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2017-06-09 01:53:18 UTC  

One of the main talking points for the media is to try and make us look weak. That's why I loved Battle of Berkeley because it was a defensive action and a supreme display of domination

2017-06-09 01:53:40 UTC  

That's the only thing they can't spin: large crowd size and assertive self-defense

2017-06-09 01:57:19 UTC  

I'm here

2017-06-09 02:05:46 UTC

2017-06-09 02:08:45 UTC  

Human redpill fascist.

2017-06-09 02:12:30 UTC  

What is that

2017-06-09 02:13:15 UTC  
2017-06-09 02:13:30 UTC  

Johnny's first Fasces.

2017-06-09 02:30:00 UTC  

Lol @Boru

2017-06-09 02:46:22 UTC  

@MadDimension did I talk to you on the porch of that house party about recruitment?

2017-06-09 02:46:45 UTC  

@Hand Banana Probably. I spent a lot of time out there

2017-06-09 02:47:13 UTC  

Since I've now been banned from almost every bar in Charlottesville I think I'm going to need to go in disguise with you guys next time.

2017-06-09 02:47:21 UTC  

We should go back to Millers

2017-06-09 02:47:46 UTC  

Dude I'm down to get kicked out of wherever

2017-06-09 02:48:18 UTC

2017-06-09 02:48:55 UTC  

@Hand Banana Oh, I'm totally down to get kicked out. I just want to make sure they serve the "ebil natsees" first

2017-06-09 02:49:07 UTC  

Just hide while he buys the drinks

2017-06-09 02:49:14 UTC  

Then after they're served have a seat next to him

2017-06-09 02:49:24 UTC  

If they kick us out when we're in the middle of a pitcher drinks are free

2017-06-09 02:50:48 UTC  


2017-06-09 02:50:56 UTC  

You're implying i'd pay anywhere that kicked me out

2017-06-09 02:51:05 UTC  

I'll just bring an expired card to use for the tab

2017-06-09 02:51:34 UTC  

That's what I'm saying. If they kick us out they get stuck with a multi-hundred to a thousand dollar bar tab

2017-06-09 02:52:17 UTC  

You say you don't like natsees but are you going to turn down $1,000 plus tips?

2017-06-09 02:52:24 UTC  

Money talks

2017-06-09 02:53:03 UTC  

Amren brother

2017-06-09 02:53:24 UTC  

I'll be there

2017-06-09 02:53:58 UTC  

It will be good to see my friend Jared Taylor once again

2017-06-09 02:54:34 UTC  


2017-06-09 03:00:31 UTC  

Did they really publish that?

2017-06-09 03:03:54 UTC  


2017-06-09 03:04:42 UTC  

It's actually a masterfully written article. It's like one of the writers of The Naked Gun decided to parody Antifa

2017-06-09 03:05:23 UTC  

I read the submission it was good. Wew can't believe they ran with it

2017-06-09 03:06:54 UTC  

Who wants to go in disguise to infiltrate Antifa?

2017-06-09 03:08:23 UTC  

If we get Nathan Damigo to punch you in this disguise you'll blend right in

2017-06-09 03:16:29 UTC  

@MadDimension if I bring chainmail will you wear it and battleaxe some antifa cucks

2017-06-09 03:17:52 UTC  

Yes but then I'll have to find a horse to ride in on as well

2017-06-09 03:18:05 UTC  

We should all show up on horseback

2017-06-09 03:18:33 UTC  

That's the way the Confederacy would have wanted it

2017-06-09 03:25:05 UTC  


2017-06-09 03:25:05 UTC