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2017-09-01 02:18:39 UTC  

You would face life in jail for that today

2017-09-01 02:18:42 UTC  

the fact that aussies would even consider having a mexican themed party shows the pervasive toxic influence of america

2017-09-01 02:18:50 UTC  

sorry about that btw

2017-09-01 02:19:04 UTC  

yeah I would probably go to jail and then be stabbed in jail by muslims tbh

2017-09-01 02:19:09 UTC  

or one would just blow my house up

2017-09-01 02:19:17 UTC  

but it would be my fault for being a bigot tbh

2017-09-01 02:19:18 UTC  

Ponchos and tacos are pretty fun tbh

2017-09-01 02:19:31 UTC  

haha there was a mexican party and all the women dressed up like cleaners and shit

2017-09-01 02:19:34 UTC  

but in an ideal world you wouldn't even know what tacos are

2017-09-01 02:19:37 UTC  

I wore a poncho etc

2017-09-01 02:19:38 UTC  

I don't know what sort of theme is acceptable anymore

2017-09-01 02:19:43 UTC  

@badtanman holy shit this whole server is filled with feds!

2017-09-01 02:19:46 UTC  

and there was photos of people hopping over fences

2017-09-01 02:19:46 UTC  

so many agents

2017-09-01 02:19:48 UTC  

i hear white guilt is still acceptable

2017-09-01 02:19:48 UTC  

That interview went relatively well

2017-09-01 02:19:52 UTC  

or are they Matrix agents

2017-09-01 02:19:59 UTC  

because I WILL change my pic to one of Neo

2017-09-01 02:19:59 UTC  

I remember going to a party that had a social justice theme

2017-09-01 02:20:04 UTC  

blink twice if they made you sit on the casting couch

2017-09-01 02:20:11 UTC  

Some chick was dressed as an 'MRA Teardrop'

2017-09-01 02:20:11 UTC  


2017-09-01 02:20:14 UTC  


2017-09-01 02:20:14 UTC  

tacos are great

2017-09-01 02:20:18 UTC  


2017-09-01 02:20:27 UTC  

I like tacos

2017-09-01 02:20:27 UTC  

dont' listen to tyrone he is a taco

2017-09-01 02:20:31 UTC  

but doesnt mean I need them here

2017-09-01 02:20:42 UTC  

shit isnt hard to make

2017-09-01 02:20:44 UTC  

Tyrone is just trying to fuck someone's wife.

2017-09-01 02:20:45 UTC  


2017-09-01 02:20:46 UTC  

Blink three times if you had pizza with no hair.

2017-09-01 02:20:46 UTC  

btw for our slow readers (badtanman) taco means vagina

2017-09-01 02:20:51 UTC  


2017-09-01 02:20:53 UTC  

You guys need Aussie themed parties, you can like .. drink actual beer and eat fairybread

2017-09-01 02:20:53 UTC  

I like those too

2017-09-01 02:21:01 UTC  

Rather than water and transfats

2017-09-01 02:21:07 UTC  

Should of did an aussie party and get drunk and fight things

2017-09-01 02:21:10 UTC  

punch nature and shit

2017-09-01 02:21:11 UTC  

das it mang

2017-09-01 02:21:13 UTC  

bruh our beer doesn't have trans fats