Message from London MA in Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1

2017-08-11 22:31:14 UTC  

Downtown cville.

2017-08-11 22:35:09 UTC  

don't get stabbed doing that lol

2017-08-11 22:47:08 UTC  
2017-08-11 22:47:38 UTC  

Anyone at the Radical Agenda meet up earlier should get this, lol

2017-08-11 22:47:41 UTC

2017-08-11 22:50:24 UTC  

It looks like the server was compromised

2017-08-11 22:50:59 UTC  

Or someone was stupid on social media

2017-08-11 22:51:51 UTC  

They are disrupting very specific events, only known on this discord

2017-08-11 22:52:26 UTC  

@Tyrone I know he is, just pointing out that I think he slipped up and mentioned where the threat was coming from.

2017-08-11 22:54:15 UTC  

Or someone on this server has loose lips

IGD didn't post the site of the rally

2017-08-11 22:54:20 UTC  

Only there was one

2017-08-11 22:55:07 UTC  

Take info from leaders

2017-08-11 22:55:10 UTC  

stop posting shit

2017-08-11 22:55:14 UTC  

They know it's in uva. That's all they really need to know.

2017-08-11 22:55:22 UTC  

Go it jammed up in 4 car pileup on the way to cville

2017-08-11 22:55:28 UTC  


2017-08-11 22:55:38 UTC  

This is the before pic

2017-08-11 22:55:46 UTC  

Cover the plates jfc

2017-08-11 22:56:21 UTC  

Cantwell had that info on his own site. Why do we think we are compromised here?

2017-08-11 22:56:33 UTC  

Luckily it wasn't my fault and my rental people were able to hook me up with a brand new fully loaded Grand Cherokee and waived the $200 difference

2017-08-11 22:56:36 UTC  

Did he? There you go then

2017-08-11 22:56:42 UTC  

If the server is compromised all the person has to do is do some basic info and your doxxed

2017-08-11 22:57:07 UTC  

Don't think the license plate matters anymore @Charlemagne MD

2017-08-11 22:57:08 UTC  

The plates are owned by the renal company you so idgaf @Charlemagne MD

2017-08-11 22:57:08 UTC  

They know about the torch ceremony and where it's at

2017-08-11 22:57:11 UTC  

Always assume your method of communication is infiltrated

2017-08-11 22:57:37 UTC  

They don't know exactly where it is

Either way fuck them

Do it anyway

2017-08-11 22:58:29 UTC  

UVA campus is pretty specfic, spotting some people with torched will be pretty easy

2017-08-11 22:58:35 UTC  

They don't need to know specifically. They could station scouts.

2017-08-11 22:59:16 UTC  

So what? As long as it's legal go for it.

2017-08-11 22:59:36 UTC  

We're all earning red laces this weekend fam

2017-08-11 23:00:23 UTC  

The goal is not confrotation

2017-08-11 23:00:42 UTC

2017-08-11 23:00:44 UTC  

Now rocking this

2017-08-11 23:00:47 UTC  

Well it's going to happen whether we like it or not

2017-08-11 23:01:12 UTC  

We will be attacked

But do we give in to the hecklers veto?

2017-08-11 23:01:57 UTC  

Anyway do what you want

2017-08-11 23:02:02 UTC  


2017-08-11 23:02:06 UTC  

Crazy idea....

2017-08-11 23:02:16 UTC  

Release info to coordinators/staff...