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Anyone watch hard bastard? I'm Anglo him and Styx are the only way I keep up with colonial happenings

Soooooo I noticed mogg has been saying some disturbing shit about censuring the internet because abuse on twitter to female MPs. Think I need a new rabbi could forgive the papist shit, by if he is just going to follow Theresa he isn't the answer to anything

It's madness. Not too long ago they were slagging off the Chinese for the Great Wall now all of a sudden they want that too basically and to look people up for typing words. I. Disgusted this won't end well not when even one knows someone who has been down for hate crime. Plus the copper moan they have resources then use what they have pursuing this instead of actual crime it doesn't look good to people

Fuck me spell check scared me over with that lol. Hopefully makes sense

Bottom half

So think Theresa will make it past the new year?

LOL thats amazingly blatent

"........for our beardlings"

My dudes real shit they are signing the uk up to the euro army on Monday despite brexit :p This is a betrayal of the country

Yeah farage trying to drum up support all the news is just talking about sexual harassment etc when we are being sold down the river

Nope will try track down this was from garages live show

Mother fuckers

This is a coup

Ever closer union and federal europe

This is disgusting

2018-01-05 22:39:32 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

2018-01-05 22:50:33 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Hello fellow humans i am not from the intellgence services

2018-01-05 22:52:26 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

its a pleasure

2018-01-05 22:53:37 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

lol whats up man

2018-01-05 22:54:08 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

well its the little pleasures in life that keep you going

2018-01-05 22:55:08 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

anything going on in here just saw Tims dankula vid and clicked the link

2018-01-05 22:55:45 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

cool cool

2018-01-05 22:56:45 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

anyone else waiting for JIMs next vid?

2018-01-05 22:58:00 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

show meme or get out

2018-01-05 22:58:37 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

hey tim big fan my dude

2018-01-05 22:58:58 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

kk i would set up a shitposting room for obvious reasons lol

2018-01-05 22:59:22 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

you have done a good job coach

2018-01-05 22:59:40 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  


2018-01-05 23:00:20 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

get that to jim stat

2018-01-05 23:01:10 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

same name

2018-01-05 23:01:53 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  

i popped its cheery

2018-01-05 23:04:59 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

thats why we keep having to send british troops over their every couple of decades

2018-01-05 23:06:40 UTC [Subverse #shitposting]  


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