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2018-01-28 15:01:04 UTC  

Awesome! Thanks!

2018-01-28 15:02:03 UTC  

Very interesting. Some parts are harder to grasp than others, just because there is so much history to absorb, but it is very enjoyable. I am in the mid third century AD at the moment.

2018-01-28 15:03:39 UTC  

I hate to even imply the animal analogy when talking about other races because I consider it cheap, but sodomizing less dominant males is something that's somewhat common among mammals

2018-01-28 15:03:57 UTC  

@Rick Nice! Does it go all the way until the fall?

2018-01-28 15:04:29 UTC  

Since you mention it, @Rick, yeah, that view of masculinity isn't uncommon among humans

2018-01-28 15:15:59 UTC  

That's a great book, full of red pills

2018-01-28 15:17:22 UTC  

Would be a great choice for botm because there is so much to discuss. History, philosophy, politics

2018-01-28 15:20:00 UTC  

I'll bring it up after we read Taylor

2018-01-28 15:55:19 UTC  

@SamanthaM yes. It covers 753 BC through to 476 AD.

2018-01-28 15:56:36 UTC  

I listen to it while I work. I can't take in all of the information, but it I have still learned a great deal of Roman history.

2018-01-28 16:09:27 UTC  

I was talking about Libido Dominandi earlier. I haven't read those other books yet

2018-02-09 17:00:13 UTC  

@everyone I have a link to Libido Dominandi for anyone who wants to read it.

2018-02-09 17:04:18 UTC  

@JC17-OR How long is it? I want to try to make it a BOTM

2018-02-09 17:16:02 UTC  

@John O - what are your qualifications and experience. If you have a resume please forward to me. I might be able to get you into a well established construction and engineering firm out of Lakeland

2018-02-09 17:16:28 UTC  

@John O - Fairly long, almost 900 pages. You could takes sections from each part though, in addition to the introduction and sexual liberation section in the beginning.

2018-02-09 17:16:29 UTC  

@FlyingDutchmann wrong server bruh

2018-02-09 17:18:09 UTC  

It's a start to finish read.

2018-02-09 17:19:16 UTC  

There are selections from his other book Jewish Revolutionary Spirit.

2018-02-09 17:20:24 UTC  

I'll skim the PDF and see how it could break down. Thanks, man

2018-02-09 17:20:38 UTC  


2018-02-09 17:20:58 UTC  

Libido Dominandi looks amazing!

2018-02-09 17:30:02 UTC  

It's a great pick for BOTM

2018-02-09 17:30:40 UTC  

It's long though, around 650 pages

2018-02-09 17:32:25 UTC  

Thanks so much for posting this! Jones is an author who really does his research.

2018-02-09 17:38:01 UTC  

@SamanthaM My pleasure!

2018-02-09 17:39:35 UTC  

i'm excited to listen to discussions about it. there is something for everyone here.

2018-02-09 17:48:09 UTC  

@JC17-OR do you have an updated edition? My copy of the book is 650 pages with only a short introduction, about six pages. If there's an extended edition I need to read it.

2018-02-09 18:52:14 UTC  

@Deleted User As far as I know there is only one addition. I have the full index, notes and bibliography.

2018-02-09 18:52:24 UTC  

We might have the same edition, but different trims.