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What's up goys !
I'm coming from CA by plane and will be arrving in Richmand Airport (RIC).
If anyone is willing to pick me from the airport, please send me a message.

I'll be there, coming from LA.

No, a lone wolf

I mean, because he's with his family.

@negronaut No, I'm a lone wolf.

Fuck'em. Stay together and stay strong.


Coming from CA, can can barely make it there by 12pm on Saturday.

Please make various meet points.

Everyone needs to set up their recording devices (handless) in case of an assult.

@everyone Please check out <#334778940717793280>
Large numbers of antifags are trying to take the park. Please stay in groups.

Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

Hey, how do I invite another goy to this Server?

Hi, wanna invite a goy to this server

met him on the Thunderdome Server from DS

@wyatt Would like to invite a goy that is coming to Charlottesville

Syraks invited me

one moment, let me check. it was a couple of days ago

@wyatt July 19th

Are you in the Thunderdome Server ?

Please come in the voice chat

no no

I mean, so that you can talk to him and invite yourself

His name is Spaderunner

ok, no problem

@Jack Danson - KG Can't view the video. Is it on Youtube.

Goys, juat come. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

Stand strong so that the goys that don't make it will be motivated by our actions.

In that case ...

Let's party at Wes Bellamy's house with some crosses.

Right outside.

Just kidding..

I am coming from CA, arriving in Richmand at 11:40, then am heading to the park.

I'm pretty sure that there will be others arriving a little late as well.

"Mini-Manual The Urban Gorrila" Fucking nerds

Any goys here willing to pick me up from RIC Richmand Airport ?

I will pay for gas

10:40 am

8/12 day of the marc


If you know anyone that can pick me up by car or motorcycle, please let me know.

<#321433134392672256> Goy arrving to Richmand Airport RIC on Saturday 8/12 (Day of the March) at 10:40am.
If anyone can pick me up, please inform me.
I will take care of the gas.

@rKKKselected No problem, thanks anyways. I gotta keep looking.

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