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2018-06-23 03:53:28 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

2018-06-23 18:20:04 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #world-of-owncraft]  


2018-06-24 22:17:48 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

a far right woman being mentally ill?

2018-06-24 22:21:57 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

i can, thanks facebook memories

2018-06-24 22:35:59 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

its funny that she decided to become anti-jew given her biggest break was by lloyd kaufman of troma

2018-06-25 17:20:43 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

reading books turns you gay. Its in the printer ink

2018-06-25 23:55:08 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

nothing will happen but I wish

2018-06-25 23:55:39 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

if anything it will be these gay ICE things they are doing in portland but in more cities

2018-06-25 23:57:04 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

I hope one of these types who keep get accosted at restaurants, takes their food and dumps it on the aggitators heads all slow like one of these days

2018-06-26 01:43:03 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

Sun gives you cancer sunscreen gives you cancer, it's rip either way

2018-06-26 19:43:48 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

I would like to see a completely manufactured run of car orders

2018-06-26 20:18:39 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

This guy he's getting in with is beyond pathetic

2018-06-27 12:41:34 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

getting enough sleep gives you 150% xp for your next day

2018-06-27 20:40:50 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

He's divorced with weekend custody

2018-06-27 21:33:35 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

facebook is fucking gay today thanks to the news

2018-06-27 21:35:22 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

square up bichj

2018-06-28 01:31:02 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

This was better because it has full life consequences

2018-06-28 14:47:58 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

"lovely day huh neighbor"

2018-06-28 15:53:21 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

korean is wild because each one takes the most extreme form of their political ideology

2018-06-28 15:55:00 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

s. korea has taken a capitalist western system into a bordering on cyberpunk corporatist ziabatsu state, and n korea has taken their soviet central government into a theocratic dictatorship

2018-06-28 18:23:31 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  


2018-06-28 18:24:53 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

I got top comment on that overwatch reveal on the EU twitter account today. which is neat

2018-06-28 18:26:29 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

is he going to have an australian accent

2018-06-28 18:28:26 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

he should be voiced by Bana al-Abed

2018-06-28 18:29:19 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  


2018-06-28 18:35:28 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

implying it hasnt been done before

2018-06-28 22:14:49 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

lol at some media pegging milo for influencing this shooting

2018-06-28 23:22:26 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

wow they are really going all out


2018-06-29 00:42:23 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

"federal employee"

2018-06-29 00:43:32 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

very bizzare article though for a newspaper (local or otherwise) to be writing

2018-06-29 00:45:20 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

so he sued um, it got thrown out (it shouldnt have), he appealed (went nowhere), so he did this. This is killdozer tier

2018-06-29 00:45:35 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

but with mental illness

2018-06-29 00:47:53 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

pepo best be archiving this, its a miracle it hasnt been downed yet

2018-06-29 00:50:21 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

btw his avi isnt him, its the journo

2018-06-29 00:50:46 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

why it has the brand of sacrifice on it is a diff question

2018-06-29 00:51:02 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  


2018-06-29 00:51:07 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  


2018-06-29 00:53:01 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

this is the weirdest part yet

2018-06-29 00:55:00 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  


2018-06-29 00:55:02 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  


2018-06-29 00:55:09 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  


2018-06-29 00:58:33 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

Ill edit him to look like guts once get a mug shot

2018-06-29 01:32:17 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  


2018-06-29 01:37:17 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

dad might have been nsa apparently

2018-06-29 01:38:15 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

real weird how every spree shooter recently had connections to intelligence or military recently

2018-06-29 01:39:37 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  


2018-06-29 01:40:05 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

cruz stayed at a FBI guys house a few months prior to his shooting, and was junior ROTC

2018-06-29 01:40:43 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

oh vegas cam footage, yeah its like fucked

2018-06-29 01:40:58 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

it makes sense in context of the police dont know what they are walking into, but still

2018-06-29 01:42:09 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

i mean thats info you can parse from assessing the situation, still though

2018-06-29 01:45:26 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

had to put Disk 2 (anti-guns) back in

2018-06-29 23:50:05 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

Ill never get over that the Lanky Kong intro has 14 words in it.

2018-06-30 00:01:11 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #world-of-owncraft]  

I cant get over the bad models in oblivion to play it

2018-06-30 01:25:39 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #world-of-owncraft]  

the outtake they put in the game is wild

2018-06-30 16:55:14 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

"the cartels arent that bad, its just propaganda"

2018-06-30 17:00:22 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

its a good film

2018-07-01 01:19:44 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  


2018-07-01 01:49:46 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

he will in 2 weeks

2018-07-01 02:14:37 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

the fact people dont see this as a obvious pedophilic thing real says alot about society

2018-07-01 04:41:26 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

no hes white

2018-07-01 04:46:26 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

fuck this

2018-07-01 14:45:33 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

everyone involved here lives sad empty lives. This is what they spend the first saturday of summer doing

2018-07-01 15:02:09 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

half baked ideology isnt an identity

2018-07-01 15:06:29 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

its emotional overeaction to nothing that doesnt matter at best, or becomes an issue when someone is hospitalized or killed at worst.

2018-07-01 15:07:00 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

what was accomplished, some fun content for 5 hours on a saturday. But what does that matter in the grand scheme of things

2018-07-01 15:10:58 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

in DC

2018-07-01 15:13:16 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

when the biggest audience spence can get now is like ralph retort you know where we are at

2018-07-01 15:13:44 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

tbf that was a court order

2018-07-01 15:18:32 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

because the smart people left

2018-07-01 15:18:36 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

leaving only retards

2018-07-01 15:20:44 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  


2018-07-01 15:21:39 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

the only winner of the AR shtick was that lawyer

2018-07-01 15:28:58 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

pan-europeanism is retarded, why not just synthesize a new white identity for america like lmao

2018-07-01 15:29:24 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

europe is big gay

2018-07-01 15:35:22 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

its just rootless individualism

2018-07-01 22:09:51 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

big storms tonight boys

2018-07-01 22:13:49 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  


2018-07-01 22:35:35 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

no because im not autistic

2018-07-01 22:38:44 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

I almost got in a fist fight because some mexican heard me talk about the importance of sovereignty in like 2015 when I was blackout, but thats the worst ive done

2018-07-01 22:39:47 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

I got his cousin to vote for trump though so lol

2018-07-02 02:25:37 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

is this u though

2018-07-02 02:31:18 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

it kinda does

2018-07-02 12:37:30 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

Id say they are appropriating sip culture, but this is from 2014

2018-07-02 14:29:03 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  


2018-07-02 14:43:59 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

they were prolly room temp, lying media at it again

2018-07-02 15:52:21 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  



2018-07-02 16:25:09 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

real gamers shid their pants and say "mission failed we'll get um next time"

2018-07-02 16:42:51 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

everything is stored in the balls

2018-07-02 16:43:45 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

the greeks called it the "4 humors'

2018-07-02 21:06:34 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

Fellas fellas stop infighting this is what the Jews want

2018-07-02 22:27:51 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

looks more slavic than hispanic

2018-07-02 22:43:06 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

Ok so I'm prolly right then

2018-07-03 00:37:41 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  


2018-07-03 01:24:19 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

the problem with the "black dont crack" and all variants of it use the 1% of beautiful people to support it

2018-07-03 02:26:29 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

what is this

2018-07-03 12:31:58 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat]  

the zlist e-celeb wars of early 2018 was really the worst content

2018-07-03 20:57:12 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #world-of-owncraft]  

Elf get out

2018-07-03 20:59:03 UTC [The Weekly Sweat #world-of-owncraft]  

no hes a big smelly elf

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