Message from MrBumbles in South African Border War: Operation Savannah #general-chat

2019-09-30 22:33:33 UTC  

Check the size of those shells.... ๐Ÿ‘€

2019-10-01 04:07:36 UTC  

@Springbok ja but thats how graviteam operates they focus on one specific area of an operation

2019-10-01 08:07:01 UTC  

That looks like a russian ZU-23-2

2019-10-01 08:27:25 UTC  

It is one

2019-10-01 08:37:04 UTC  

On the train reading LZ Hot! By Nick Lithgow

2019-10-01 08:46:25 UTC  

@Kooijpolloi ja pretty much what I'll be doing too although I'm not just doing the large operations

2019-10-01 08:48:03 UTC  

I'll be doing the smaller battles and contacts too. So on some maps you'll play as SWATF or Koevoet or 32Bn. Going up against SWAPO. Whereas other layers you'll be 61 Mech going against FAPLA

2019-10-01 08:49:20 UTC  

Just passed a convoy of Italian army vehicles

2019-10-01 08:49:31 UTC

2019-10-01 08:50:03 UTC  

Someone warn Ethiopia!

2019-10-01 08:50:42 UTC  

Ethiopia doesn't have to worry ๐Ÿ˜‚

2019-10-01 08:52:10 UTC  


2019-10-02 10:08:56 UTC  

Photo taken from a Ratel viewblock during the battle of the Lomba.

2019-10-02 15:20:03 UTC  

Koevoet casspirs with an extra gun mounted through the front passenger window

2019-10-02 18:02:33 UTC  


2019-10-02 18:03:34 UTC  

Preparing to get back into modding. Dl'd blender 2.80

2019-10-02 18:03:45 UTC  

Going to buy Zbrush within the week

2019-10-02 18:03:58 UTC  

Updating UE4 and the SDK

2019-10-02 18:04:36 UTC  

Have to get used to Blender 2.80 though. Completely changed from 2.79

2019-10-04 16:08:03 UTC  


2019-10-04 16:08:20 UTC  

well sorta

2019-10-06 00:51:43 UTC  

Special thanks to @Tillee for getting me the book Surviving the Ride by Steve Camp & Helmoed-Rรถmer Heitman.

Tons of information about South African armoured vehicles with pictures as well. They'll be of immense help to the development of this mod.

2019-10-06 09:56:51 UTC  

as i was saying i think the scouting ability would only allow ground troops and the eland/ratel to mark targets such as enemy vehicles or groups of soldiers

2019-10-06 09:57:47 UTC  

like the system that war thunder implemented with their light tanks where you can scout/mark enemy vehicles accurately for the enemy team insteaqd of placing a marker on a map on the enemy vehicles general location

2019-10-06 09:58:09 UTC  

this would also allow the G6 to deliver more effective fire onto the target

2019-10-06 09:58:33 UTC  

We'll see when the mod gets to that stage ๐Ÿ˜‰

2019-10-06 09:58:44 UTC  

but this is only an idea, i dont know if squad will allow that mechanic to work well

2019-10-06 10:00:08 UTC  

Right now I'm not planning on changing anything of the core gameplay. Only new assets and maps.

Though new game modes would probably be on the cards especially for the COIN aspect of the mod SADF vs SWAPO etc.

2019-10-06 10:16:02 UTC  

i see

2019-10-06 11:39:06 UTC  

Scouting is in the game

2019-10-06 11:39:14 UTC  

You put down markers on the map

2019-10-06 11:40:15 UTC  

Ja I know, Bartender was talking about an automatic marking system that places a marker on the map once you've spotted the enemy. It eliminates the need to manually place markers yourself but I can see it being too arcadey.

2019-10-06 11:40:38 UTC  

You can use the T key when using the command circle thing as well

2019-10-06 11:40:48 UTC  

Im not for a auto scouting thing

2019-10-06 11:40:53 UTC  

Its a bit bs

2019-10-06 11:41:07 UTC  

I've never liked the 3d marking system since v12?

2019-10-06 11:42:06 UTC  

I'd rather you use your voice to specify where the enemy is than slap a marker on them and then everyone can see it.

2019-10-06 11:42:08 UTC  

Auto marking is not how it should be

2019-10-06 11:42:21 UTC  

Is all im saying

2019-10-06 11:42:46 UTC  

Yes its slower to put a marker on a map but its way more realistic

2019-10-06 11:43:04 UTC  

And you can get good with practice