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also, he is defending racialized class war

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Well, that's the irony, right up there with his comments towards BLM about racial segregation

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This dude is a joke

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I seen one of his videos

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It was ridiculous

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It's a little surreal for me, since the last time he was a 'big deal' in any way was back when Bush was in power, and ol' Olbs here positioned as a modern day Edward R Murrow, trying to sound intelligent when most of his arguments boiled down to "bush iz hitlor"

Considering how little I heard from him in the eight years after that, I guess most on the left disposed of their useful idiot. I also think he did actually complain about some of the things Obama was doing, which I suppose didn't do much to help him either.

So, yeah, it's so weird to see him back again, seemingly doing the exact same schtick. It's like I'm stuck in a timewarp

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He is just a partisan hack

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Seems like a brain dead person to me

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Same difference

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Ah, but how do you *spell his name*?

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Anyone watch hard bastard? I'm Anglo him and Styx are the only way I keep up with colonial happenings

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what are everyones opinions on the 8values test. Personally, I think some of the questions are flawed.

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this is what I got btw

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Been a while since I've done it, but one of these was my most recent (can't remember which)

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An awfully strong belief in "tradition". It seems a lot of the tradition questions lay its eggs in the religious basket, which I guess is an acceptable way of portraying it, but not quite perfect.

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none of these things are perfect

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True. But it's an acceptable test nonetheless to get a general idea.

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I pretty much answered no to all the religious questions which gave me that. Lol.

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i got liberal

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I think this test should be more nuanced, for example, I am in favor of marijuana legalization, but for other drugs, such as meth, I view these differently.

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they should be viewed individually

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@meratrix Do you wish to elaborate on that stance?

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@Soyaman whats your postion

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marijuana is a naturally growing substance, meth requires manufacturing.

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But if this is the requrement tahn Morphine also should be legal

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I think it should still be regulated, like alcohol.

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So that isn't a problem with morphine because it is already regulated

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in what way

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should it be avalible for rec use?

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and regulated there