Message from Oliver in Front And Center #general

2018-02-27 22:19:31 UTC  

Contentmancy was Patrick Casey’s twitter handle originally; so he could be more of a fan of identitarianism than American fascism

2018-02-27 22:19:49 UTC  

Or an autîst

2018-02-27 22:20:02 UTC  

I somehow doubt it's Casey.

2018-02-27 22:20:12 UTC  

It’s not Casey; he changed his handle

2018-02-27 22:20:42 UTC  

Still really don't know how to feel about being called "a white Farrakhan".

2018-02-27 22:23:28 UTC  

I’d take it as an insult

2018-02-27 22:31:31 UTC  

Does anyone else see a tiny black bar beneath that link?

2018-02-27 22:32:03 UTC  

On mobile right now. I don't see it.

2018-02-27 22:32:10 UTC  

I see it

2018-02-27 22:32:26 UTC  

Weird. Like, it's trying to preview metadata, but can't.

2018-02-27 22:32:42 UTC  

Discord 🅱️roke

2018-02-27 22:36:12 UTC  


2018-02-27 22:49:45 UTC  

Shepard’s pie today in memoriam to our potato brothers

2018-02-27 22:50:08 UTC  
2018-02-27 22:52:01 UTC  

Anglo food is always all mixed together.

2018-02-27 22:59:08 UTC  

@SonderSchutz TX Pfft. This is Al Qaeda = Iraq all over again.

2018-02-27 22:59:41 UTC  


2018-02-27 23:03:19 UTC  

Shepard’s pie smacks the tongue nigga

2018-02-27 23:03:58 UTC  

@Oliver I'm not going to countersignal that. I'm English af.

2018-02-27 23:04:24 UTC  

I’m Irish, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Greek

2018-02-27 23:04:29 UTC  

Mediterranean boi

2018-02-27 23:04:35 UTC  


2018-02-27 23:04:51 UTC  

Well Portuguese: Spanish= Iberian

2018-02-27 23:05:26 UTC  

Not if you're Basque. They're their own thing.

2018-02-27 23:12:02 UTC  

Want my wife to make me this after Lent.

2018-02-27 23:12:06 UTC  


2018-02-27 23:12:25 UTC  

English breakfast >

2018-02-27 23:12:39 UTC  

@Chris GA Keep that flag clean, soldier.

2018-02-27 23:13:08 UTC  

@Oliver English breakfast, director's cut.

2018-02-27 23:14:11 UTC  

Beans and eggs seem kinda weird together, but whatev.

2018-02-27 23:31:36 UTC

2018-02-27 23:32:37 UTC  

@Charlemagne MD PF branded blankets to distribute to homeless vets when?

2018-02-27 23:33:22 UTC  

Maybe just normal blankets in pre-made care packages?

2018-02-27 23:33:27 UTC  

Was telling my uncle about the Ireland2040 thing with adding a 5th of their population with nogs and muzzies and he totally put the blinders on. This is a guy that’s 100% Irish and all about Irish pride and all that. It’s a sickness

2018-02-27 23:34:27 UTC  

I hope to see a debate between Fuentes and Shapiro one of these days. That would be entertaining.

2018-02-27 23:34:34 UTC  

I could go for that actually. Maybe get a few photos of our guys handing them out. It would be really good PR.

2018-02-27 23:37:17 UTC  

Michigan breakfast > English Breakfast