Message from Hand Banana in Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1

2017-07-21 09:26:26 UTC  

@Azzmador Do you know if any of the Stormer goys will be bringing shields?

2017-07-21 09:37:19 UTC  

we're just bringing zyklon b

2017-07-21 09:38:02 UTC  

for..delousing purposes of course

2017-07-21 10:07:02 UTC  

I'm bringing nuclear warheads

2017-07-21 10:07:08 UTC  

Because I have allergies

2017-07-21 10:07:11 UTC  

To jews

2017-07-21 10:07:25 UTC  

And black "people"

2017-07-21 10:13:30 UTC  

^^ same

2017-07-21 10:14:18 UTC  

Brb hookjng up my nigger mulcher to the truck

2017-07-21 10:28:41 UTC  

This zombie movie has a wise cracking nigger it's actually p good comedic relief

2017-07-21 10:51:17 UTC  


2017-07-21 10:51:28 UTC  

I've been doing a lot of digging into that "Based Southern Belle" chick

2017-07-21 10:51:39 UTC  

[REDACTED] is her FB profile, she's pretty public

2017-07-21 10:51:49 UTC  

I haven't found anything about her being gay

2017-07-21 10:51:56 UTC  

She doesn't identify as Alt-Right or Alt-Lite

2017-07-21 10:52:53 UTC  

She's at the forefront of some thing called The Allied New Right that has an admittedly cool flag that she's apparently announcing at the Cville rally

2017-07-21 10:54:00 UTC  

new right sounds cuck teir to me

2017-07-21 10:54:50 UTC  

Her message in one of her videos was that she wants the Alt-Lite to quit worrying about optics because everyone right of center gets called a Nazi. Her goal is to get the Alt-Right/Alt-Lite/Other Right Wingers to unite under one banner (Hers of Course) and fight the left

2017-07-21 10:54:58 UTC  

I doubt she's aware of the Nationalist Front

2017-07-21 10:55:57 UTC  

Honestly if she can corral the Alt-Lite/Others IDGAF

2017-07-21 11:08:55 UTC

2017-07-21 11:09:26 UTC  

Shame she's a she. Maybe that will work better for the Alt-Lite, but it isn't going to help bring any Alt-Right people on board.

2017-07-21 11:10:51 UTC  

We're already pretty united

2017-07-21 11:10:59 UTC  

Well except for IE not being in the NF

2017-07-21 11:14:23 UTC  

I meant with uniting us with the people she's trying to uncuck lol

2017-07-21 11:45:09 UTC  

I friended her. Then unfriended her. She's got a few posts defending homosexuality. She's against degeneracy, which is different in her mind from "normal, wholesome" homosexuality such as found in the ancient world.

2017-07-21 11:47:12 UTC  

Dennis Durham said there's a video on her page of her making out with another woman, but I didn't look that far into it because she's like a 3/10.

2017-07-21 12:27:09 UTC  

I didn't know she was a Lesbian. Still, she doesn't call herself Alt-Right and her message is that the people to our left who oppose White Genocide and the agenda of the Left is all need to stop punching right and work together.

I support that, and if you don't you're such an ideological autist that you have stricter standards than Hitler.

I think that homosexuals should be bogged, without exception. Until I am in a society where that is possible, I am not adverse to working with homosexuals who want to help me make it a reality. Hitler used Ernst Rohm until he was in power, and if this little dyke wants to make a huge project around getting the cuckier branches of the Right to fall in line, I'll support her.

2017-07-21 12:43:31 UTC  

@Hand Banana just because there won't be a place for her in the white ethnostate doesn't mean she can't be used as a tool in it's creation.

2017-07-21 12:51:27 UTC  

That's what I'm saying.

2017-07-21 13:03:56 UTC  

If one of our two main political parties had brutally repressed GOProud instead of grudgingly accepting them and eventually cucking on homosexuality, we wouldn’t be on to arguing over the rights of trannies to use the bathroom with little girls. This is how right wing institutions drift left.

2017-07-21 13:05:43 UTC  

The thot uses you, you don't use the thot

2017-07-21 13:05:56 UTC  

@Hand Banana she is lesbian

2017-07-21 13:06:42 UTC  

i've hung out with her a few times

2017-07-21 13:07:17 UTC  

augustus even says it in this

2017-07-21 13:45:16 UTC  

@kristall.night I'm not. IDK about other Stormers.

2017-07-21 14:49:28 UTC  

@Hand Banana Do you really believe IE should be a part of the NF?

2017-07-21 14:50:30 UTC  

I know very little about them so I don't really have an opinion.

2017-07-21 14:50:40 UTC  

NF? Sorry if I'm ignorant here