Message from JTThrasher (TWP-Lynchburg, Va.) in tradworker #tradworker

2017-04-26 22:32:10 UTC  
2017-04-26 22:32:18 UTC  

We're gonna be damned close to Hatfield & McCoy territory

2017-04-26 22:35:39 UTC  

@Illegal Aryan what time are you getting in? I think I land around 10am... if you want to caravan

2017-04-26 22:40:54 UTC  

I arrive at Lexington, do you?

2017-04-26 22:44:11 UTC  

@Illegal Aryan oh nope. I'm coming in to W.V

2017-04-26 22:44:29 UTC  

2 hr drive for me too, just assumed

2017-04-26 22:44:37 UTC  


2017-04-26 22:47:20 UTC  

Damn you all getting there a day early

2017-04-26 22:47:56 UTC  

No, I fly out tomorrow night, arrive Fri morning, 2 flights & a 2 hr drive...

2017-04-26 22:48:20 UTC  


2017-04-26 22:49:00 UTC  

It will be a long haul that's for sure.

2017-04-26 22:54:12 UTC  

same here, stop in ORD

2017-04-26 23:09:29 UTC  

With how hard these stickers are to get off I guess rawling wants to sponsor trad worker

2017-04-27 00:16:57 UTC  

Hey, boys. What's the word on Pikeville?

2017-04-27 00:17:18 UTC  

didja get the email?

2017-04-27 00:19:36 UTC  

Fuck No! I don't get shit.

2017-04-27 00:20:07 UTC  

All I get are Twitter notifications

2017-04-27 00:20:09 UTC  

If you have purchased your ticket, you should have gotten email.

2017-04-27 00:21:50 UTC  

I didn't purchase a ticket because I'm not very comfortable divulging such personal identifiable information to an unknown entity. I already spoke with Mr. Heimbach and he said it was alright if I paid in cash when I arrived. He's obviously busy and isn't answering text messages.

2017-04-27 00:45:57 UTC  

skirner and I will be arriving at the conference location around 6. Will be easier than doing the caravan in.

2017-04-27 00:46:48 UTC  

Figure it is a 5 hr drive

2017-04-27 01:31:58 UTC  

Where my Nazi's at?

2017-04-27 01:33:24 UTC  

Barely awake

2017-04-27 01:33:48 UTC  

Why so sleepy?

2017-04-27 01:34:15 UTC  

DId the beaners runyou too hard today?

2017-04-27 01:35:46 UTC  

It's because the sun is evil. Especially when welding in an attic on a hot day.

2017-04-27 01:36:38 UTC  

Tsktsk. We are children of the sun. But yeah, that would suck.

2017-04-27 01:37:30 UTC  

Can we leave at 1130?

2017-04-27 01:37:45 UTC  

Instead of noon

2017-04-27 01:39:18 UTC  

Sure. All about punctuality.

2017-04-27 01:40:35 UTC  

Cool. You have a sleeping bag and some shorts for the camping?

2017-04-27 01:41:32 UTC  

I am bringing a couple of changes of clothes because it is going to be 90

2017-04-27 01:42:46 UTC  

Is anyone camping over Sat night too?

2017-04-27 01:46:13 UTC  

Yep. Got my hiking shit together.

2017-04-27 01:52:15 UTC  

bring lots of water. I don't want you turning into a potato chip, salty.

2017-04-27 02:17:06 UTC  

I'm thinking about still going to pikeville but I'm weary about camping is there any goy I can pay to crash on the floor of your hotel room

2017-04-27 02:17:46 UTC  

My friends are all camping

2017-04-27 02:19:53 UTC  

The ones who I'm riding with I mean

2017-04-27 03:05:20 UTC  

@Jason Augustus Is this shirt too edgy for the event?

2017-04-27 03:06:16 UTC  

That's nice

2017-04-27 03:14:06 UTC  

It's low key, but according to the rules no overly edgy shit, so I want to make sure that I can wear this.