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We're assembling a commune of nice large rental houses up at a remote location. @MadDimension, approx. where is the afterparty location? We're expecting the biggest of our houses to be pretty damn turnt all night.

2017-07-26 15:25:41 UTC  

@MadDimension If you do wind up needing something, let me know. I'm out in the open, so doxing isn't a concern for me.

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<@&321389548984729600> I can confirm that we have been infiltrated by a nigger... @BrydenProctor

2017-07-26 16:03:04 UTC  

i knew it

2017-07-26 16:06:09 UTC  

There you go @wyatt
All the evidence needed to clean this mess up!

2017-07-26 16:09:13 UTC  

Everyone try to get #trannybanny trending. Its hilarious

2017-07-26 16:10:03 UTC  

Already on it. I just wish I had meme skills. We need to spam the memeverse

2017-07-26 17:14:28 UTC  

Hory sheit, that thing is holding a fucking Walmart pellet gun. You fucked bra.

2017-07-26 17:18:54 UTC  

Ever been shot with a pellet gun?

2017-07-26 17:19:15 UTC  

I didn't notice until I moved tbh.

2017-07-26 17:23:26 UTC  

Yes, same. Eyes are the only thing you have to protect.

2017-07-26 17:31:15 UTC  

@everyone guys I have a way we can demoralize the degenerates on twitter/leftypol and make money! What if we claim to be a trans military member with a family and beg for sympathy bucks since trump is shit canning them? Is this possible? We could pretend to even set up a fund for all trans military members and then announce after the fact that the money will be used to further the altrights goals!

2017-07-26 17:35:03 UTC  

@everyone be sure to bring a hydration source to the event. Not sure what the event planners have set up, so just in case. 2 waters to 1 gatorade is ideal, and start upping your intake 2-3 days before. Don't put any extra burden on the medic team with something like being dehydrated

2017-07-26 17:35:09 UTC  

And then lose it all after going to court ...

2017-07-26 17:36:22 UTC  

Absolutely milk for pepper spray as well

2017-07-26 17:36:51 UTC  

And buy some skin-tight goggles or glasses to help prevent any pepper spray attacks

2017-07-26 17:37:22 UTC  

I'm not aware of gofundmes terms of service but Laura loomer basically did the same thing for a nose job. No one is holding her to account

2017-07-26 17:37:46 UTC  

Oh jee, I wonder ((((((((why)))))))))

2017-07-26 17:37:47 UTC  

Get a CamelBack

2017-07-26 17:41:42 UTC  

Its not a terrible idea @Blitz-WV But to make money you'd have to have a valor without looking like a fraud, and provide pictures of it for legitimacy.

2017-07-26 17:41:57 UTC  

Which is a other can of worms

2017-07-26 17:42:06 UTC  

We could claim to be doing it FOR them

2017-07-26 17:42:42 UTC  

Or in (((support))) which doesn't tie you down to actually help anyone

2017-07-26 17:43:33 UTC  

Camelback 👌🏼

2017-07-26 17:43:38 UTC  

It has the potential to work. But does the reward out weigh the possible risks?

2017-07-26 17:48:34 UTC  

I doubt shit libs will take the time to read through the pitch. They will see something Insupport of trannies trump was mean to and throw cash at them. We need to make sure whatever we write is ok with the terms of services of gofundme. It must be legal

2017-07-26 17:51:22 UTC  

If that lines up, then go for it. Theres a lot of people in this server and not everyone is trust worthy so the only downfall is if it gets out there and is tied to us.

2017-07-26 18:03:12 UTC  

It's fraud don't do it.

2017-07-26 18:04:43 UTC  

How the world works (from old person) correct connections do what u will. Cross the wrong entity, hanged for jaywalking.

2017-07-26 18:05:28 UTC  

Probably so. It was a fun idea at least.

2017-07-26 18:05:45 UTC  

It was funny.

2017-07-26 19:24:06 UTC  

Sell whitemans tears mugs.

2017-07-26 19:24:35 UTC  

They fell for the last ones

2017-07-26 19:46:37 UTC  

@MadDimension Wheres the location?

2017-07-26 20:25:42 UTC  

@Spaceman (DSB) It will be passed via carrier pigeon under the new moon for Opsec purposes. Be ever watchful and you shall know.