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Gentlemen. Good evening.

I am the current Senior Commanding Officer for the American Vanguard.

Just wanted to stop by and say hello.

Because we're a melting pot, goyim!

Oy vey, you filthy racisy.

Dude, you ordered a plate of plane French fries.

Like the waiter was so confused and his IQ seemed to only be about 80 or so.

But French fries are french...


Fucking Steak N Shake

No no.

I just prefer Whataburger.

Or In N Out

Fug :D

They eat fish and nasty shit.

Never had it. I've had elk and buffalo

Fucking sexy

Pineapple is the shit.

Kangaroo is good to.

Yeah...I know.

I haven't read it yet either.

I like hard copies, but the cheapest one I saw was like 180 dollars.

Manson was a crazy dude, but the shit he said was fucking on point.

Also, I forgot to mention, the boots I'm wearing have little swastikas on them.

What is up?

I didn't know paradise was so forsakenly cold.

Hey have some really hot aryans there too.

Excuse me, I'm a honky. I take offence to the word cracker.

I am the leader of AV

His ass is grass.

Fuck off Parrott, you just started reading it yesterday

Just gotta make copies.

Hey boys, gunna spend some "quality" time with the wife.

I'll be back in a little bit.

Don't block fucking traffic

It is a conservative talk radio show.

I'll be on the air for roughly half a hour.

Don't we all.

I've got my long range acoustic device. It's called 12 gauge.

Thank you Mr. Heimbach

Trying to find a gun range that isn't closed.

Cool, nerd stuff.

Yeah, nerd shit.

I live in Scottsburg.

Paoli is about an hour and a half I would say.

Madison is an hour or so.

I'm 30 minutes.

Fucking nothing.

A walmart.

And some shitty restaurants.

Yeah, it's not bad.

The problem is Indiana is long as fuck.


Ohhhhh neat

On the Ohio?

If you go there, you and I could meet up for drinks.

Oh, I will.

Guns are my passion.

No problem

Where are you now?

You're only an hour away

Whose that?

Oh no shit.

You need money?

Well, I've got a truck, I can rent a trailer and help you move. No charge.

Just let me know when and where.

Okay, I'll throw you some money

I gave you muneez

That's my real name too, so be cool FBI.


What one?

I'm not following.

No, that's not me.



Well I needed it for the credit card.

Yeah, who the fuck would do that? What a double bag.


Schlomo sounds like a very trustworthy name.



What's that?

I do like coffee.


This is fucking psyops to the fucking max.

Lol I told you.

What does that mean?


Fuck um.

Also, I didn't see anything on the park website that doesn't allow firearms.

Good, I definitely will carry. I'm pretty sure Kentucky has constitutional open carry as well.

I'll have my kimber.

Watcha got?

I am


It is rather dehumanizing

515 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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