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Gentlemen. Good evening.

I am the current Senior Commanding Officer for the American Vanguard.

Just wanted to stop by and say hello.

Because we're a melting pot, goyim!

Oy vey, you filthy racisy.

Dude, you ordered a plate of plane French fries.

Like the waiter was so confused and his IQ seemed to only be about 80 or so.

But French fries are french...


Fucking Steak N Shake

No no.

I just prefer Whataburger.

Or In N Out

Fug :D

They eat fish and nasty shit.

Never had it. I've had elk and buffalo

Fucking sexy

Pineapple is the shit.

Kangaroo is good to.

Yeah...I know.

I haven't read it yet either.

I like hard copies, but the cheapest one I saw was like 180 dollars.

Manson was a crazy dude, but the shit he said was fucking on point.

Also, I forgot to mention, the boots I'm wearing have little swastikas on them.

What is up?

I didn't know paradise was so forsakenly cold.

Hey have some really hot aryans there too.

Excuse me, I'm a honky. I take offence to the word cracker.

I am the leader of AV

His ass is grass.

Fuck off Parrott, you just started reading it yesterday

Just gotta make copies.

Hey boys, gunna spend some "quality" time with the wife.

I'll be back in a little bit.

Don't block fucking traffic

It is a conservative talk radio show.

I'll be on the air for roughly half a hour.

Don't we all.

I've got my long range acoustic device. It's called 12 gauge.

Thank you Mr. Heimbach

Trying to find a gun range that isn't closed.

Cool, nerd stuff.

Yeah, nerd shit.

I live in Scottsburg.

Paoli is about an hour and a half I would say.

Madison is an hour or so.

I'm 30 minutes.

Fucking nothing.

A walmart.

And some shitty restaurants.

Yeah, it's not bad.

The problem is Indiana is long as fuck.


Ohhhhh neat

On the Ohio?

If you go there, you and I could meet up for drinks.

Oh, I will.

Guns are my passion.

No problem

Where are you now?

You're only an hour away

Whose that?

Oh no shit.

You need money?

Well, I've got a truck, I can rent a trailer and help you move. No charge.

Just let me know when and where.

Okay, I'll throw you some money

I gave you muneez

That's my real name too, so be cool FBI.


What one?

I'm not following.

No, that's not me.



Well I needed it for the credit card.

Yeah, who the fuck would do that? What a double bag.


Schlomo sounds like a very trustworthy name.



What's that?

I do like coffee.


This is fucking psyops to the fucking max.

Lol I told you.

What does that mean?


Fuck um.

Also, I didn't see anything on the park website that doesn't allow firearms.

Good, I definitely will carry. I'm pretty sure Kentucky has constitutional open carry as well.

I'll have my kimber.

Watcha got?

I am


It is rather dehumanizing




Apparently Aussies are hardcore as fuck

Good job


Awesome sauce.

Hey. I'm in Lubbock right now taking care of my mom.

I may be here a while

Good. I'm in Southeast New Mexico right now dealing with my mother's estate. This shit is a pain in the ass. She passed away on the 14th.

No problem. Thank you

Why are you in Serbia?


Thanks brother. It's alright. It was her time to go, and I got her .357


That's pretty cool

Not at this particular moment in time.

Washington isn't the most populace place for fascists or natsocs.

@dd✳555 even if they do, they will not he armed.


The fuck happened to you!? You get into a fight with a door knob?

Kentucky has open carry

I will be open carrying my Kimber stainless target II in 10mm in my G-Code drop holster.

And possibly my Franchi SPAS 12.

I am excessive


Hey, I have a question.

Mr. Heimbach is obviously busy and isn't currently answering my messages. Does anyone here have the pikeville location info?

@B1488 go with an MSAR 5.56


Thank you. I worked with Mr. Heimbach and to secure my anonymity and for Vanguard America, I did not register and will be paying cash once I arrive.

Discord isn't too bad with infosec.

Just do not share any PII

General rules apply. Do not share any personal information.

Hey, boys. What's the word on Pikeville?

Fuck No! I don't get shit.

All I get are Twitter notifications

I didn't purchase a ticket because I'm not very comfortable divulging such personal identifiable information to an unknown entity. I already spoke with Mr. Heimbach and he said it was alright if I paid in cash when I arrived. He's obviously busy and isn't answering text messages.

@JDawg - AZ I'll be there tonight.

Who all is in Hazard currently?

So no one is down here in KY?

Not really.

It's a small town

A ticket?

Ticket to what?

There are ticket.

Yeah. I'm not doing that shit.

I'll pay cash tomorrow.


I already told Heimbach I was going to pay cash

The only problem is he's not answering my fucking texts.

I Appreciate it.

I just want to know where everyone is!

Well aren't there supposed to be like hundreds of people?

Well, I'll be at the Holiday Inn Express.

90 bucks

I'll pay for the room if you buy the beer.

Nah, I'll probably pay for everything because I have money.

I got you brother.

I just want to fucking help. Heimbach said they could use my icom radios for this shit yet he hasn't responded


You got 3Ped too? Lol

I think we're talking about different shit

He's here lol

@backstreetgoy-TN I got enough guns for everyone.


Good job boys.

@parrott set up a parameter.

As far as I know

Well, they can try to antagonize.

Where you at turds?

Sleep is a crutch.


Whose that handsome bastard?


No problemo. Solidarity in blood and strife.

Watch "Odis Cochran & The 3 Biggots - Ship Those N.....s Back" on YouTube

@everyone if any of you have footage or pictures of Pikeville, I would love to see them.

Yeah, I know. I hate that faggot.

Sticking that shit in my fucking face

@AltCelt(IL) did I mention, I really hate ads?

He was a walking ad


Watch "Ridding the World of Ads" on YouTube

Watch "It’s Not a News Story!?" on YouTube

Good shit!

@AltCelt(IL) it will if we will it. God wills It, so should we.

Yeah, there were. I handed out 9 radios and I got 8 back.

Honestly those radios suck. I'll get new ones that work on better frequencies.

"I'm a nigger, but I'm also an American"

Tear it all down.

They want to tear our shit down. Let's tear their shit down.

An eye for an eye.

Who are You? Someone important?

Oh, okay. Cool

Beefing up my SPAS.

Good shit


Looks fun


A rat ratting out rats. How ironic.

God damn wind.

Wind is blowing about 30-40mph right now.

Down here in NM

Hahahaha! No! Oh my god the shit winds.

Fucking Randy-bo-Bandy!

Why were wires in your jaw?


Sorry to hear.

God damn you got fucked up.

Punched with a brick?

Was it a nigger?

One punch couldn't do that man, unless he punched you with some brass knuckles.

Or unless you like fell on a curb.

Whatever it was, you got fucked up.

I think that was Cris. We got you guys. We're all in this war together.

All you boys can trust us to lay down some supporting fire while you move to cover.


I've got a bit of a memory problem so names and things are vague to me.

@backstreetgoy-TN atleast you got some battle scars.

You're like that one badass space marine officer in Avatar.

Bits and pieces. I don't have very much spare time to read.

Also, I don't like reading off my phone or laptop

@Kombat-Unit what is this in reference to?


Not my greatest moment.

Okay, I'll make time for it.

"Mein Kampf" - 3000 dollars.

But how do you define that?

This literally makes no sense to me in the way it is presented. What defines a "truth" is it instinct? What are these cosmic orders? Like laws of physics and matter?

Okay, I can understand.

I know I think a little differently here.


This, I know.


But if man is sentient and intelligent, can he not govern his own laws and impulses?

I don't really want to get into the weeds of that.

I can understand the truths to be simply understood as basic instinct and human nature, but instead I like to use the term right or wrong.

Lol 29


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