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Eh, Gorodok size is fine.

UE4 doesnt like big landscapes.

And im telling you they wont. πŸ˜„

thats fucking disgusting. πŸ˜„

No, its tacky. Especially with the huge silver letters.
And those vehicles will sooner or later be beaten up to death any beyond, and suffer of the extreme price of spares, ending on a scrap-sellers porch.
Just like all the other MRAPs departments have gotten for free, ignoring the huge upkeep cost.

I love the Casspir, but this is disgusting. πŸ˜„

imho the only point where its superior to PS atm is visuals.
The maps look damn good. Lekker to stay in theme. ;)

From a gameplay standpoint i'm pretty disappointed.
Sound is extremely thin, and nearly impossible to locate.
Gunplay is .... sluggish and feels early 2000s.
Teamplay is pretty meh, the game attracted tons of people that don't have or want to use a mic.
The current meta is to suicide your entire Squad when youre not in the thick of the fight.

I backed their campaign early, so i'll look into it from time to time, but from a pure enjoyment per match perspective i'd rather fire up PS at 20:00 and get a good match out of it.

Yea, Squad has really seen a big dip in match quality since this years sale marathon.

I dont enjoy Squadleading very much anymore.

PS' playerbase may be kinda smallish by now, but the players that stayed usually know what they do.

Kinda like in PR.

The general lack of community wide enforced rules (like in PR) and the lack of admins in general also dont really help getting the shit players out of game asap.

In Squad theyll get kicked, find one of 1000 servers with no rules or admins and stick.

That and less of an incentive to stick to fucking cover after getting revived, because you can be picked up anyhow.
They reduced downtimes to get a more action oriented crowd in, but also mitigated any "risk" that comes with getting shot... the *long* time until you get into action again.

So yea... they shot the gameplay loop in both legs imho

18 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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