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P good, p good. hbu

Soygon of Cuckadd


what a server

poopter griffin

bruh when you get to the all pipe level that shit is annoying af good luck

It was a favorite of mine too

I still have the rugrats/ Wild Thornberries crossover "The Rugrats Go Wild"

on vhs too

It was ok

didn't live up to the hype tbh


That shit awesome when you could see it in 3D in theaters

@everyone has anyone made an "Angry Beardson says Poopter Griffin" super cut yet? If not it must be done.


excellent camouflage

real pupper hours

Is mike ma still on twitter? Haven't seen much of him lately

don't fuck with me

you know damn well that could've actually happened

@Jejune nice

he's a cunt yee

not as bad as philosophy tube imo

at least h bomb *can* be funny



love my two gay dads

yeah lol

Who tf is Adam?

Make it AOC and I'm down

At least partially. I think it varies from leftist to leftist.

V good take

Nay nay molested me in his dad's basement

It did tbf



@Dentistry you the same dude from twitter?

wasn't there that one duke chick who majored in doing porn or some shit


45 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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