Message from Taylor TX in Front And Center #activism

2017-12-04 14:02:52 UTC

2017-12-04 14:03:01 UTC

2017-12-04 14:03:22 UTC  

my favorite one...had to go through the fountain lol

2017-12-04 14:08:27 UTC  

That's the best possible placement

2017-12-05 03:19:13 UTC  

Has anyone ever done Geo-Fashing? did I invent this?
1. Find somebody's geochache
2. put patriot front propaganda inside
3. ...
4. save white race

2017-12-05 03:24:42 UTC  

i'll share pics soon

2017-12-05 03:25:17 UTC  

That's a brilliant idea!

2017-12-05 03:51:39 UTC

2017-12-05 03:51:51 UTC  

U of Tampa frat stone with a fasces

2017-12-05 03:55:52 UTC  

Almost as if it's a traditional symbol that permeates our civilization.

2017-12-05 17:26:07 UTC  

@Dustin you making a banner for Johnny's thing?

2017-12-05 18:31:33 UTC  

Thomas is working on a design, and it'll be sent to the printer soon after.

2017-12-06 07:08:32 UTC  

Anyone know of ways to cheapen home printing? Still averaging 70 cents per page of color. Barely cheaper than a FedEx office. Switch to laser? Buy refurb ink? Brother is a cheaper brand than Canon?

2017-12-06 07:17:56 UTC  

FedEx has .20 cents a page for full color.

2017-12-06 07:18:20 UTC  

Which is a considerable difference, depending on amount of papers.

2017-12-06 07:18:32 UTC  

Order online, perhaps. In advance.

2017-12-06 07:18:42 UTC  

Not sure on those prices, however.

2017-12-06 08:17:30 UTC

2017-12-06 08:19:53 UTC  

@Thomas Ryan shitty phone camera, nothing I poster had been pretty for a tweet yet. Mainly high traffic areas on poles. Figured I share something to prove I am running routes at night. I'll get better pictures

2017-12-06 08:20:31 UTC  


2017-12-06 08:20:45 UTC  

Lol why is it so blurry

2017-12-06 15:20:38 UTC  

@Taylor TX I just got a lazer. The quality is great Ill have to see what the cost per page is after I play around with it. Orderd some cheap toner so im hoping that works.

2017-12-06 16:14:07 UTC  

@Taylor TX Practice makes perfect.

2017-12-06 16:50:08 UTC  

Downloaded these and plan on using them next hit. They look great.

2017-12-06 16:50:37 UTC  

2017-12-06 16:50:37 UTC  

2017-12-06 16:51:22 UTC  

They're not so much for hanging on walls, they're better if handed out, or placed in spots people may be more likely to read them.

2017-12-06 16:53:31 UTC  

I thought of pairing it with another rather than stand alone

2017-12-06 17:11:42 UTC

2017-12-06 17:12:15 UTC  

Props to @The Hooknose- UT @VrilMaster88 and @Bantz Rayder for passing out some of the new flyers at a Trump rally.

2017-12-06 17:12:59 UTC  

Not all of those folks are beyond saving, I know for certain a lot of y'all used to be around these crowds before getting fully here.

2017-12-06 17:13:07 UTC  

Nice work men!

2017-12-06 19:10:04 UTC  

@Thomas Ryan Thank you. @John Wick - UT printed them for us as I had no access to a printer, so he played a big role as well.

2017-12-06 19:10:53 UTC  

John's an awesome guy. How did they go over?

2017-12-06 19:10:53 UTC  

Get any blind boomer rage?

2017-12-06 19:13:58 UTC  

They went over well. People actually appeared to be reading them. No boomer rage. A cuck about my age gave me some lip, but he was pretty timid. Wouldn't call it rage.

2017-12-06 19:15:50 UTC  

If you're confident, and don't back down, and have a guy or two with you, they'll be pretty timid. Hopefully we can keep stuff like that up, it's great for visuals and outreach. Having a tactile effect in the public space is a great step to make.

2017-12-06 19:20:30 UTC  

These are honestly phrased pretty well. If my mom ever ask why im acting weird I just going to show her these. I think it would go over well.

2017-12-06 19:54:01 UTC  

@Bantz Rayder thibk you got some new guys?

2017-12-06 19:56:26 UTC  

I think some people will look at the website and google us. I have no way of knowing if they'll sign up. Going forward, I'll try to get contact info from people who I meet at these things and are receptive. Still learning.

2017-12-06 20:25:16 UTC  

Yeh it's good to have a notebook where they can write down info or something.