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Thomas is scarred

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@Deimos-MI can be Network #0

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One man network, fug yeah!

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@FASHRABBIT Not scarred, but having a year of work ripped out from under you leaves a lingering, bad taste in your mouth.

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Like I said you have scars

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not scared

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I think a good troll would be to somehow create a new feminist hashtag regarding flatulence. Something like, "I was sitting on the bus on my way to my job at the front desk of planned parenthood when...I had to fart. All my life I've been told to hold it in or try to release it quietly but then I remembered something my Anarchist Book Club friend Matilda told me about free-bleeding. She said that to be comfortable with yourself you need to be comfortable with the functions of your body. Men flatulate all the time around each other and do nothing about it so at that point I decided enough was enough. With all my might I let the encased tootski rip out of my bottom with more verocity than ever before. A look of horror and disgust came across the face of the man sitting next to me and he somewhat chuckled as if to seem baffled. I merely smiled at him and pretended nothing happened. Us women need to begin showing that we have just as much of a right to fart in public as men."
#fartshaming #letitrip #myassmygas

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I know, I said scarred. @FASHRABBIT I getcha.

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lmao @ #myassmygas

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Smooth like baby.

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good stuff

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Imagine a horde of raging feminists counterprotesting with their pussy-hats on chanting "My ass my gas!"

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They'll fart on us at events.

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Jokes on them, @Lolburg MI likes that.

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1488 hours in paint

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Yeah, I did

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I've been super chatting on all his streams

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I prefer the "What's the hecking dealio"

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My oc goes unnoticed 😞

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I appreciate your OC.

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Thank you, Hussar

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MYTH: White supremacists hate people of color.

FACT: They’re not wild about women either.

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The Onion can be funny, sometimes.

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MYTH: The alt-right movement is secretly a neo-Nazi movement.

FACT: The alt-right movement is openly a neo-Nazi movement.

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Wait what?

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Like comparing Windows 95 to Linux

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I take that back, more like Windows XP to Wine

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Will be in vc

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Join if youd like

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We hunting for a new GF tonight? πŸ˜„

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