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Confirmed from Seattle plus 4

Hey goys Cascadia @here

Anyone coming from the PNW in here who's not connected with me?

Fake beards illegal?

Asking for a friend


Hes working hard. That's why nwi hasn't come back yet.

<#332000499735986187> just posted my track for how we need to feel right now

@O.W. von Diez cascadia has secure lodgings with extra room. Pm me if you need it.

I have seven torches in my carry on, I'm hoping tsa don't give me shit

So its too late to buy a ticket?

Anyone else got a layover in Philly RN?

I'm not used to being around this many blacks, how is everyone on this side of the states not woke.

Got some antifa waiting at my gate with me...

I'm in Philly, no I'm good. Theyre just some nasty hippies glaring at me.

My connection flight has at least 4 antifa

thats why we stole Cascadia

can we get that timestamped pic, Ive got a bet to win

I expect this to help IE. Nathan worked hard for it but it couldn't seem to get past being an extension of himself. I look forward to seeing how they grow after this.

21 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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