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2017-11-07 18:13:29 UTC  

its beautiful isn’t it

2017-11-07 18:13:38 UTC  

dumbass SJWs dont even realised we use them

2017-11-07 18:14:04 UTC  

a fucking pizza restaurant is now about to get for something they didn’t even do

2017-11-07 18:14:08 UTC  

but that doesnt matter

2017-11-07 18:17:53 UTC  

Papa bless

2017-11-07 18:20:59 UTC  

Dude, the media is in full blown nazi hysteria

2017-11-07 18:21:19 UTC  

For how many months now?

2017-11-07 18:22:12 UTC  

Since Trump got in

2017-11-07 18:23:20 UTC  

I would like to see how midterms turn out

2017-11-07 19:01:39 UTC  

This is fantastic. The Daily Stormer just needs to lash out and say "Google is the official search engine for the alt-right" and put up a picture of James Damore.

2017-11-07 19:13:55 UTC  


2017-11-07 19:13:59 UTC  

It probably is

2017-11-07 19:14:24 UTC  

Since Google is the official engine for a huge percentage of the internet

2017-11-07 19:15:18 UTC  

Yeah, that's the point. People need to realize that the alt-right are just people doing ordinary people stuff and there is not always a political edge to everything

2017-11-07 19:47:03 UTC  

Why would the AR want to associate itself with the pizza company that paid to be in the Ghostbusters reboot?

2017-11-07 19:47:23 UTC  


2017-11-07 19:50:10 UTC  

Clearly, the AR are..

2017-11-07 19:50:25 UTC  

(((((((((((((((((((((((((controlled opposition))))))))))))))))))))))

2017-11-07 19:51:35 UTC  

(((((((((((((🤦 ))))))))))))))

2017-11-07 22:03:36 UTC  

So after today's Philip Defranco Show, does the DailyStormer need to name themselves the #1 Taylor Swift fansite?

2017-11-07 22:04:48 UTC  

let me see it

2017-11-07 22:07:44 UTC  

ALCU says Taylor Swift has become an Alt-Right icon basically

2017-11-07 22:09:38 UTC  

I thought that was old news

2017-11-07 22:11:27 UTC  


2017-11-07 22:12:00 UTC  

Apparently it got brought to Phil's attention as articles about the ACLU's response cropped up

@Fulcrum010 The ball got rolling back in September apparently

2017-11-07 22:13:24 UTC  

i'm watching

2017-11-07 22:13:46 UTC  

apparently if you don't say nothing against it, you are a nazi

2017-11-07 22:14:21 UTC  

Duh Nazi

2017-11-07 22:14:32 UTC  

BTW I'm against Nazis

2017-11-07 22:14:40 UTC  

I'm virtuous

2017-11-07 22:14:44 UTC  

If you don't Virtue Signal, you're a Nazi

2017-11-07 22:15:06 UTC  

That sounds like something a Nazi would say

2017-11-07 22:15:09 UTC  

Sounds like a good reason to spread far and wide #IWouldn'tEvenRapeYou

2017-11-07 22:17:44 UTC  

i wouldn't even call you a nazi

2017-11-07 22:19:29 UTC  

I wouldn't even genocide you

2017-11-07 22:20:04 UTC  

i wouldnt even rape than genocide you

2017-11-07 22:20:12 UTC  

I wouldn't even be Mongolian

2017-11-07 22:26:50 UTC  


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