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Until they ID the plane, and harass your dad to no end....

The amount of cat ladies is too damn high.

Arkansas group is meeting up in russelville, picking up a guy in Tennessee, and one in west virginia. We have atleast 5 going with our group.

Wow, a half breed, I'm literally shaking.

I think we have enough ex pipe hitting, hard charging, door kickers to make black twitter a non-issue.

@everyone be sure to bring a hydration source to the event. Not sure what the event planners have set up, so just in case. 2 waters to 1 gatorade is ideal, and start upping your intake 2-3 days before. Don't put any extra burden on the medic team with something like being dehydrated

@everyone start hydrating today

All this canceling is kinda black pulling tbh fam

They say it was one of our guys

David something

David sheratt

13 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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