Message from WV1987 in Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1

2017-07-26 14:43:57 UTC  

To help reserve our party space

2017-07-26 14:46:57 UTC  

Who do you need called?

2017-07-26 14:47:09 UTC  

Wasn't tibor doing that

2017-07-26 14:47:25 UTC  

I havent heard from Tibor

2017-07-26 14:47:27 UTC  

I can make a call.

2017-07-26 14:47:34 UTC  

Can't risk not getting this done

2017-07-26 14:47:52 UTC  

Prob best to let a girl handle it anyway.

2017-07-26 14:48:28 UTC  

What's the mission, fam?

2017-07-26 14:49:29 UTC  

Pm me the details

2017-07-26 14:49:40 UTC  

Or whatever.

2017-07-26 14:50:44 UTC  

Ok, I think I got someone to do it. I'll post again if I need anymore assistance on this

2017-07-26 14:51:01 UTC  


2017-07-26 14:51:46 UTC  

Been gone.

2017-07-26 14:51:47 UTC  

@Mack Albion Yeah murdoch murdoch got shoahed about 5 days ago

2017-07-26 14:51:53 UTC  


2017-07-26 14:51:56 UTC  


2017-07-26 14:52:29 UTC  

I mean I was never a huge fan or anything... but damn dude, fuck these heebs

2017-07-26 14:52:40 UTC

2017-07-26 14:52:49 UTC  

Get them here^

2017-07-26 14:53:44 UTC  
2017-07-26 14:54:08 UTC  


2017-07-26 14:56:12 UTC  

He had a new video last night apparently, by the time I clicked was dead.

2017-07-26 14:57:24 UTC  

You are right, they are not working for me now on Cheeky either.

2017-07-26 15:00:01 UTC  

This was working

2017-07-26 15:15:19 UTC  

@everyone We've now reserved an afterparty location! Please do not book anything else.

2017-07-26 15:15:39 UTC  


2017-07-26 15:23:43 UTC  

We're assembling a commune of nice large rental houses up at a remote location. @MadDimension, approx. where is the afterparty location? We're expecting the biggest of our houses to be pretty damn turnt all night.

2017-07-26 15:25:41 UTC  

@MadDimension If you do wind up needing something, let me know. I'm out in the open, so doxing isn't a concern for me.

2017-07-26 16:02:43 UTC

2017-07-26 16:02:54 UTC  

<@&321389548984729600> I can confirm that we have been infiltrated by a nigger... @BrydenProctor

2017-07-26 16:03:04 UTC  

i knew it

2017-07-26 16:06:09 UTC  

There you go @wyatt
All the evidence needed to clean this mess up!

2017-07-26 16:09:13 UTC  

Everyone try to get #trannybanny trending. Its hilarious

2017-07-26 16:10:03 UTC  

Already on it. I just wish I had meme skills. We need to spam the memeverse

2017-07-26 17:14:28 UTC  

Hory sheit, that thing is holding a fucking Walmart pellet gun. You fucked bra.

2017-07-26 17:18:54 UTC  

Ever been shot with a pellet gun?

2017-07-26 17:19:15 UTC  

I didn't notice until I moved tbh.