Message from @Vic_Mackey

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2017-07-17 23:21:55 UTC  

Plus itd give me a chance to meet some goys along the way and become buds with those who come with

2017-07-17 23:22:30 UTC  

Flying is fukt, all the airports are staffed by third worlders

2017-07-17 23:26:19 UTC  

Gas there and back looks like itd be around 800+ bucks and ive got 3 extra seats 220 a head and we'll be driving for 4 or 5 days each way. Anyone low time preference goys wana take a road trip?

2017-07-18 02:11:27 UTC  

Anybody going to be going through Oklahoma? I can start saving money for gas if anybody would be able to pick me up. Thanks.

2017-07-18 06:11:32 UTC  

i wont be making the trip if i dont fill a couple seats. havent gotten any definitive answers as of yet.

2017-07-20 02:54:00 UTC  

I'll be there, coming from LA.

2017-07-20 03:48:58 UTC  

Same here, from with the beach goys too?

2017-07-20 18:07:40 UTC  

No, a lone wolf

2017-07-20 18:36:00 UTC  

@negronaut You a Beach Goy? Tell the gang we're having a bonfire at that same spot in Huntington on the 29th

2017-07-20 18:36:32 UTC  

we = So Cal IE and friends

2017-07-21 19:40:49 UTC  

@negronaut No, I'm a lone wolf.

2017-07-21 22:55:17 UTC  

@everyone Please check out <#334778940717793280>
Large numbers of antifags are trying to take the park. Please stay in groups.

2017-07-25 02:58:46 UTC  

Hey goys Cascadia @here

2017-07-25 02:59:44 UTC  

Anyone coming from the PNW in here who's not connected with me?

2017-07-28 07:19:02 UTC  

I'll be headed back up to the PNW after the cville event via car if anyone wants to ride share. Going to Seattle so...

2017-07-29 03:40:04 UTC  

Seriously where is the statement saying I cant sport my forehead swasi tat

2017-07-29 03:40:18 UTC  

You motherfuckers are tripping.

2017-07-29 03:41:41 UTC  

How else do you sport a bowl cut?

2017-07-29 03:52:41 UTC  

Not even shit posting.

2017-07-31 20:05:28 UTC  

lol ^ this guy

2017-08-01 03:30:05 UTC  

@khaos156-WV I like your style, 100% serious

2017-08-01 05:14:38 UTC  

Anyone who wants to bring a flag for your state, feel free. Several of the other states are doing so

2017-08-10 21:02:57 UTC  

Beach Goys rolling 20 deep into CVille. Stoked!!! Gonna be great to see you peeps again!

2017-08-10 21:03:29 UTC