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He tends to be the dissonant kind but i think deep down he gets it. More of a privileged background but real good guy and my pal lol

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Actually jk I did come from a lolbertarian background too.

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Yea I honestly never got a handle on Libertarianism until I fell back into being full-fledged Nazi again. Pretty much always been this way, in one fashion or another

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Too much of a want for Law and Order to be Lolbertarian

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I was honestly more siegepilled as a libertarian than during the election

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Rip me

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Back in highschool a guy named Dale Craft gave me a pamphlet on Libertarianism and I was sold up until 2010 lol

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I was given World Church of Creativity material at 16 lol

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Some of yall may even know him. He tried to stay relevant til the end of the election.

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Military/Conservative/sorta Libertarian Dad and a Socialist, anti-Israel gramps... In some weird way that threw me in a meat-grinder and what came out was a NatSoc lol the material just pushed me in the specific direction

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Ron Paul was unironically the first redpill for me

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Exposing the (((Fed)))

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Bernanke was the first person that made me real (((they))) are always behind it

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A report by an independent commission on cville came out and said that the virginia state police pushed us in to the counter protesters

2017-12-02 09:00:55 UTC  

" Lieutenant Hatter described the dispersal of Emancipation Park on August 12 as the “most messed up thing I ever saw.” Hatter noted that the Alt-Right demonstrators were screaming at the VSP and CPD officers as the mobile field force pushed from the rear of Emancipation Park, commenting that “you are pushing us right into the crowd.” Hatter agreed with this assessment, noting that the effort was “causing confrontations and pushing [the Alt-Right] right into their enemies.” Lieutenant Mooney similarly told us that several of the Alt-Right demonstrators complained to him that the dispersal order “is pushing us right into our enemies.”"
" As the VSP field force pushed the crowd south onto Market Street, it forced the demonstrators into the angry crowd of counter-protesters.

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I heard this on national new on the radio as I was heading to the store.

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The rock at UT Campus

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Prepare for an onslaught of damage control in the face of their humiliation. Things are gona get bad.

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In just a few hours, the Alabama TradGoyim are going to make Tim Wise and pals kvetch. Stay tuned

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Nice work @tom_p

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That rock looks much better now

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John mosby is a man among men.

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^ Troof

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I have a #BasedLesbian that believes in White Genocide that wants to join.

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Only if she gets the turkey baster as a requisite

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so you be sayin' we accept baste lesbians?

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TWP needs some #Diversity

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What, more Irish?

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TWP so white