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2019-02-25 01:08:52 UTC  

either that or the hq4x filter

2019-02-25 01:09:01 UTC  

since the Wii doesn't even flinch with the MSU1 turned on

2019-02-25 01:09:14 UTC  

booga buh

2019-02-25 01:09:25 UTC  

and the wii is no speed demon, it can barely N64

2019-02-25 01:09:34 UTC  

booga buh

2019-02-25 01:12:36 UTC  

in soviet russia, car drives you!

2019-02-25 01:17:08 UTC  

trying to figure out which PCM pack i like the best for DKC

2019-02-25 01:17:14 UTC  

this judgement guy did a nice job

2019-02-25 01:17:16 UTC  
2019-02-25 01:22:13 UTC

2019-02-25 01:23:13 UTC  

excellent camouflage

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2019-02-25 01:24:40 UTC

2019-02-25 01:24:47 UTC  

Oh god what is he going to do

2019-02-25 01:27:06 UTC  

That’s a nice dog. What breed?

2019-02-25 01:30:47 UTC  


2019-02-25 01:31:19 UTC  

real pupper hours

2019-02-25 01:32:00 UTC  

I miss having a dog

2019-02-25 01:32:12 UTC  

me too

2019-02-25 01:32:32 UTC  

getting one when i move because then i'll have some land

2019-02-25 01:33:53 UTC  

I’ve debated getting a cat recently. Never owned one or been a big fan of them, but a couple of my friends have them and I really liked them

2019-02-25 01:35:21 UTC  

Cats are good dogs are better

2019-02-25 01:35:52 UTC  

i've never had a cat i liked they were always assholes

2019-02-25 01:35:57 UTC  

but there are rare good ones

2019-02-25 01:36:01 UTC  

dog always beats a cat

2019-02-25 01:36:25 UTC  

Cats are only nice if you raise them from kittens or rescue them

2019-02-25 01:36:46 UTC  

Dogs will love you no matter what but the bond is stronger if you have them at a young age

2019-02-25 01:37:01 UTC  

I always view it as cool cat > dog > cat

2019-02-25 01:37:47 UTC  

sure dogs are more affectionate, but dogs require so much more time

2019-02-25 01:38:54 UTC  

I’ve got 4 barn cats and 3 of them adore me. The 1 Who doesn’t really care all that much I didn’t get as a kitten. If you’ve got the time and the lawn space definitely go dog

2019-02-25 01:38:58 UTC  

Or both

2019-02-25 01:39:17 UTC  


2019-02-25 01:39:36 UTC  

I dont live rural and the space I have would only facilitate a small dog, and Im not getting one of those ever

2019-02-25 01:40:50 UTC  

Yeah a lot of small dogs suck. But I’ve got a small ish dog ( mini aussie Shepherd/poodle mix) and she’s great. Needs tons of outdoor space tho so not a good breed for the city

2019-02-25 01:41:03 UTC  

Follows me around everywhere and always playing with the cats outside

2019-02-25 01:41:16 UTC  

theres like 3 pitbulls in this building Im in, and I dunno how they do it

2019-02-25 01:41:35 UTC  

like 6 walks a day?

2019-02-25 01:43:28 UTC  

This is part of why they attack people

2019-02-25 01:43:57 UTC  

They get stuck in a small room/cage all day and go bonkers

2019-02-25 01:44:18 UTC  

i bet you cant guess the race and gender of the owners