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2017-11-18 04:13:26 UTC  


2017-11-18 04:14:28 UTC  

I'm gonna poster my local mail man

2017-11-18 04:15:48 UTC  

"We showed the posters to people in gig harbor" lol *reads manifesto*
GREAT JOB @Goodest_Boy

2017-11-18 04:16:08 UTC  

@Goodest_Boy That was awesome!!! And I think San Antonio needs a good hit too. Joe did good but there's a lot that can be kvetched out here.

2017-11-18 04:16:47 UTC  

@NDO Eric - TX I agree. Brenham and Kerrville would also be good. They both have small colleges as well.

2017-11-18 04:17:11 UTC  

We need to plaster the town. I know I can't go but SA hasn't been triggered yet.

2017-11-18 04:18:21 UTC  

It'll happen @Lisa Jo TX-WD

2017-11-18 04:28:36 UTC  

Oh god. We gotta hit Meyerland, Jew capital of Texas.

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2017-11-18 04:34:27 UTC  

Good job boys

2017-11-18 04:34:34 UTC  

Patriot front is making lots of headway

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2017-11-18 04:35:07 UTC  

Been talking to guys all day today on various servers who really like what we're doing.

2017-11-18 04:48:54 UTC  

@NDO Eric - TX 100 black and white posters 10$ spray glue idk my waifu bought it. Scotch tape 3 for 3$ tacks 1$. So minus my messenger bag about 20 for several posterings.

2017-11-18 05:01:07 UTC  

Oh god Kevin sounds really salty about you not getting in contact with him.

2017-11-18 05:03:33 UTC  

Also thanks guys really great knowing everyone is cheering me on.

2017-11-18 06:09:33 UTC  

That's a good operating cost @Goodest_Boy

2017-11-18 06:22:52 UTC  

iv been autistic about getting a good setup.

2017-11-18 06:55:28 UTC  

Got a good idea for banners

2017-11-18 06:55:33 UTC  

I'll go into it tomorrow

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Awesome job

2017-11-19 02:22:22 UTC  

Good job

2017-11-19 02:22:28 UTC  

That one was purposefully facing the inside.

2017-11-19 02:22:39 UTC  

Ty tho.

2017-11-19 02:22:57 UTC  

Our other guy also has some pics. @nick

2017-11-19 02:23:12 UTC

2017-11-19 02:24:27 UTC  

He also saved my life. Lol pushed me out of the way of a hajis Car of Peace.

2017-11-19 02:25:39 UTC  

We also managed to hand out maybe 5 or 6 flyers. There was a Christmas parade down town so there was a fuck load of people.

2017-11-19 02:26:46 UTC  

Nice work! Yeah I like the first photo cause of all the people

2017-11-19 02:27:10 UTC  

We passed thousands.

2017-11-19 02:27:22 UTC  

And put up enough flyers for them to see.

2017-11-19 02:27:35 UTC  

Good work man

2017-11-19 02:29:03 UTC  

So with handing out flyers, you just walked up to white people, and said here join our ethnostate? Haha

2017-11-19 02:30:00 UTC  

Do you think we'll get rcm or whatever his name is

2017-11-19 02:34:34 UTC  

Hello sir you look like you hate niggers have you ever considered converting to fascism?