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2017-04-20 23:51:50 UTC  

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2017-04-21 00:14:12 UTC  

Good work BH, thanks men. Today was good. The fire rises.

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2017-04-21 05:22:38 UTC  

Nice work gentlemen. The photos are great.

2017-04-21 05:36:43 UTC  

I can't believe an actual rabbi showed up

2017-04-21 05:46:07 UTC  

like flies to shit

2017-04-21 05:49:59 UTC  

"so that they could paint the picture that they are being attacked.” --(((Berenstein)))

2017-04-21 05:50:15 UTC  

Always projecting, schlomo

2017-04-21 06:12:49 UTC  

Thanks for the advice DatGoy

2017-04-21 21:38:45 UTC  

(((We're the victims!!))) the idiots responses are all predictable. We will come up with a play book on how to shut down their every assault. I learned a lot from the mission on how to do that.

2017-04-22 00:14:09 UTC  

@Uberhat didn't you do a crowdfunding attempt at purchasing Tiller OR? How successful was it?

2017-04-22 00:23:26 UTC  

Holy shit really?

2017-04-22 01:52:26 UTC  

search "university of oregon nazis" on faceberg

2017-04-22 01:52:33 UTC  

so much kvetching

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2017-04-22 02:35:08 UTC  

good operation chad and jimmy

2017-04-22 02:35:27 UTC  

seems like the majority of people viewing these photos think it's far more than two people involved

2017-04-22 02:48:43 UTC  

Thanks DG, I used my hologram to portray 6 gorillion Nazis on campus. High tech stuff. Project blue book. Area 52.

2017-04-22 04:11:23 UTC  

I like how only one person made the connection with the Lucky Lab on that Reddit thread

2017-04-22 04:12:40 UTC  

And Chad was basically the most prominent one in the video too.

2017-04-22 04:13:05 UTC  

Buncha dunderheads

2017-04-23 20:41:00 UTC  

Dat Goy and I just got through with a solid flyercaust at OSU. About 200 or more pieces put out.

2017-04-23 20:41:38 UTC  

Cucks were triggered immediately at our desire to "build a White community". Lol, good times.

2017-04-23 23:34:03 UTC  

>I'll give a steam game to whoever tears down the most of these

2017-04-23 23:35:45 UTC  

>Mokim Mohammad Elmoussaoui You are just as bad, that is he or her's right of expression

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2017-04-23 23:40:52 UTC  

@Australopithecus Jordan we've got plenty of white guys speaking up for this under their real names

2017-04-24 01:10:17 UTC  

>mixed race goy here. You all need to be mixed races because non mixed race is genetically inferior. Whites must die out. I am superior.
-cucks actually applaud a fat mixed race faggot with a nose ring claiming supremacy. Wow just wow.

2017-04-24 01:11:10 UTC  

But overall, Whites are winning the real debate. Hooray for Whites! "We're fucking awesome" -Spencer.

2017-04-24 01:12:22 UTC  

mainly the women

2017-04-24 01:14:14 UTC  

>Hsuan Chen It's Not the first case, no one get arrested or sued yet?

2017-04-24 01:14:21 UTC  

Jews of Asia at it again

2017-04-24 01:14:31 UTC  

They are so brainwashed after watching their "men" watch sports during every major holiday their entire lives. We did that to ourselves, now only an iron fist will bring them back in line.

2017-04-24 01:15:13 UTC  

>muh daddy is a lawyer. Sue them, arrest them. Such pathetic people.

2017-04-24 01:15:45 UTC  

holy shit, Joel Priest is 100% on board

2017-04-24 01:16:06 UTC  

>Ok. Imma check outta this because I really don't give AF. But "diversity" is literally white genocide. It's actually mass genocide.