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two heads are better than one

What's the lowdown on Rhodesia?

From your perspective, rather not read wikicuckia

I've seen pieces



Thanks for the information, was enlightening

I've seen people talk about it a few times, but never really looked into it

I stopped watching TV about 2 years ago

So hipster

I watch some movies, but that's about it

Stop Race Mixing

Did Henry Ford write a book or just speeches?

Cool, I'll check it out

oh hi

I've talked to two people irl who were antifa and our now on our side

There are some good goys who are trying to put together a platform that is censorship free atm, market is def there

@AureiPueri Pretty interesting, he was at a book club

The other I met at a bar after someone overhead my rhetoric

Some people are just pissed off and they don't know why

So they join whatever seems to be against whatever they think is the cause of whatever pisses them off

Same, was a lib

Better have a big pencil

Yeah I do

It's ground up atm, but there is some solid interest being generated.

I'd like to see an alt-right communcations network for people who have business who want to hire our dudes

I've got lots of ideas, just need agency and money

If it's natural then why does it need to be constantly promoted? They don't have to promote hetereosexy time

white chocolate chip


If you are not fit or good looking you could always hide behind a really cool front/back plywood poster board setup

that's exactly what the hippies said


Better start getting contact information for people you want to associate with now

IRC is an option, but it's easy to attack

TOX is chat over tor?

Probably safter

>be altright
>get shoah'ed
>never pause shit posting


sven is that you/

Why is sammie in a neckbrace?

vdare had some spicy articles

they never name jews afaik

But it's going to turn basic bitch converatives over to our side

Even with the awful media narrative, and shoah's I feel like we are winning

We need a way to force the MSM to cover leftist violence

Yeah, it just never gets coverage

I agree, the luggenpress will still call us nazi but that's who we are trying to appeal to, it's the normies

and the normies know to hate nazi stuff

I'm guessing we should try to meme them into going after a Jefferson statue

or Washington

That might actually trigger boomers

yeah 😦

Good optics, not just a meme, but super important

People care more about looks than ideas

That statement made the hulk hogan song trigger in my brain

Altright dance flashmobs when?

@gusphase He's got a great case tbh

Even for normies I imagine they take the media with a grain of salt.

As long as they are not shit libs or senile

antifa/blm/anti-whites are anti-america

I'll wait to listen, it's my car podcast

just popped up in my feed reader

Weird Al, A jew?

Just wondering cause I really like Weird Al

but he looks jewish af

tfw I want to actually watch CNN

they have to play both sides now?

at least ffor a while

Man, that's the wrong move

Somone contact his family and tell them he's got a good case; his mom not his dad, his dad seems like a cuck


fucking thick plots

Apparently mormons are cucking out in general, at least the leadership

they release some statement about they disavow people who want "white culture"

Well I guess, the presidency didn't actual condemn it, just their PR department did

They keep pushing and pushing and pushing

Top notch mate

We need to get the left to fuck with Jefferson and Washington statues

Smart move

Just make some memes with their more racist quotes and spread on black twitter and antifa shit

We can get the left to eat themselves gentlemen. Let's work on that.

It's in English too ...

Broke: Trump fired Bannon for being too fashy
Woke: Trump fired Bannon for not being fashy enough

Don't gas my dreams :(

Trump's presidency has been a rollercoaster of different emotions for me

Muh gen x childhood, being cultural appropriated

Excuse me what the fuck are you doing right now.

I can do this

The Dick

I like how her eyebrows literally grow into her nose

well obv

if you can't tell she's a jew I don't know

black more like wack

I'm deleting that out of shame

I wouldn't

Fight me in applebees parking lot

right now

I'm here

that level of honesty

women? more like respect

I was talking to that ThatGuyT then I just started typing

Let's debate!

debate me in applebees parking lot

bring a pencil and paper, you gonna get schooled

On that note, why do niggers wear backpacks they don't even go to class

But every nigger I see is wearing a backpack almost

it's a solid username

maybe I'll make a black twitter account

for reasons

niggers probably halluncinate welfare checks and chicken

none of that cool squiggly shit

they do that sober

it doesn't apply but there's that

tfw I just started to listen to that and tab over here

are you in my computer

are you behind me?

Since i'm a contrarian I'm going to listen to the new TDS

Protonmail is fucked

Well it's sweden, honarary jews

I sent them something on twitter too

fuck em

Well if you notice MSM has been pushing civil war narrative, so that sort of tells you what your opinion on that sort of action should be.

Don't do it.

They want it.

Crowder would win


Well they are pushing it because they know we don't have support or the numbers.

and then poof less white people

Where can I get my george soros check

Shut up nigger.



Don't make me ship post, my ship posting is the best.

Yeah if someone made a list of numbers and times to call in I would definately have some fun.

Just pretend to be kind of dumb to get passed the screeners.

I think the best course of action we can currently take is recruiting more people as the alt-lite and conservative narratives collaspe, psyops msm/antifa, be nice goys and not break the law, focus on optics, don't worry too much about doxxing ( own it I guess ), avoid infighting never punch right, and push to get a larger platform.

Maybe Breitbart tv is the platform for us.

We also need money, lots of it

We need to totally infiltrate and subvert normie conservative groups and gain a platform in them, but the main goal would be conversion; not having a republican presenting group.

The cream rises to the top in a meritocracy.

@Archer His voice sounds like cocaine


Did machoman ever do any motivational speaking?

Would listen at gym or something

I'm going to bet it's a nog, and I'm going to bet we'll see more push for gun grabbing

"gun control" is a jewish term

Yup it's a nigger

They described gunman as black man in his late 50s. Patsy said he looked like "an ordinary grandpa, but he had a crazy look. It was very crazy."

Crazy looking nigger, average nigger.

Just glad it's not a white dude

oh right

I listened for 3 minutes and now I wanna die

Ask her who her favorite power ranger is

What does that mean

tfw never look at non-white porn/been with non-white girl

except japs

I've looked at japs 😄

for you


that works ^

@SwiFT I don't think he's that far off

I would imagine if that happens, there would be some non-domestic actors getting involved, pretty dumb move.

I'll launch nuclear fidget spinners

@erz1871 Is the MSM version of the interview posted yet? I've only heard it on his show

@erz1871 that girl looks like a fish

@Swiss I mean there is video, good luck charging him

Also that spic was hurt a little bit, that little nigger might of been right

Oh wait

That little nigger made it a point to look at the back of his head before he wacked it lol

from that last shot they showed

dindu nuffin tho

lol splc bought a spot on the mcgreggor fight

fucking jews






no it hasn't even startyed

mcgreggor is a little tired, but still mayweather is fucking frizzled haha

nigga he mad

he missed his chance to knock him out early which sucks

Irish not white


like round 5-6

he was gassed already

Yeah I don't know much about boxing

I just noticed he punched shitier

pretty much

He did alright, would of been cooler if he won

well if that lucky uppercut he landed earlier

would of rocked floyd harder then he followed up

aww well

ISome media pieces have started calling us white nationalist instead of Nazis and white supremacists

I tell people I'm for pet control ; spay and neuter those animals folks

There was a shooting in new mexico, any info on motive?

Happened today

Maybe he's the guy who made the cry baby male happa website

The union of the Nazi and the Samurai into one vessel

UNO you in Omaha?

No worries, maybe try criminal attorneys since it's a threat of violence? I'm not really sure though tbh.

why is a white guy holding him?

it's a trap

tattoos are degenerate

Protonmail shoah'ed people use something different

Good effort post though matie.

This is too much.

feels a little bad man

We can't base policy on outliers, all blacks have to be removed from white society.

Give them their own place.

Yeah, sucks but it's true.


It's the only way to prevent racial tension.

whoa you messed up my cool text

with your shit text

I'm just yanking your goat m8, it was a good whitepill

A lot of people in my IRL think that my white nationlism comes from a place of hatred, it doesn't I want our races to be seperate to there is no more racism and so that we can realize our full potential as a people. And so can "they".


I think most left-tits rely on the idea that some day we will be able to modify our genes to the point where race doesn't matter. But guess what? It's 100% better to plan for the near and present future. Mother fuckers in the 1950s thought we'd have mars colonies by now. Can't bet on the future.

That person was me

I normally hold my own in arguments, but sometimes I don't think argument is the way to approach norm mcdonalds

Greg Johnson: "Blacks can only receive welfare if they move to Africa"

Belligerent Ship: "Then after like 3 months we stop paying those niggers"

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