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2017-11-17 17:40:40 UTC  

And on those rounded surfaces, turn off the flash.

2017-11-17 18:03:04 UTC  

Yeah rounded surfaces are annoying

2017-11-17 18:55:17 UTC  

So anyone thought about hitting some department stores the night before Black Friday or just this week in general since this is the big shopping week

2017-11-17 18:55:24 UTC  

That's my plan this week

2017-11-17 18:59:18 UTC  

I think it would be a great place to poster for some media attention

2017-11-17 21:22:57 UTC  

That would be a good idea. Hit the light posts in the parking lots.

2017-11-18 01:23:12 UTC  

Thanksgiving break for students will be here soon. After that, final exams will follow. If you're planning anything on a campus, keep that in mind and check when the last week of classes is.

2017-11-18 01:23:27 UTC  

@backwoodstrad91-wv great idea!!

2017-11-18 02:26:36 UTC  
2017-11-18 02:27:12 UTC  

Did you use wheat paste or spray glue?

2017-11-18 02:30:47 UTC  

Looks like spray glue.

2017-11-18 02:53:07 UTC  

Spray glue

2017-11-18 03:43:16 UTC  


2017-11-18 03:54:21 UTC  

Lulz. Make those worthless pigs work for their pay for once

2017-11-18 04:06:04 UTC  

@Goodest_Boy *begins slow clap*

2017-11-18 04:06:29 UTC  

I cannot stop laughing, "I didn't even know they were here."

2017-11-18 04:06:56 UTC  

They found a purple haired fat lady.

2017-11-18 04:06:56 UTC  

"They're everwhere!"

2017-11-18 04:07:08 UTC  

Kinda rustles my jimmies. I wish we could get that coverage in Texas.

2017-11-18 04:07:26 UTC  

😡 goddamn it chris stop reminding me

2017-11-18 04:07:38 UTC  

Chris, we have mayors meeting together to pass resolutions.

2017-11-18 04:07:47 UTC  


2017-11-18 04:08:02 UTC  

Fucking POSTERS get prime news coverage.

2017-11-18 04:08:05 UTC  


2017-11-18 04:08:27 UTC  

@Goodest_Boy what were your operational costs?

2017-11-18 04:08:27 UTC  

I had to hang 6 storeys up in the air last time.

2017-11-18 04:08:40 UTC  

No news coverage

2017-11-18 04:09:04 UTC  

ok, ya'll are pissin' me off, now

2017-11-18 04:09:15 UTC  

@NDO Eric - TX 3 "dozens" of black and white posters and a can of spray adhesive.

2017-11-18 04:09:17 UTC  

This can't stand!

2017-11-18 04:09:44 UTC  

He did do a banner drop though

2017-11-18 04:09:45 UTC  

That went nowhere

2017-11-18 04:09:45 UTC  

Was a dud

2017-11-18 04:09:50 UTC  

And has postered the same area

2017-11-18 04:09:53 UTC  

He said y'all and dropped the g. He's fixin to get pissed.

2017-11-18 04:12:39 UTC  

This actually supports the point I made to Phils at jacks party.

2017-11-18 04:12:49 UTC  

We need to poster small communities more.