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2017-06-16 20:47:13 UTC  

When we need to leave, if the antifa crowd hasn't dispersed, we can create a moving perimeter around the VIPS as we leave.

2017-06-16 20:47:19 UTC  

Just a thought- the street to the right is often closed for festivals held in the park/ they'll or food trucks there etc. If @MadDimension can potentially get the permit to do that it would be great to have that space available for loading and unloading and other event related things.

2017-06-16 21:04:30 UTC  

The Detroit group evidently is coming in 2-3, 15 passenger vans so perhaps they can help us shuttle folks in.

2017-06-16 21:08:29 UTC  

I'm working logistics for the Helicopter with some of my guys

2017-06-16 21:14:31 UTC  

@MadDimension We can do that

2017-06-16 21:32:14 UTC  
2017-06-16 21:37:44 UTC  

If anyone wants to help make phone calls for estimates on the helicopter rental please DM me.

2017-06-16 21:39:20 UTC  

Or if you own a Helicopter or have a Helicopter license and would like to volunteer, please let me know. I will talk to the mods about a separate channel for the Helicopter Team.

2017-06-16 21:51:08 UTC  

Can we please keep the discussion on here serious

2017-06-16 21:56:05 UTC  

Agreed! So, seriously...

2017-06-16 21:56:37 UTC  

Check this out. We look into how much it would cost to rent a helicopter for the day in Charlottesville on 8/12. Let's look at the most cost effective place to launch a crowdfunding effort. Whether the ad is funny or we play it straight, I guarantee we can at least get Chris Cantwell to play it on air. TRS or the Stormer might write something or post a link. Even if we don't actually have a helicopter on hand, it would be pretty lulzy to see if it gets some reactions.

2017-06-16 21:57:35 UTC  

This will generate buzz about the event, and it will be something to sound different than any other event/march/rally than anyone has ever heard promoted.

2017-06-16 21:58:45 UTC  

And how wicked would it be to one day have VIPs arrive to our events via helicopter?

2017-06-16 22:17:54 UTC  

@MadDimension Those are the kind of vans i'm talking about.

2017-06-16 23:11:11 UTC  

@Tyrone Dude, any money that people would be willing to donate for that should go towards the event or getting people to it

2017-06-16 23:28:02 UTC  

He is an enlisted goy trying to keep his job after posting a kickass banner IRL in Graham NC

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2017-06-16 23:28:41 UTC  

I was there. He was a brave mofo fighting for the 14 words.

2017-06-16 23:29:18 UTC  

Wish I already had my CDL. I need to get a Deuce and a Quarter or Bus and have a war rig for these transport operations.

2017-06-16 23:29:32 UTC  

Bunker Santa did nothing wrong

2017-06-16 23:32:19 UTC  

Bunker Santa is legit

2017-06-16 23:32:38 UTC  

@Tyrone if people want to use their personal money to rent a helicopter, fine. But it's a waste of money that could go towards the cause or donations towards people who don't have the money to make it, but at able to go.

2017-06-16 23:34:17 UTC  

@Tyrone how about crowd funding an airplane banner. We can use my dad's plane and fly it over lee park while our vips are giving speeches.

2017-06-16 23:35:24 UTC  

Air propaganda is good optics

2017-06-16 23:37:14 UTC  

Until they ID the plane, and harass your dad to no end....

2017-06-16 23:37:14 UTC  

how about not wasting money on dumb shit

2017-06-16 23:40:25 UTC  

Lots of negative energy in here

2017-06-16 23:49:03 UTC  

Please stop trolling this channel and use the shitposting channel

2017-06-16 23:52:03 UTC  

@Hand Banana very sorry about that, I will use appropriate channels now

2017-06-17 00:24:05 UTC  

@ManWithTheHand That is actually a good idea. A Supportive Airplane banner dying over the event and over the town would be awesome optics.

2017-06-17 00:25:23 UTC  

@ManWithTheHand DM me and we can talk about what goes into the construction or the costs of something like that.

2017-06-17 00:32:05 UTC  

@Hand Banana I don't think you are getting the point of a quality troll. I don't want to take $1 away from people that would come to the event.
It is incredibly unlikely that even if a few people throw in money toward a crowd funding that it would make its goal. An entertaining GoFundMe video/audio and ad could be used to promote the event as a whole. It will just sound like a different way to promote something than "Here's a rally, show up and stick it to the Antifa!"

2017-06-17 00:33:11 UTC  

There's also a reasonable chance opposition could talk about it and unwillingly spread the word of the event in ways that it wouldn't otherwise be done.

Or do we just want to let opposition media continue to refer to it in relation to the (((KKK))) event the previous month? @Hand Banana

2017-06-17 01:10:10 UTC  

In the unlikely event it did make the funding necessary, I would have a serious conversation with the donors about fiduciary responsibility of the monies and how to use them to best advance the 14 words.

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2017-06-30 00:39:55 UTC  

Best martial arts for antifa /riot scenario?

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2017-06-30 00:41:50 UTC  

Run to the shower

2017-06-30 00:41:54 UTC  

They wont follow

2017-06-30 00:47:56 UTC