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When you go out in a street fight, you're beating a Communist, not Communism. They've got institutional power, and they can send out more foot soldiers than you've got hands to hit at some point. It can't just be a physical victory. It has to be something deeper. Social, cultural, societal, even institutional to stop those kinds of movements.

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Well said.

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Kinda like growing the movement; and taking over the institutional reigns. Like running for mayor, city council, senate, president, or even taking positions at universities, schools, and whatnot.

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@Oliver bro the fuck is your profile picture

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It's time to stop 😂

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Thank you

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That’s a big ruler

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Someone post the "Not Stolen, Conquered" thing please.

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A simple look at her timeline reveals that she's a rabid Leftist and openly promotes anti-American sentiments.

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They are never truthful when they say these things.

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They are always lying. They only wish to harm you and the cause. There is no more a proper way to speak to a journalist than there is to take a knife to the chest. They always win. You always lose. So long as you open your mouth.

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Lugenpresse doing lugenpresse things.

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Heinbach is going to debate Ricky Vaughn lmao

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Heimbach take this L

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Heimbach on latest episode of Action "I hate responding to this infighting" *Forgets counter signaling every 2.0 group in every episode of his podcast*

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@NDO Eric - TX what's that really cool fb chat youre in bro

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You should add me bro

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🤔 no crypto Jews allowed

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Any of you goys play instruments?

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I used to attempt guitar but I just sing

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Noice. I play the drums

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a little piano here and there

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Piano is based

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I tried when I was a kid