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2019-08-26 03:36:27 UTC  

bruh you know how modern age law is

2019-08-26 03:36:38 UTC  

morality and reason are not a concept in those halls

2019-08-26 03:36:55 UTC

2019-08-26 03:37:21 UTC  

but man

2019-08-26 03:37:24 UTC  

i am seriously fucking

2019-08-26 03:37:29 UTC  

i'm just taken aback

2019-08-26 03:37:48 UTC  

he was raised catholic, though he's going through his "agnostic" phase right now

2019-08-26 03:38:18 UTC  

the worst part is how he is trying to make a case for it

2019-08-26 03:38:54 UTC  

he's like "uhhh not EVERY satanist likes to sacrifice children or be evil!!!! some of them have *morality~~* and stuff!!"

2019-08-26 03:39:18 UTC  

and he's here convinced he's einstein 2 for saying that shit

2019-08-26 03:41:22 UTC

2019-08-26 03:41:41 UTC  

he ain't even a teenager he's 18

2019-08-26 03:42:11 UTC  

18 is still a teenager

2019-08-26 03:42:22 UTC  

Also, it do be like that

2019-08-26 03:45:05 UTC  

i just ratted him out to my dad

2019-08-26 03:45:25 UTC

2019-08-26 03:45:35 UTC  

i should've fucking beat the shit out of him when he first showed signs of liberalism

2019-08-26 03:45:57 UTC  

Pray for him negro

2019-08-26 03:45:58 UTC  

but i was trying to be patient with him since i went through a blasphemous phase myself and ended up seeing the truth

2019-08-26 03:47:23 UTC  

I'd beat my own ass if I met my younger self

2019-08-26 03:47:30 UTC  

me too tbh

2019-08-26 03:47:32 UTC  

probably same

2019-08-26 03:47:38 UTC  

i'd kill myself on accident

2019-08-26 03:47:43 UTC  

idk if I could beat up younger me though

2019-08-26 03:49:58 UTC  

i want to bash his fucking head in

2019-08-26 03:50:15 UTC  

i was doing so well i haven't punched anyone in years now

2019-08-26 03:51:26 UTC  

Go pray

2019-08-26 03:51:37 UTC  

also @ElPacho are you confiremed

2019-08-26 03:51:55 UTC  

i am confirmed

2019-08-26 03:52:05 UTC  

though i got confirmed in my edgy phase

2019-08-26 03:52:10 UTC  

hope it still counts

2019-08-26 03:52:16 UTC  

he got confirmed too

2019-08-26 03:52:42 UTC  

Did you mean your confirmation vows when you said them

2019-08-26 03:58:33 UTC  

to be completely honest, i cannot say

2019-08-26 03:58:37 UTC  

i'm inclining "no"

2019-08-26 03:58:51 UTC  

but if i did that today, i would have not an ounce of doubt in my mind

2019-08-26 03:59:04 UTC  

i feel so bad, looking back

2019-08-26 03:59:04 UTC  

@MawLr what do you think

2019-08-26 03:59:10 UTC  

how i did not take seriously so many things

2019-08-26 03:59:19 UTC  

i feel like it's my fault somehow

2019-08-26 03:59:30 UTC  

that he became what he is today