap continues to widen, I’m pretty certain that occurred because we were tagging a long, not because we are recentering our value lol.

2018-12-13 01:40:39 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]

2018-12-13 01:40:41 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

@Lucifer Inlustris that nasa photo looks similar to the footage from last week.

2018-12-13 01:52:05 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

@👑 King Futurama Q had a Q&A session earlier.

2018-12-13 01:59:18 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

One of my buddies I had a convo with the other night is into Q and a flat earther 🤦‍♂️ sending that little piece of gold to him in case he hasn’t seen it yet lol

2018-12-29 05:38:20 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #q-general]  

Re: gold standard check out the book “Creature from Jekyll Island” as it walks through how the fed started and then moved through all of the presidents who tried to reverse it. It’ll be a tough battle but hopefully POTUS does it.

2019-01-04 19:17:43 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

@Moooooooooooooo I don’t think it was intellectuals who voted Tlaib in but all of the Muslims in her district.

2019-01-04 19:30:08 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

After looking up this benighted troll, I would guess the radical Muslims in her district hate her too but still voted for her. She is a woman who went to school, she drives her own car, she is divorced and doesn’t wear a hijab. Now, for the bonus, does her comment warrant a terroristic threat? 😝

2019-01-04 21:07:45 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Well that can’t be good.

2019-01-04 23:10:05 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Wait, what salary is Elizabeth Warren donating if the government is shut down and she isn’t getting paid?

2019-01-04 23:18:03 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Of course they do. :/ Bunch of asshats. They should be looped into not being paid like the rest of the government employees they cry for as they created this mess. Didn’t they sign up for this job to “serve” their country?

2019-01-05 01:12:48 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Still solid advice to have a cache of supplies for when SHTF 💪

2019-01-08 19:21:02 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]

2019-01-11 19:07:36 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Where I do not care for the representative, I do like that even Dems are trying to reel in one of their own in Ocasio-Cortez because she is calling them out. Don’t take me wrong, she is no liberal saint and wants to turn us into a socialist society, but it’s good to see this. The smear campaign on her is growing in the fake media. Effing great. If she doesn’t worship Pelosi like they want her too, she will be one and done.

2019-01-11 21:58:16 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

I don’t think many people will read this press release in the general populace but I find this funny when the appropriations committee uses their platform to lambaste POTUS for their malfeasance... “It is the fourth bipartisan Senate bill that the House has passed this week to reopen key parts of the government and stop some of the most serious harms of the Trump Shutdown.”

2019-01-11 22:05:34 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

There are two other press releases from today where they continue to coin this term “Trump Shutdown” 3 yesterday and 4 from the 9th. Good news, in reading through most of them, looks like the government is back in business with the FDA, IRS, HUD, EPA, National Parks, DOI and more being funded through 9/30! Thanks Senate for reopening the govt in small doses to sneak this through lol.

2019-01-15 20:58:30 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

@wͫ́í̯̭̭̆̾nͣͣŃT̥̥͕̈́.exͯ̈́̉e͋͆̐ͮ seems like ECPAT is a person with a dumb fuck disorder as well.

2019-01-22 04:46:33 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

“Military style assault weapons” so they mean to ban all guns that is. The military uses hand guns and shotguns alike. Also single shot rifles. I had this conversation with a friend of mine and after I explained this, they retorted with well just ARs. I asked if the intent was just ARs, why don’t they clearly spell it out? No answer.

2019-01-22 15:38:44 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Worth the watch. Rep Crenshaw dropping word bombs to make the dems unsure of their arguments...

2019-02-02 03:37:48 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

@Moooooooooooooo the true colors of the Democratic Party. Pun intended. (Re. Ralph Northam)

2019-02-05 13:54:34 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Isn’t lynching already against the law?

2019-02-06 15:46:53 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Heyo! Does anyone have a link to good vid of why bldg 7 fell.

2019-02-06 15:51:52 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

@Bukkakemon Thanks!

2019-02-14 17:51:15 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

McCabe’s excuse for his treasonous actions... I hope this story helps him sleep well at night when he makes it to GITMO.

2019-02-19 17:04:14 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Old vid, but really does well to display the benighted left in their cries for hatred and bullying. The fact they don’t know why they are mad at is the scary/funny part. Group think at its best. At one point, a young social justice warrior begins to bully the reporter because of opposing views. Nothing we aren’t already accustomed to or used to from their side, but ironic none the least in that is what they despise so much of POTUS in his presumed bully tactics. These people are stupid.

2019-02-20 20:39:15 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #q-general]  

For those unfamiliar, there is a writer out there named SerialBrain2 who provides additional insight into Q posts and pulls in the correlations of POTUS tweets and national events with tying to said Q posts. Then, there are youtubers who orate his writings and put his graphics into their vids displaying the connections. If you haven’t seen this before, check it out. Here is today’s.

2019-02-21 01:05:43 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

@Kankels McGee replying here re SB2 take it for what you want. I personally haven’t seen anything to question their motives that haven’t panned out as the events have unfolded. With that, believe or don’t, your call.

2019-02-21 01:35:41 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

@Kankels McGee All good KM. I don’t take offense to others opinions.

2019-02-21 01:38:41 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

For sure.

2019-02-26 13:03:59 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

I wonder what the play is here.... Seems all a little too well scripted with Mueller soon to officially clear POTUS.

2019-02-27 22:24:38 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

So this is intriguing. Both CNN and NYT have negative articles on Cohen today.

2019-03-03 17:27:03 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]

2019-03-03 17:30:55 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

When people ask me about MAGA and how can we ever be great again as in to imply civil rights suppression on blacks and women’s suffrage for equality etc... I show them this meme in various forms. It was civil rights that was carved out by strong men, it was women’s suffrage carved out by strong women. We used to fight for our rights. Now we are fighting to suppress those rights. This is when America was great. We have to get back to this. I realize I am preaching to the choir, but just wanted to share as we see kids in AZ being sent home for expressing their views.

2019-03-05 23:13:12 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Will Obama pay me during this training now that he is worth 40M and is a part of the 1%?

2019-03-05 23:19:18 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Can’t find the Obama Foundation net worth but I do see they raised 237M in 2017 so there is that too. No update for 2018 revenue available.

2019-03-05 23:24:32 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Fun side note, Obama wanted to build his presidential library in south Chicago originally and they rejected it. Now he has Rahm as his pitch man to acquire property in the parks district in the main downtown area to build a presidential center. Chicago politics at its best... :/

2019-03-06 14:03:18 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Not sure if this has been shared here yet, but AOC was found through a casting call along with Ilhan Omar and Rashida Talib.

2019-03-06 14:50:30 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Ayanna Pressley was another who was found in the same casting call. Looks like their handlers have them working together in their “squad”

2019-03-06 21:07:36 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #q-general]  

Welp, disinfo right there for sure. I can’t even recall any Q posts that remotely hinted at it. Not saying I am an expert by any means, but more so to your point haven’t even seen anyone link to it before.

2019-03-07 21:20:09 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Omar was a part of the collective casting call by justice democrats which ended up getting 6 reps (incld. AOC) elected out of the 79 they fronted. Blackhat imo

2019-03-08 23:35:56 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #q-general]  

Re: Q book will look for it on tor when I get home.

2019-03-08 23:51:54 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]

2019-03-12 16:14:40 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Looks like Q is non binary now and is helping to prep us for a future where we are no longer defined by gender. Sounds like a British dude to me.

2019-03-15 16:51:16 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #q-general]  

Re census Q mentioned, the census also determines how many seats are appointed to the House of Representatives. Including illegals in census makes it seem like the legal population is greater and then gives states more elected reps as well as how government funds are allocated to communities. It more than just getting the vote, it’s fraudulently sending more D reps to Congress as these new districts undoubtedly are in greater urban areas which lean left. Regarding the illegals right to vote, federal law prohibits voting in federal elections. They can only vote in city and state - still shitty, but still limited.

2019-03-20 12:41:05 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

@Indigo Lucifer such a bs response from the discord team...

2019-03-31 21:05:39 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Jeff Sessions knows...

2019-04-03 18:16:33 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

While the whole report is solid, if you only have 5 minutes, check out what X22 has to say from minute mark 12 about the 4AM talking points Q referred to.

2019-04-08 22:47:43 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

54 years ago Paul Harvey describes today’s society.

2019-04-13 05:09:49 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Well that cap’n bonez was a fun character. Shills gonna shill.

2019-04-16 15:00:04 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Soooo, net worth of the Catholic Church is between 10-15 Billion. I think they can afford to go about rebuilding on their own without any charitable contributions needed...

2019-04-16 15:46:19 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]

2019-04-16 15:46:21 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Mission Accomplished! Looks like the US led the way for countries like New Zealand to follow suite. We banned assault rifles in 1986. SMH

2019-04-16 15:47:34 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]

2019-04-16 15:56:06 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

For those not 100% on gun jargon, the left minces words when talking about assault rifles and AR-15 like rifles (which are all semiautomatic rifles). This is the case for a majority of guns out there sans your single shot bolt action rifles and single load shotguns. The majority of rifles and pistols and a lot of shotguns are semiautomatic. Meaning one shot for each pull of the trigger when the gun has a capacity of rounds greater than 1. If you find yourself in a discussion with someone who uses their words incorrectly, you can educate them that if they want to ban the scary looking ones, then that is a ban on all of them. There is more to the topic of course, but just wanted to break it down for you. Shotgun style. 🤪

2019-04-17 14:49:44 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

In case you haven’t been keeping score at home, this vid mentions ~22 milestone accomplishments by POTUS so far through his first term. One of my favorites, human trafficker arrests topped near 11k just in last year alone. Surpassing Hussein’s total of 9,242 through his 8 years in office. When someone tells you Trump is a racist, just simply point to the 100B allocated through his EO to black communities (More than Hussein ever allocated) as well as sweeping prison reform benefiting black inmates as well... Enjoy!

2019-04-17 16:33:38 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

@TechBorn Ha! From the video that’s exactly what I was thinking too.

2019-04-17 16:50:27 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #q-general]  

I think it’s Q29? “What authority does POTUS have specifically over the Marines?”

2019-04-17 17:12:02 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #q-general]

2019-04-18 23:12:52 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]

2019-04-18 23:12:55 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Read the Mueller report up until this point. All I needed to see Lol.

2019-04-18 23:21:32 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Page 2. But couldn’t help myself, started moving on and reading the allegations of the Russians hacking the Clinton campaign and providing the emails to Wikileaks.

2019-04-18 23:31:05 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

And Seth Rich

2019-04-18 23:32:38 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Didn’t Q tell us to look at the Chinese for the DNC leak also?

2019-04-18 23:42:01 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

I believe so. They had open access to the server. Need to confirm.

2019-04-19 00:21:46 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Good deep dive into the optics of the report and the Russia collusion.

2019-04-20 16:22:15 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

@SirW00f agree with the SB2 post. Usually like the ties he exposes and sometimes the gematria goes way above me I can’t follow along, but I learn from it. That last one was a little tough to get behind.

2019-04-20 17:22:42 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

@Bellalu it’s been in use since 727 BC and SB2 pointed out the DS has been using it as a part of their call signs in his earlier work. Some of his latest work can be a little out there, but I enjoy cross referencing some of his material to see if I come to the same conclusion. But that’s just me 😃 and don’t take me wrong, you can def come up with some stupid shit.

2019-04-20 17:22:57 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]

2019-04-20 17:26:03 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Playing devil’s advocate - you can take the capital letters in this tweet and come up with gematria values of : George Soros, Ground Zero, Black Magic, Masonic Order and so on. Then you can draw a conclusion with those words as you will.

2019-04-20 17:26:28 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

That is where it gets stupid.

2019-04-20 17:29:04 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

But! Sometimes the crazy tweets do have hidden meanings behind them. To point out, I don’t think there was any hidden message in Killary’s tweet, aside from she is is crazy which is one conclusion I think most can agree with.

2019-04-20 18:06:29 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

@Moooooooooooooo well that can’t be good.

2019-04-20 23:03:33 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

I would argue when a society no longer questions but agrees with the script would we then be in a police state.

2019-06-25 20:37:48 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]

2019-06-25 20:37:52 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Found this funny. Drudge Report is one of the most popular websites out there and doesn’t even crack the top 5 for google search. What does is a site that is supposed to counter Drudge Report...

2019-06-26 20:41:38 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

“"We are clear in our site-wide policies that posting content that encourages or threatens violence is not allowed on Reddit," Reddit spokeswoman Anna Soellner said in a statement to The Washington Post. “ I guess Anna doesn’t get on Reddit too often.

2019-07-03 12:09:01 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

It would appear the war hawks are trying to fuel the fire with their Israelis counterparts. POTUS is pulling the same move he did with N. Korea in cleaning out the DS actors from their point of positions.

2019-07-08 13:40:31 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

I’m curious why they released this now, maybe as cover for trying to tamper the Epstein news? Will POTUS bite and tweet about it and further detract or let it go. Additionally, why would the ambassador use “secret cables” to send terminator references to his friends?

2019-07-08 14:08:40 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

100% Just taking up a sentence in the endless news cycle to distract from the real news like Epstein.

2019-07-10 14:02:19 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Just wanted to put it out there, exciting to see Q active again. Some good stuff.

2019-07-13 04:04:45 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]

2019-07-13 04:04:47 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  


2019-07-13 04:06:14 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]

2019-07-13 04:07:47 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Huff post trying to save the Clintons

2019-07-14 17:25:41 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Whoa!!!!! If those names are correct, not only will the ripples be felt here in the US, but in every part of the world... especially with the pope diddling children.

2019-07-14 17:39:51 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Makes complete sense. I was wondering why he had changed his tune on Trump.

2019-07-14 17:41:11 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

With Francis or just in general?

2019-07-14 17:41:25 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  


2019-07-14 17:42:49 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Doesn’t look too happy to be standing next to Trump.

2019-07-14 17:43:42 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Yep, “we know ;)”

2019-07-14 17:45:57 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Great thing is island is under US territorial court.

2019-07-15 18:43:37 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Good convo last night about chemtrails. Used to be a planefag on this board who provided a couple sites to use to track the civilian and military planes overhead. Started using them every time I would see one overhead and couldn’t ever identify the plane through either medium. Then, there was a stretch here in my part of Texas where it they weren’t occurring for the longest time. After SB2’s post, makes sense that now when I do see them, it’s generally only one or two, but again, wide apart and infrequent. Side note, haven’t pulled up the apps to check their call signs yet, but on the lookout this week to do so.

2019-07-15 18:48:16 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Yeah, saw that a lot when I was looking up.

2019-07-15 18:48:56 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Not the ops piece, but just in general.

2019-07-15 19:13:56 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]

2019-07-15 19:14:08 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Hay bales on fire.

2019-07-15 19:14:24 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Maybe they had a lot of diesel stored in that barn too?

2019-07-15 19:16:13 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

According to WBAL tv, “There were no chemicals or animals in the barn or green house, officials said.”

2019-07-16 12:59:25 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

@TechBorn the link to SB2 article is in the description as well.

2019-07-16 12:59:44 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]

2019-07-16 13:02:51 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

We all know who Comey is. What I find funny is the political message here insinuating he is against POTUS, therefore he is for Killary and validates his fuckery and coverups. What’s deeper, and perhaps scary in a sense, is who is he activating and for what purpose in this tweet.

2019-07-16 13:05:54 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

On the surface sure. But under the layers he is communicating with someone to do something.

2019-07-17 13:08:00 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Re: the BLM land move. So when Mr Grijalva is sitting in his office in Nogales, AZ, who is watching him and providing accountability when special interest groups walk through his door? “Putting BLM headquarters down the road from Secretary Bernhardt’s home town just makes it easier for special interests to walk in the door demanding favors without congressional oversight or accountability,” Raúl Grijalva (D-Ariz.), chairman of the House Natural Resources Committee, said in a statement.”

2019-07-18 13:12:37 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

He must have pissed off HRC 😝

2019-07-22 13:46:12 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

@John of Arc I’m right there with you - that was my first thought too, unless they execute a few of them and then we have ourselves a USS Maine to deal with. Which the war mongers want. Tac that onto the British tanker and we have reason for escalation. So it’s almost as if the d s is setting up this powder keg even at the risk of some of their assets. But hey, if POTUS was able to de-escalate the d s show from NK, why can’t he do that here.

2019-07-23 12:14:03 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Found this on Drudge and was pretty excited of the headline although polls have their own set of fallacies.

2019-07-23 12:15:54 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Thought the intent was people are waking up, but it shifted to mistrust of the gov is because of POTUS because of 10k lies. So looked up the origination of this low and behold it came from the Washington Post.

2019-07-23 12:17:20 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Then, started digging in with these “fact checks” for fun. One of them stated that our economy has slowed dramatically since the Chinese tariffs after trump said the cost increases would be negligible.

2019-07-23 12:17:31 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]

2019-07-23 12:18:49 UTC [Turtle Hermit School #random]  

Not so much. In fact, the trajectory of the “slow down” in q4 2018 increased in real gdp which “3 prominent economists” said otherwise. Lol

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