Message from Charlemagne MD in Front And Center #activism

2017-11-19 17:14:55 UTC  

Thinking about writing "scrapbook moms 4 fascism" 😂

2017-11-19 17:15:16 UTC  

What's the slogan going to be?

2017-11-19 17:15:17 UTC  

Getting new stencils, but any ideas what we should write

2017-11-19 17:15:28 UTC  

Let me think

2017-11-19 17:15:42 UTC  

Probably something of "Americans are white" nature right?

2017-11-19 17:16:34 UTC  

"Americans are White, the rest must go"

2017-11-19 17:17:05 UTC  

Those stencils tho😂

2017-11-19 17:17:19 UTC  

Wait yeah

2017-11-19 17:17:21 UTC  

Dont use those

2017-11-19 17:17:21 UTC  

Yeah thats a good one any other ideas while we get new stencils

2017-11-19 17:18:07 UTC  

If you use that font, I will unironically un-member you

2017-11-19 17:18:07 UTC  

Jesus, it's worse than Papyrus

2017-11-19 17:18:16 UTC  

Make sure to get the biggest you can find, blocky letters

2017-11-19 17:19:49 UTC  

Haha yeah as soon as i opened them i had a strong remembrance of my mothers scrape booking hobby. Bantz is getting some new ones

2017-11-19 18:54:05 UTC  

Put “READ SIEGE, RIP MANSON” and have swastikas all over to show how serious we are

2017-11-19 18:56:09 UTC  

don't forget to press 🇫 on your official twitter account.

2017-11-19 19:10:40 UTC  

We wouldn't mourn Manson on our official org twitter account. Who would ever do that?

2017-11-19 19:17:07 UTC  

Vanguard did😂

2017-11-19 19:18:16 UTC  

Of course they did😂

2017-11-19 19:24:31 UTC  

Idk why Dillon is so dumb

2017-11-19 19:24:39 UTC  

I mean Christ

2017-11-19 19:24:52 UTC  

Honeslty va will get Feds before AW does if they keep it up

2017-11-19 19:25:08 UTC  

Dillon has made terroristic threats on the twitter

2017-11-19 19:25:28 UTC  

He treats it like it his personal account not the face of an organization

2017-11-19 19:33:37 UTC  

I don't dislike Dillon he just shouldn't be running an organization.

2017-11-19 19:35:03 UTC  

Honestly yeh, Thomas is only 18 and is doing a far superior job

2017-11-19 19:35:27 UTC  


2017-11-19 19:35:54 UTC  

Get it right, Antifa shills forgot my birthday.

2017-11-19 19:35:56 UTC  

yeah ok kid

2017-11-19 19:36:03 UTC  


2017-11-19 19:36:25 UTC  

How's that dox doing you

2017-11-19 19:42:35 UTC  

Not too bad

2017-11-19 19:42:42 UTC  

Also this channel is for activism

2017-11-19 20:22:48 UTC  

Make banners out of this

2017-11-19 20:24:05 UTC  

Since those are 8x10 you can make one banner or maybe 2

2017-11-19 20:25:13 UTC  

Use these locks to secure the gromlet to the railing which the banner is being hung from.
Add weights to the bottom to keep it from flapping in the wind

2017-11-19 20:25:19 UTC  

@Thomas Ryan like the idea?

2017-11-19 20:25:34 UTC  

It's a bit more epx

2017-11-19 20:26:31 UTC  

Expensive but it the banner will be out for longer and you can pick multiple colors for the tarpaulin