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Hey guys anyone here know the name of the main street we went down when we got stampeded by the leftists?

I'm trying to find the exact location that I got sucker punched

Oi kris

I'm trying to find it but it looks like it could be one of two main roads

There's an update to what he was wearing, parrot... He was in a black tank top and khaki shorts. They were like medium to dark khaki

Found it

I haven't set up one, not sure how

Im still planning on making pikeville. Just may have my jaws wired the whole time lol


Who else got hurt? Is he ok?

-thanks goy. I wish I could have seen the punch coming so I could have braced myself

I just want to say I truly appreciate all the support from everyone!

I got sucker punched by some race traitor football player or boxer and got a broken jaw, nose and had to get stitches on my eyebrow

He needed to show his pet niggers how cool he was with Jamal fucking his little sister

I tried to stick with y'all but we got seperated by these commies stampeding us

Couldn't find y'all again after either

There were about 500+ of them stampeding us

Just updated the police report, they are gonna look at the camera... I've been talking to some other groups such as American vanguard and they wanna help as well

I tried to stick with heimbach

I'm in a lot of pain but I'll make it. Gotta get my jaws wired on Monday

Really hungry but I can only drink liquids

You can see where my jaw broke

No sheeeit lol... little late though for that. What sucks is I planned on getting one

I will never go without a shield and a large group again

My wpww shirt triggered them


I'd laugh aloud but it hurts too bad lol

Love those shields. Was Jason there?

What happened to you tomw

Hey kris

Instagram banned me so that's why you haven't seen me lately there lol

Thanks goy

I've literally been ip banned from Facebook, instagram and twitter and have to use a vpn on all of them now

I just filed a police report with the sarge from auburn and he's gonna look at the footage from the pharmacy

Someone from American vanguard called the pharm and they said they dis

But the cop said they may not be able to identify him as they bussed in commies from Atlanta. This was no antifa it was a student athelete with no racial pride

Exactly what I said

I've been beaten by them before as well.

Who's podcast is that

What happened to the daily traditionalist

We don't get the commie attacks in Tennessee so I wasn't used to it

I'm gonna get off here and try to drink some soup. Thanks for all your support once again

Hey guys my buddy confirmed this is most likely the guy for sure... he's a auburn niggerball player

The pic with all the monkeys looks like he's about to get fucked by them

Needs a brazzers logo at the bottom of the pic

He has motive for sure

He loves his little pets

He sucker punched me

From behind while I was distracted

My friend says he's 70% percent sure this is him and that's a conservative estimate on his behalf he says

Never seen him before til then. I'm from Chattanooga...he definitely played the hothead role for sure though

Need someone to maybe message him and be like good job beating up that nazi fuck last nite!

I'm ip banned from facebook

Matt you still in here?

Trying to figure out what to do... the sergeant just called me 20 min ago and told me if I were to make a report of this magnitude I would have to come back to auburn

Such bullshit

"He'll be lucky to make it off campus"

Wonder why this race traitor sucker punched me


It really was


He said if it were white it would be one thing...

But it's not... they pick the biggest most criminal niggers to play sportsball

Lol... I fucked up and was just about to get a mouth guard on Monday... i said fuck it it's auburn... what could go wrong


It just made me a little more handsome is all

I'm not sure as the doc said he couldn't say as he wasn't a dentist

I'm just gonna get em pulled

Fuck it

Cheaper right?

I know all about that pain... it's almost worse than a broken jaw

Use apple cider vinegar matt


It takes the pain away immediately

It's gotta have the mother in it to work

lol I would put goody powders on my tooth when it hurt like fuck

Ever done that?

I had that throbbing pain that you would get after you wake up and your mouth would be dry

That stuff stopped working for me

I used rx lidocaine for cuts on my teeth when it got real bad

Damn. Never had one that bad


I've got one tooth that's broken off at the jaw... the root is still there

Where do can I find these podcasts hunter?

Where can*

Just woke up from sleeping 10 hours.... slept my pain meds off and I fucking feel it

My mouth is still bleeding

No dental insurance

I do

Thanks man. Parrot told me I should wait and he said he would try to get it set up

I appreciate you goys

Thanks man

Well it's my jaw

You can see where it broke

That's where it's bleeding

Do I still need to go back

What do you think

It had to be with a weapon


I'm trying to figure out how I can keep this eye from swelling shut again

I just took a nice warm shower and it feels a little better

Maybe petroleum jelly?

How old are ya

I'm 30


Check out my shirt that just came in the mail

They send out a comic book stickers and cards

With every purchase

Some sportsball player from auburn did it

I appreciate all the support from you Goyim

You guys have kept my spirits up for sure

So I've been pondering joining twp for awhile now... what's it cost me

Thanks tom

I firmly believe in naming the kike no matter how unpopular it will make tou

Richard had a good speech but if you don't name the Jew what's the point!?

You can see me in the video that's about 10 min before I got fucked ip

Is anyone in touch with parrot?

We were talking yesterday on dm and I haven't heard from him in about 17 hours...

Ok cool I was just worried cuz I've been asking him for advice and he never responded


Thanks wveryone

I did

I think my boss is pissed but hell get over it once he sees me lol

I work in a factory that manufactures titanium bicycles

4000-7000 dollar bike frames

A local biz

The owner is a trump supporter

We get along great, he hates the Mexicans that work for him too.. he stares them down like he wants to kill them

Damn son, how dangeeous

I will never let my 2 children associate with nigger kids


Be safe son


That's hilarious


I put decals on and other small parts

Hell yeH I had a trek too


how did i miss heimbach on fucking chelsey handler? lol

I have no degree and make more money than my waifu does with her 4 year degree

She's 3d

Y'all wish me luck Im going back to work today

It hurt just as bad but it's not bleeding anymore

Thanks for asking.

It's weird. It looks like my other eye is black too

I'm kinda worried because my time card is gone and my boss doesn't get here Til 7am...

Based marh


Well I've still got my job lol

I'm planning on camping

Got a couple tents if anyone needs one

Y'all think they are gonna be up at pikeville?

We can bring our firearms yea?


In response to jer szaks post from antifa on The 19th that is lol


Got a link?

If twp set it up most likely


Im zach

they are waiting to see how much my surgery is going to be before they set one up. I go on Monday and hopefully it's not too much

Thanks for that man. I appreciate your kindness. Ryan needs it too for sur

Two of us were attacked on tuesday

So I didn't see the answer to this but can we bring our guns?

I still can't get over how funny it is that this greasy hipster cunt is on the mainstream jews( I mean news) asking for 80,000 to start her life over again because she got a love tap from hero Nathan damigo... did she really think her dad wouldn't find out about her hairy asshole sooner or later?

Hey parrot, can we bring our guns


I don't see why they wouldn't let us if we are on private land

I hope the nsm added twps name to the sign up sheet

When I sent mine off it just listed nsm and nationalist alliance

For sure

Hey bud

What part of tennessee

I'm in chattanooga

Hahaha I used to bring my 45 in the shower with me

That's where it would happen knowning my luck

I used to live in Murfreesboro jr

No I didn't know they're were any there

That's good to know cuz we have only a handful in chattanooga

You won't know until you try to purchase

I know you goy it's zach

That's strange

Oh my bad... I'm on these pain meds and out of it

Disregard huwhat I said then... lol

We need to start a meet up for all Tennessee goys

I've been ip banned on Facebook twitter and instagram

The only way around it is a vpn

Masons are 100% jew

Pushing baphomet the tranny god

Lots of high level jews In the confederacy

Giving orders

Of course they weren't doing any work

I don't think a lot of them really realize the extent the jews hands are in freemasonry

So I'm about to head down to auburn to file a proper police report

For sure

Shaved my beard off and not it really shows

Kek willint


A member of vanguard America is helping get down to auburn to file the police report in person. We want to be 100% sure who did it. My buddy says he's 70% sure it was griffin king and he also says this is a conservative estimate

Helping me*

I can't drive ATM since I cannot see out of my left eye

I would like to get some twp propaganda if possible.. I can mail a money order since the link is down

@parrott would that be an option?

Kent state lololol

Make Kent state cops great again


Nixon was a helluva president... was wise to the Jew and was open about it. That's why they had to frame him

Oy gevalt

It's not Zionist lies it's Jew lies

Zionists are shit don't get me wrong but it's the fucking Jews period.

Thanks jt

I'll be there rain or shine

My jaws will be wired shut and I'm gonna be eating jello lol but I'm still gonna go

Soylent green? Lol

Really? I typically don't ingest any soy as it has estrogen in it

If it's tasty I would try it

My wife made pot roast for my family and the guy from vanguard America who is taking me to auburn tomorrow morning and I literally put it in a blender and drank it

That sounds good actualy

It's my first day eating any meat in 5 days


I might as well go veg for the month I'll be wired up

Lol maybe fam. I'm worried about how I will sound after the wiring. I'm supposed to go on paranornies podcast next week too


So why isn't DS hosting the daily traditionalist anymore?

I think taking any religious stance on the DS is pandering

The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you

Referring to the antifa post

My boss is an Austrian painter

Hey goyim, one of the heads from American vanguard America is helping take me down to auburn as we speak to file a proper police report so we can get this fucking piece of shit kicked off his sports team and college and so we can press charges

Hell yea thanks guys

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