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2019-05-20 06:36:40 UTC [Legio Christi Hangout #general]  
2019-05-20 08:25:52 UTC [Legio Christi Hangout #general]  

Not that people listen

2019-05-20 08:28:16 UTC [Legio Christi Hangout #general]  

I'm sure everyone will try their best to behave

2019-05-20 08:29:22 UTC [Legio Christi Hangout #general]  

When you say things like that you're just tempting fate my friend

2019-05-20 08:31:15 UTC [Legio Christi Hangout #general]  

We can still be degenerates in <#452069937305878530> though right?

2019-05-20 09:48:36 UTC [Legio Christi Hangout #art]  

@Mozalbete โณฉ how are you so talented

2019-05-20 10:08:03 UTC [Legio Christi Hangout #general]  

26 ain't even bad though

2019-05-20 10:11:27 UTC [Legio Christi Hangout #general]  

English ones maybe

2019-05-20 10:12:11 UTC [Legio Christi Hangout #general]  

Anglo is more of a race thing, so that would include aussie anglos

2019-05-20 10:12:29 UTC [Legio Christi Hangout #general]  

And they would probably agree that 26 is peachy

2019-05-20 10:14:32 UTC [Legio Christi Hangout #general]  

I guess it can also just mean English speaking?


2019-05-20 10:14:36 UTC [Legio Christi Hangout #general]  


2019-05-20 10:17:08 UTC [Legio Christi Hangout #general]  

Of course, although I get called a filthy anglo by the Russians so I guess it depends on culture as well.

2019-05-20 10:20:24 UTC [Legio Christi Hangout #general]  

Are you asking about me?

2019-05-20 10:22:28 UTC [Legio Christi Hangout #general]  

Y'know what, that's fair.

2019-05-20 10:27:58 UTC [Legio Christi Hangout #general]  

US Jewish population though

2019-05-20 10:28:00 UTC [Legio Christi Hangout #general]  


2019-05-20 10:29:06 UTC [Legio Christi Hangout #art]  

Have you ever done any PC drawing? Like with a drawing tablet and such?

2019-05-20 10:29:48 UTC [Legio Christi Hangout #general]  

Nearly 6 million, Hitler 2nd coming?

2019-05-20 10:30:53 UTC [Legio Christi Hangout #filthpit]  

This concerns me greatly.

2019-05-20 10:31:25 UTC [Legio Christi Hangout #filthpit]  

Tbh, nuns nowadays are an incredible insult.

2019-05-20 10:31:43 UTC [Legio Christi Hangout #filthpit]  

>boomer nuns

2019-05-20 10:35:05 UTC [Legio Christi Hangout #filthpit]  

I agree, it just makes me sad to see them reduced to essentially boomer cat ladies who happen to be Catholic.

2019-05-20 10:39:41 UTC [Legio Christi Hangout #filthpit]  

It wouldn't have been there long that's for sure

2019-05-20 10:40:23 UTC [Legio Christi Hangout #filthpit]  

Tbh, if you're on PC make it a spoiler if you're sending stuff like that.

2019-05-20 10:40:38 UTC [Legio Christi Hangout #filthpit]  

It's borderline delet even for this channel

2019-05-20 10:51:28 UTC [Legio Christi Hangout #general]  

Is this ethnic Jews? Or religious Jews?

2019-05-20 10:54:30 UTC [Legio Christi Hangout #general]  

Because if it's ethnic it makes no sense, but if it is religious it does. Jews are becoming atheists in droves just like the rest of us.

2019-05-20 11:00:44 UTC [Legio Christi Hangout #general]  

Yeah, i guess you're right on that.

2019-05-20 15:45:55 UTC [Legio Christi Hangout #art]  

Im considering getting a drawing tablet because it's more similar to painting actually. Much less set in stone than pencil. I love to create art but I struggle because I try to make it perfect.

I really want to get back into painting though. I painted something about 3 months back, first time painting in like 10 years? Nothing ever feels quite like that feeling.

Or maybe I'm a weirdo, idk.

2019-05-20 15:51:24 UTC [Legio Christi Hangout #art]  

I don't have a lot, most of my art got lost back in the day. My recent stuff has been rushed and mostly in pencil. Which really isn't my medium

2019-05-20 15:52:52 UTC [Legio Christi Hangout #art]  

When I make something I'm proud of that isn't an edit I'll show you though

Nah, pastels always fucked me up.

I'm good with hard lines or paint, that's about it. Pretty good at lino carving.

2019-05-20 15:53:16 UTC [Legio Christi Hangout #art]  

I think I might have a photo of a drawing somewhere hold up

2019-05-20 15:58:19 UTC [Legio Christi Hangout #art]  

Nope, I can't find anything. But if I do I'll @you

2019-05-20 16:00:52 UTC [Legio Christi Hangout #general]  

Is Poland just woke as shit? I mean, they voted to not ban abortion which was sad but... take what you can get I guess.

2019-05-20 16:09:57 UTC [Legio Christi Hangout #art]  

Oh? I've been using a moldable eraser. They don't rip the paper up. But go on

2019-05-20 16:12:14 UTC [Legio Christi Hangout #art]  

Seems like it would rip the paper up but I guess not

2019-05-20 16:12:20 UTC [Legio Christi Hangout #art]  

Definitely an interesting idea

2019-05-20 16:17:12 UTC [Legio Christi Hangout #art]  

If I ever get into hardcore drawing I'll check it out. But really my medium is paint.

2019-05-20 16:20:41 UTC [Legio Christi Hangout #art]  

Seems like it would be good though, erasing small areas was a big problem.

@LuxCo what am I looking at

2019-05-20 17:44:05 UTC [Legio Christi Hangout #filthpit]  

The earth is flat and the sun revolves around us #flatearthgeocentricganggang

It's strangely worded for sure

@Based Chav I'll talk to the other admins about it. Seems kind of fucky to implement but I'm sure it wouldn't be a bad idea for the regular members.

You can make it an irrelevant role pretty easy, but it's kinda just a pain. You can always ask people if they are or aren't confirmed

Changing anything in a discord server to do with roles is a massive fuck around

It can have literally no permissons and the other roles a person has will override it.

Like, it would actually be simple as. But I'm kinda lazy and don't see it as all that much of a benefit.

Just remember who isn't confirmed, memory is a thing.

Look, I'll talk to Daniil. I make no promises though.


They gotta learn somehow ๐Ÿ˜

It's not like Mozal goes easy on the new recruits either. He's just an angry spanish man.

Yes, so wholesome.

I googled cute babies and got this.


Wholesome white babies

Baby fever is a thing, trust me.


Side note, do men get it or just women?

From personal experience I can tell you it's like being in a constant state of arousal. But babies. Baby on the brain. Can't sate it.

I think he just means that it's not like being broody

2019-05-20 18:57:29 UTC [Legio Christi Hangout #general]  

thanks democracy



2019-05-20 19:13:41 UTC [Legio Christi Hangout #filthpit]  

Earth sits on the back of a velociraptor gang? @Skeez

2019-05-20 19:15:39 UTC [Legio Christi Hangout #tech-support]  

You need a phone with an infrared attachment for that though. Unless it's a smart TV connected to the safe wifi source. @Mozalbete โณฉ

2019-05-20 19:15:57 UTC [Legio Christi Hangout #tech-support]  

Does is have a menu button or source button on the side?

2019-05-20 19:17:52 UTC [Legio Christi Hangout #tech-support]  

Do any of the buttons do anything?

@MawLr ๐Ÿ…ฑ๏ธerhaps

2019-05-20 19:20:25 UTC [Legio Christi Hangout #tech-support]  

I know it should hard reset if you unplug it for more than 15 minutes.

2019-05-20 19:20:52 UTC [Legio Christi Hangout #tech-support]  

According to my quick google search

2019-05-20 19:23:30 UTC [Legio Christi Hangout #tech-support]  

If it doesn't detect it, unplug the tv for like half an hour and then try again.

2019-05-20 19:23:50 UTC [Legio Christi Hangout #tech-support]  

And try see if you can tell what the buttons are

2019-05-20 19:24:00 UTC [Legio Christi Hangout #tech-support]  

You can normally navigate pretty well with just those

2019-05-20 19:27:45 UTC [Legio Christi Hangout #tech-support]  

Just try doing a hard reset by unplugging it for at least 15 minutes straight.

2019-05-20 19:28:24 UTC [Legio Christi Hangout #tech-support]  

There is a reason why tech support is known for telling people to turn shit off and on again. It just works :p

2019-05-20 19:37:14 UTC [Legio Christi Hangout #filthpit]  

Of our universe yes

2019-05-20 19:38:08 UTC [Legio Christi Hangout #filthpit]  

This nibba really gettin sad over video game graves and linking vsauce videos

2019-05-20 19:38:13 UTC [Legio Christi Hangout #filthpit]  


2019-05-20 19:40:34 UTC [Legio Christi Hangout #general]  

Im not sure on our rules about that but you stated Orthodox.

2019-05-20 19:40:43 UTC [Legio Christi Hangout #general]  

Which is why you were put in there.

2019-05-20 19:45:16 UTC [Legio Christi Hangout #general]  


2019-05-20 19:46:46 UTC [Legio Christi Hangout #general]  

@Ironclad do you have a favorite flavor of monster? <:30yroldboomer:559771742504091648>

2019-05-20 19:48:17 UTC [Legio Christi Hangout #general]  

Apparently he left discord all together

2019-05-20 19:48:46 UTC [Legio Christi Hangout #general]  

Try convince him to come back

2019-05-20 19:49:34 UTC [Legio Christi Hangout #general]  

I suppose

2019-05-20 19:49:58 UTC [Legio Christi Hangout #general]  

I promise to be on my best behavior btw Mozal :3

2019-05-20 19:52:32 UTC [Legio Christi Hangout #general]  

@Ironclad check your dms

2019-05-20 21:03:52 UTC [Legio Christi Hangout #general]  

Oh no, someone is gonna get locked in the pit

2019-05-20 21:20:20 UTC [Legio Christi Hangout #filthpit]  

Fake breasts are an unforgivable sin against God.

2019-05-20 21:21:21 UTC [Legio Christi Hangout #general]  

I thought that said "Poles are the best slaves"

2019-05-20 21:25:10 UTC [Legio Christi Hangout #general]  

Bruh, imagine not being able to control your woman

2019-05-20 21:25:57 UTC [Legio Christi Hangout #general]  


2019-05-20 21:27:10 UTC [Legio Christi Hangout #general]  

Tbh, beat it out of her.

2019-05-20 21:27:32 UTC [Legio Christi Hangout #general]  

Actually, that might be what she wants

2019-05-20 21:27:59 UTC [Legio Christi Hangout #general]  


2019-05-20 21:29:44 UTC [Legio Christi Hangout #general]  


2019-05-20 21:29:49 UTC [Legio Christi Hangout #general]  

It's goals tbh

2019-05-20 21:30:33 UTC [Legio Christi Hangout #general]  

Eastern Europe, no matter how badly portrayed it is in western media. Really is a inspiration.

2019-05-20 21:31:27 UTC [Legio Christi Hangout #general]  

Of course, they had their communist bullshit already.

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